The High Court’s Article 50 ruling highlights the gulf between the country and the elite

During the referendum campaign, the Government controversially spent £9.3 million on distributing a brochure to every British...

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Brexit must open our economy to the world – not lock it away behind protectionist barriers

Leaving the EU was never an end in itself. It was only ever a means to an end – that end being a freer, wealthier and more...

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The Norman Conquest was a disaster for England. We should celebrate Naseby, not Hastings

The Norman Conquest was a cataclysm for the English people. After 1066, the country was clenched in a mailed fist. Castles,...

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Brexit has broken our political Ice Age.

There are three aspects to getting Brexit right: our relationship with the remaining 27 EU states; our relationship with the...

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Remoaners are determined to find bad news

Lloyds Bank, we were told on Thursday, was shedding thousands of jobs because Britain had voted to leave the EU. The BBC assumed...

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We Leavers are not racists, bigots, or hooligans – no matter what the bitter broadcasters say

On Saturday, as the referendum result sank in, ITV evening news ran a feature on the Pride parade in London. The presenter’s...

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Forget Project Fear. Be positive. Choose dynamism. Choose Brexit

The door is ajar. Through the crack, we can see swallows wheeling and dipping. We hear the cuckoo’s call. We smell meadows,...

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Not even David Cameron’s £9.3 million on a leaflet will sell an idea whose time has passed

Until this week, no one could accuse David Cameron of trying to rig the referendum. He accepted the Electoral Commission’s...

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