Everything has felt a bit better since 31 January

Even Remainers - at least, off Twitter - have been affected by the optimism...

The Telegraph


Never mind 1619: the real American story was 1620, and the ornery individualism of the Pilgrims

That an anti-Catholic sect ended up creating the first truly pluralist nation is little short of miraculous...

The Washington Examiner


The Tories should repair our constitution, before the Labour Party destroys it

Where should the Conservative Party stand on constitutional reform? ...


I’ve learned the hard way that bad police reform just breeds more pen pushers

OK, I admit it. Police and Crime Commissioners are, at least in part, my fault....

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Roger Scruton was the greatest conservative thinker of our age

ver the past 18 months, all the men who had the greatest influence on me at the beginning of my adulthood have died....

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Sir Roger Scruton, 1944-2020

Professor Sir Roger Scruton, who died Jan. 11, was the greatest conservative of our era....

The Washington Examiner


Soleimani’s death fits Trump’s desire for orderly withdrawal from the Middle East

There are withdrawals, and then, there are withdrawals....

The Washington Examiner


The Conservatives are not losing control of public spending, they’re simply taking advantage of chea

Look, I’m going to come right out and ask the question. Have the Conservatives given up on fiscal rectitude?...

The Telegraph


The hardline Remainers can’t stand the idea of Brexit working

You know how all the people who wanted a “People’s Vote” turned out to be Remainers? ...

The Telegraph


Academia spearheads the return of race-sorting

Is it acceptable to restrict academic scholarship to members of particular racial groups? ...

The Washington Examiner


Why does Labour have such a problem with patriotism?

Patriotism is a prerequisite for electoral success. ...

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A letter to the Eurocrats: Britain’s quarrel is with you, not with Europe

I appreciated what you called your “love letter to Britain”, published in Thursday’s Guardian....

The Telegraph


One Nation Toryism rests on patriotism, a concept the Left struggles to understand

Britain’s elites have not reacted well to Boris Johnson’s victory....

The Telegraph


Why do Tories like dogs and Labour voters like cats?

Imagine you had a fixed sum of money to spend on a new house....

The Telegraph


Why Putin will never be a friend

What does Vladimir Putin want? It is hard to read much into his flat, high-cheekboned face. ...

The Washington Examiner


The election was a triumph for the SNP, but let’s not label it an independence upsurge yet

At any other time, it would have been the story of the election....

The Telegraph


Boris Johnson will make Britain a brighter country that can stand tall in the world

Well, they know better now. The British people stuck to their guns, politely but stubbornly....

The Sun


Will the Brexit Party prevent Brexit?

Here is a paradox. The Brexit Party, despite its name, cannot deliver Brexit, but might yet prevent it....

The Washington Examiner


Labour has built up a world of alternative facts – but we can see Britain is no Dickensian slum

Deep down, we can’t really imagine it happening in Britain....

The Telegraph


Jeremy Corbyn is campaigning like Trump did, and he’s hoping for a similar surprise win

Next week’s general election in the United Kingdom ought to have been a slam dunk. ...

The Washington Examiner


I simply won’t appear on Channel 4 News, because it is biased, unfair and juvenile

I remember the moment when I decided to stop appearing on Channel 4 News....

The Telegraph


Brexit gives us the chance to trade with new and old friends, starting with Japan

Let’s remind ourselves why we are leaving the EU. ...

The Telegraph


£1 million? £1 billion? £1 trillion? McDonnell is relying on you not knowing the difference.

Suppose I were to tell you that Labour’s promises would cost £50 billion....

Conservative Home


Why the Holocaust is more than just another genocide

The easy reaction is outrage. How dare Roger Hallam, the founder of Extinction Rebellion, seek to downplay the Holocaust?...

The Washington Examiner


Why the Holocaust is more than just another genocide

The easy reaction is outrage. How dare Roger Hallam, the founder of Extinction Rebellion, seek to downplay the Holocaust? ...

The Telegraph


Without the unbelievable modesty of one man, Brexit would have been impossible

The ancient church was full of Conservative MPs pausing their election campaigns to attend a memorial service for Lord Spicer. ...

The Telegraph


The young embrace socialism because they are ignorant of its destructive power

You think broadband is expensive now? Just wait till it’s free....

The Telegraph


To blame is human, but the authorities can only do so much to stem the tide

The flood damage, and the agony of affected families, could easily have been far greater ...

The Telegraph


​The reason we don’t have a four-day week is that most of us don’t really want one

We could all be working a four-day week now – but we want holidays and Netflix...

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Milton Friedman’s arguments will never age

Fairlee, Vermont — At the top of a steep hill here stands a green hexagonal cottage....

The Washington Examiner


Nigel Farage would rather scupper Brexit than let somebody else deliver it

Donna Jones organised the Leave campaign in Portsmouth in 2016....

The Telegraph


30 years after the Berlin Wall’s fall, the dangerous ‘cuddly socialism’ myth has returned

Thirty years ago, most observers were convinced that socialism was finished. ...

The Telegraph


Boris will win, and Britain will at last move on

For the fourth time in as many years, the United Kingdom is going to the polls....

The Washington Examiner


Boris Johnson has risen to his role as PM - and the Remainers don’t know how to react

When Boris Johnson published his biography of Winston Churchill five years ago, his detractors were scathing....

The Telegraph


Where would we now find another Norman Stone?

One good thing – only one – came out of Oliver Letwin’s wrecking amendment earlier this month...

Conservative Home


Why is ‘Mr. Brexit’ concentrating his tariffs on the UK?

Tariffs always cause the most damage to the country that imposes them....

The Washington Examiner


I thought Britain had biased, Left-wing media – until I spent time in Canada

Justin Trudeau, a man who can’t remember how many times he darkened his skin for comic effect...

The Telegraph


Labour has now run out of excuses. It can’t delay a general election any longer

You can’t live a lie forever – not even if you’re a politician....

The Telegraph


Voter fraud is a real thing, even in Britain

In 2005, a British high court judge stunned the nation by pointing to “electoral fraud that would disgrace a banana republic” ...

The Washington Examiner


Voter fraud is a real thing, even in Britain

In 2005, a British high court judge stunned the nation by pointing to “electoral fraud that would disgrace a banana republic” ...

The Washington Examiner


When even Nicky Morgan thinks we should end the licence fee, its time is up

No one could call Nicky Morgan an ideologue. I have known the Culture Secretary since we were students....

The Telegraph


On the cusp of victory, will Nigel Farage decide to put Brexit – or party – first?

Are politicians principled or venal? The honest answer, in most cases, is “a bit of both”...

The Telegraph


It would be a lethal mistake if the West shuts its eyes to the Isil ‘bloodlands’

When I first visited Yad Vashem, the Holocaust memorial centre in Jerusalem...

The Telegraph


The Brexit row is turning us all into devils – and our MPs are mainly to blame

“Don’t you have any regrets about Brexit, Hannan?”...

The Telegraph


Kindness, the last defense against totalitarianism

When I saw in the news that the University of California...

The Washington Examiner


Social engineering in universities can only harm one of our great national assets

Britain’s strengths are in twenty-first century industries: international legal services, biotech, artificial intelligence......

The Telegraph


Leave voters can see what’s going on. They won’t blame Boris if Brexit is delayed

Here’s how it will go. The EU, after some sneering and posturing, will reject Boris Johnson’s deal....

The Telegraph


As Iran-Saudi tensions rise, the US should stay out of it

We all know what is wrong with Iran. It is a repressive theocracy and a rogue state....

The Washington Examiner


From paying reparations to backing our enemies, Labour’s anti-British credo is shameful

The single most shocking proposal to come out of the Labour conference was largely overlooked....

The Telegraph


Boris, Brexit, and the politicization of Britain’s judiciary

A politicized court rules against an elected government. ...

The Washington Examiner


The Germans think Shakespeare was a German – and they are right

If but as well I other accents borrow that can my speech defuse…” says Kent in King Lear. ...

The Telegraph


If the Establishment’s coup against Brexit succeeds, our institutions will never recover

I had my Europhile three-year-old with me in Strasbourg last week. In his mind, the European Parliament means endless goodies...

The Telegraph


A dim-witted war on vaping

My teenage daughter vapes. She half-heartedly tries to hide it from me, but parents are rarely as slow-witted ...

The Washington Examiner


Luxembourg’s PM’s stunt has secured a win for Boris at the next election

Why, they will ask, should our PM have hung around for them to shout over his words?...

The Sun


Cameron maligns Brexiteers because he misunderstands them

Everyone agrees that David Cameron made a terrible blunder when he called the referendum....

Conservative Home


The clearest sign John Bolton was doing his job

The London studio used by Fox News just happens to be in the same building, and I had asked John in after bumping into him on th...

The Washington Examiner


Our democracy is being overthrown by the EU’s Hideous Strength

It’s not about Brexit any more, at least not primarily....

The Telegraph


Sacked for using plastic? Welcome to the latest madness from the ‘woke corporation’

Historically, the private sector has been conservative with a small “c”...

The Telegraph


The Left’s hatred of Singapore is based on anti-capitalist dogma, not evidence

In 1965, Singapore went through its own “no-deal Brexit”: an ill-tempered split with the Malaysian federation....

The Telegraph


Nigel Farage can’t deliver Brexit, but he could yet block it

Having spent two years demanding a general election on an almost daily basis, Jeremy Corbyn has voted to block one....

The Telegraph


How to keep our pledges to the EU nationals who live here

Amid all the angst and acrimony, let’s cling to one area of agreement. ...

Conservative Home


Blame Bolsonaro — why not?

When bad things happen, we want to blame someone....

The Washington Examiner


Boris is serious about a deal but the Brussels Eurocrats still want to punish the British ‘deserters

Even the civil servants seem suddenly to be standing straighter....


Americans already think plenty about slavery

Americans don’t think enough about slavery? Seriously? ...

The Washington Examiner


Woke professors are failing in their duty to teach students the value of open-mindedness

People keep asking me what I plan to do after Brexit....

The Telegraph


Hong Kong is an island of freedom. Britain cannot just ignore what is happening there

This isn’t about the extradition bill any more....

The Telegraph


Theresa May gave the EU all it could have hoped for – now it risks losing everything

These intransigent Eurocrats would rather a juddering rupture than see Britain succeed on its own...

The Telegraph


Three cheers for Theresa Villiers – th

Who do you reckon is the most Eurosceptic member of the new Cabinet?...

The Telegraph


The EU’s last ultimatum on Brexit is intended to fail

Imagine that Donald Trump wanted to reopen trade talks with the European Union....

The Washington Examiner


Trump has turned American politics inside out – as we’ll see in the next election

At this stage in the last electoral cycle, Donald Trump was being dismissed as a joke...

The Telegraph


Harry and Meghan are talking nonsense: we’ll soon be fretting about the falling population

The timing was unfortunate. The day after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex let it be known that, for environmental reasons......

The Telegraph


Boris Johnson is no Donald Trump

Now really, chaps, that’s quite enough....

The Washington Examiner


Decades of being soft on Iran has only emboldened the ayatollahs

Seizing another state’s vessel on the high seas is an aggressive act – arguably an act of war....

The Telegraph


For Brexit to work, power must be stripped from the quangocrats

When Donald Trump entered the White House, his then senior adviser, Steve Bannon, set out the administration’s three priorities....

Conservative Home


Democrats are making Trump the luckiest guy in America

Don’t interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake, said Napoleon....


It’s not about the man

America’s culture wars are crossing the Atlantic....

The Washington Examiner


Democratic presidential candidates are turning into gloom merchants

The United States is the wealthiest and most powerful country in the world. ...

The Washington Examiner


Bring on Brexit, because we’re losing our minds waiting

Any lingering reputation the British had in Europe for being understated ...

The Washington Examiner


All the Nike flag row shows is that America has lost interest in the ideal of freedom

It’s the speed of the thing that is so unsettling. One moment, a word or image is completely safe – banal, even. ...

The Telegraph


No, Brexit isn’t killing Britain. It’s the refusal to deliver Brexit that’s turned politics inside o

"Look what Brexit is doing to you,” a German MEP told me this week. ...

The Telegraph


Something is amiss in the tribalist GOP

What would you say is the primary task of a U.S. congressman?...

The Washington Examiner


Why South America’s prospects are looking up

My career as a financial tipster lasted only a few seconds...

The Washington Examiner


How small we can be

America’s culture wars came to London last week....

The Washington Examiner


D-Day, 75 years on

Seventy-five years ago, my local pub was the scene of a lethal gunfight. ...

The Washington Examiner


No, poverty isn’t rising – but I can’t persuade anyone to believe it

No, poverty isn't rising – but I can't persuade anyone to believe it...

The Telegraph


The Boris prosecution marks the moment at which British politics went Latin American

For the first time in my life, I fear for the stability and legitimacy of our parliamentary system....

The Telegraph


The next Tory leader faces a Brexit Catch 22 that could destroy the party

At around one o’clock on Monday morning, the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg put it to me that my party had suffered its worst..........

The Telegraph


Prosperity is killing our politics

The political system we have known since 1945 is coming to an end. ...

The Washington Examiner


Whatever lessons you take from D-Day, it was a triumph of will and endurance

What does the “D” in D-Day stand for? ...

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