No country is perfect, but the notion that slavery was a peculiarly American vice is ridiculous

When people say they want to study American history "warts and all", they often want to look only at the warts...

The Washington Examiner


Republicans finally glimpse a post-Trump future

It took the crazy proposal to postpone polling day, but big-R Republicans are at last standing by small-r republican principles...

The Telegraph


Twitter has infected older media with its angry, aggressive, infuriating tone

Social media give us what we secretly want: opinion presented as news, moralising assertions, confirmation bias...

The Washington Examiner


We have lost the most influential philanthropist of them all

Stuart Wheeler was a flinty patriot, an expert gambler, a generous host and a loyal friend...

The Telegraph


Let British jihadis come back here - and then try them for treason

We should allow UK nationals to return, but that should be the last journey they make...

The Telegraph


Why are we so reluctant to come out of lockdown?

The lifting of restrictions has had a surprisingly slight impact - for reasons that owe more to psychology than epidemiology...

Conservative Home


We have inverted the old liberal ideal - skin colour should matter no more than hair colour

The NYT's logic is that two American babies born on the same day arrive with pre-existing grievances against each other...

The Washington Examiner


Britain can avoid depending on China by leading the world in hydrogen technology

Hydrogen is the philosopher's stone of energy - the way to transmute water into fuel...

The Telegraph


Too many people are going to university

The jobs vacancies are for qualified electrical engineers, not philosophy graduates...

The Telegraph


The silent majority is always bigger than you think

Voters hate disorder more than anything else. The BLM unrest might just have put Trump back in the game...

The Washington Examiner


Workers’ rights mean little when there are fewer and fewer workers

Governments can't create jobs. Their task is to remove obstacles so that firms can expand and hire people...

The Telegraph


We can’t spend our way out of this mess

Any jobs "created" by government spending must always, by definition, come at the expense of jobs elsewhere...

Conservative Home


Hong Kongers are the Huguenots of our age, and China’s loss will be Britain’s gain

Let the people of that entrepôt build a new city here, a Hong Kong 2.0 to enrich the UK...

The Telegraph


After years of building its strength, China has chosen this moment to strike

Snuffing out Hong Kong's freedoms is a clear breach of China's international commitments and a challenge to the world ...

The Washington Examiner


Our woke quangos are failing the nation

Nannying and politically correct in normal times, our administrative state us useless in a crisis...

The Telegraph


A nation without history is like a person without memory

Statue-smashing isn't about slavery or race. it's about who wields power today...

The Telegraph


Why do the few conservatives who criticise Donald Trump attract such vitriol?

Could it be that they are the GOP's bad conscience, a reminder of what used to be mainstream conservative values?...

The Washington Examiner


Shall I tell you the worst thing? The lockdown will come to be remembered with nostalgia.

People will miss - or think they miss - the sense of community that comes from a shared misfortune...

The Telegraph


The police now elevate anti-racism over private property, public order and impartial justice

Politicians, broadcasters, conservationists and epidemiologists excuse BLM lawbreaking, but the police are the most flagrant...

Conservative Home


Global Britain needs to think like a maritime, not a continental, country

We are defined by our island statue, but in precisely the opposite way usually meant by Europhiles...

The Telegraph


Big Tech plus Big Government equals an unholy corporatist racket

Have you ever wondered why tech companies spend a fortune on hiring ex-pols like Nick Clegg?...

The Washington Examiner


Oriel’s governing body folded before an ignorant mob

Why should anyone give to an institution that displays such ingratitude to its donors?...

Daily Mail


Slavery and plunder cannot make a nation rich - only free exchange can do that

Slavery persists to today in the poorest places on Earth, and that is no coincidence....

The Telegraph


What a panicky people we have become

We have lost all notion of calculated risks, opportunity costs, least bad options. We absurdly demand total security....

The Telegraph


What have London statues to do with Minneapolis police?

The assumption that people in different countries are defined primarily by skin colour is a curious one...

The Washington Examiner


Taking down Cecil Rhodes’s statue would be cowardly and anti-intellectual

The diamond magnate campaigned against the disenfranchisement of Africans and specified that his scholarships be colour-blind...

The Telegraph


This is no longer anti-racism, it is a form of collective psychosis

Violating the lockdown, smashing up someone else's stuff, attacking the police - all are excused by supposed anti-racism...

Conservative Home


It was bound to end in violence

No one disputes that George Floyd's death was atrocious, so the only way to stand out is to be angrier than anyone else...

The Washington Examiner


If China won’t tolerate a free Hong Kong, let’s build one in Britain

Let's create a charter city to replicate the miracle that took place at the mouth of the Pearl River...

The Telegraph


The irrational lockdown contagion

Why did so many countries impose mass quarantines? For the same reason that people in Columbus Ohio started running in 1913....

The Washington Examiner


Eurocrats would rather hurt all sides than let Brexit succeed

Brussels is trapped in the negotiating position it evolved when it was still trying to overturn Britain's referendum...

The Telegraph


Trump’s supporters expected something a little more authoritarian

The President's uncharacteristically laissez-faire approach may end up being right, but it is costing him support....

The Washington Examiner


A plan to end the worst recession we have ever known.

Cut stamp dust, capital gains tax, employers' and employees' NI and drop our trade barriers....

The Telegraph


What if it has all been for nothing?

The idea that we may have needlessly destroyed lives and livelihoods is almost too awful to contemplate....

The Washington Examiner


Private schools should reopen right away

Children are highly unlikely either to have or to transmit the symptoms, so there is no need to wait until June....

The Telegraph


Coronavirus and the crisis of conservatism

We are going through an authoritarian spasm that leaves little space for thoughtful Burkeianism...

Conservative Home


Time for a British-American Free Trade Agreement

At a time like this, we need to pull every lever we can....

The Washington Examiner


The virus has put the European project into intensive care

The EU might survive, but only in the sense that the late Holy Roman Empire did - as a title, a shell, a memory....

The Telegraph


Seven trends the virus will accelerate and three it will halt

Bigger government, stronger China, harder borders, more debt, less freedom....

The Washington Examiner


Irrational fears, rather than cold science, are prolonging the closures

Diseases bring out our Stone Age heuristics: avoid strangers, hoard food, keep your children close...

The Telegraph


The only thing that matters coming out of the crisis is getting back to growth

We need to pull every available lever - starting with trade deals....

Conservative Home


There is so far little correlation between the strictness of a lockdown and the infection rate

Human psychology rather than epidemiology is behind the crackdowns ...

The Washington Examiner


Sweden’s success is starting to infuriate the lockdown enthusiasts

They won't be able to claim afterwards that things would have been even worse without their closures....

The Telegraph


Extending the Brexit transition would be the worst of all possible responses

Some Remainers have become like Jacobites, clinging to their cause long after it has ceased to be a practical possibility....

The Telegraph


The virus has made us more authoritarian - and there is no reason to think we’ll change back

Our politics will change malignly and permanently. Big Government is back....

The Washington Examiner


The epidemic should have brought people together - so why hasn’t it?

Anger and abuse is directed at those who want to relax the shutdown, not at those who want to extend it....

Conservative Home


We should begin a phased loosening of the lockdown - starting with shops and schools

The purpose of the closures was simply to buy time, not to stop all infections....

The Telegraph


A lot of non-religious people are suddenly praying

You'd think a virus would undermine belief in a benign Maker, but the effect seems to be the opposite....

The Washington Examiner


We will look back with false nostalgia on these wretched times

We'll remember the quiet skies and the family meals, not the poverty and the privation....

The Washington Examiner


The uselessness of our quangos is becoming lethal

Surely everyone can now see why we need to get on top of the administrative state....

The Telegraph


We are inflicting an epochal depression on ourselves

There comes a point when the damage caused by the shutdown is greater than that caused by the virus itself...

Conservative Home


Might the isolation measures eventually cause as many fatalities as the virus?

It's the grim calculation that no one likes to talk about....

The Washington Examiner


This isn’t about money versus lives, it’s about lives versus lives

Every day that these restrictions remain in place is lethal, and a balance needs to be found...

The Telegraph


We are all socialists now

The real test is how quickly we can lift these unprecedented restrictions on our freedom...

The Washington Examiner


Panic? Troops on standby? Empty shelves? London has never seemed so far away.

In these parts, the chief emotion is not fear of infection, but concern about the economic impact of the crackdown...

The Telegraph


We will emerge from the crisis with WW2 levels of debt - and WW2 levels of state intervention

In a crisis, we revert to type - and not always in a good way....

Conservative Home


There is no case for restricting international travel

Our hunter-gatherer genomes make us fear strangers, but the virus is already global...

The Washington Examiner


Retreating from globalisation is the worst possible response to the coronavirus

Banning flights, closing borders, demanding self-sufficiency - all are aimed at our irrational inner caveman...

The Telegraph


We are wired to dislike free markets

What newspapers call "price gouging" is in fact a logical response to panic buying....

The Telegraph


British and American politics often move in lockstep - and that should alarm us

Don't assume that Bernie would be Corbyn 2019 rather than Corbyn 2017...

The Washington Examiner


England’s northern towns stand to gain the most from free trade - now as always

From the Anti-Corn Law League to the present, free trade was primarily about lower prices for working people...

The Telegraph


Guilt by association - the first resort of the lazy commentator

The notion of moral contamination is an extension of what anthropologists call "sympathetic magic"....

Conservative Home


Is India in the Anglosphere?

India could be the West's most powerful ally, but only if it continues to liberalise....

The Washington Examiner


There’s a reason that the movement of population in the Americas is almost all one way

It's the United States, not Latin America, that is the outlier: it has, unusually, elevated production over predation....

The Washington Examiner


If these are the EU’s terms, we should save everyone time and walk away now

No self-respecting nation can accept terms offered in a calculatedly vindictive spirit...

The Telegraph


No, you’re not going to die from the coronavirus

All the political and media incentives are to exaggerate what is in fact a tiny risk...

Conservative Home


Getting the votes doesn’t make you a democrat

Imagine a Sinn Féin politician muttering to a parliamentary opponent "We know where your daughter goes to school"....

The Washington Examiner


Where is the outrage when a party with a private army wins the Irish election?

Brussels sanctioned Austria over the Freedom Party. Washington sanctioned Palestine over Hamas. Why is Ireland different?...

The Telegraph


75 years ago, we lost the war - or, at least, we let Stalin win it

We inflicted two generations of misery on hundreds of millions of Europeans ...

The Washington Examiner


Everything has felt a bit better since 31 January

Even Remainers - at least, off Twitter - have been affected by the optimism...

The Telegraph


Never mind 1619: the real American story was 1620, and the ornery individualism of the Pilgrims

That an anti-Catholic sect ended up creating the first truly pluralist nation is little short of miraculous...

The Washington Examiner


The Tories should repair our constitution, before the Labour Party destroys it

Where should the Conservative Party stand on constitutional reform? ...


I’ve learned the hard way that bad police reform just breeds more pen pushers

OK, I admit it. Police and Crime Commissioners are, at least in part, my fault....

The Telegraph


Roger Scruton was the greatest conservative thinker of our age

ver the past 18 months, all the men who had the greatest influence on me at the beginning of my adulthood have died....

The Telegraph


Sir Roger Scruton, 1944-2020

Professor Sir Roger Scruton, who died Jan. 11, was the greatest conservative of our era....

The Washington Examiner


Soleimani’s death fits Trump’s desire for orderly withdrawal from the Middle East

There are withdrawals, and then, there are withdrawals....

The Washington Examiner


The Conservatives are not losing control of public spending, they’re simply taking advantage of chea

Look, I’m going to come right out and ask the question. Have the Conservatives given up on fiscal rectitude?...

The Telegraph


The hardline Remainers can’t stand the idea of Brexit working

You know how all the people who wanted a “People’s Vote” turned out to be Remainers? ...

The Telegraph


Academia spearheads the return of race-sorting

Is it acceptable to restrict academic scholarship to members of particular racial groups? ...

The Washington Examiner


Why does Labour have such a problem with patriotism?

Patriotism is a prerequisite for electoral success. ...

The Telegraph


A letter to the Eurocrats: Britain’s quarrel is with you, not with Europe

I appreciated what you called your “love letter to Britain”, published in Thursday’s Guardian....

The Telegraph


One Nation Toryism rests on patriotism, a concept the Left struggles to understand

Britain’s elites have not reacted well to Boris Johnson’s victory....

The Telegraph


Why do Tories like dogs and Labour voters like cats?

Imagine you had a fixed sum of money to spend on a new house....

The Telegraph


Why Putin will never be a friend

What does Vladimir Putin want? It is hard to read much into his flat, high-cheekboned face. ...

The Washington Examiner


The election was a triumph for the SNP, but let’s not label it an independence upsurge yet

At any other time, it would have been the story of the election....

The Telegraph


Boris Johnson will make Britain a brighter country that can stand tall in the world

Well, they know better now. The British people stuck to their guns, politely but stubbornly....

The Sun


Will the Brexit Party prevent Brexit?

Here is a paradox. The Brexit Party, despite its name, cannot deliver Brexit, but might yet prevent it....

The Washington Examiner


Labour has built up a world of alternative facts – but we can see Britain is no Dickensian slum

Deep down, we can’t really imagine it happening in Britain....

The Telegraph


Jeremy Corbyn is campaigning like Trump did, and he’s hoping for a similar surprise win

Next week’s general election in the United Kingdom ought to have been a slam dunk. ...

The Washington Examiner


I simply won’t appear on Channel 4 News, because it is biased, unfair and juvenile

I remember the moment when I decided to stop appearing on Channel 4 News....

The Telegraph


Brexit gives us the chance to trade with new and old friends, starting with Japan

Let’s remind ourselves why we are leaving the EU. ...

The Telegraph


£1 million? £1 billion? £1 trillion? McDonnell is relying on you not knowing the difference.

Suppose I were to tell you that Labour’s promises would cost £50 billion....

Conservative Home


Why the Holocaust is more than just another genocide

The easy reaction is outrage. How dare Roger Hallam, the founder of Extinction Rebellion, seek to downplay the Holocaust?...

The Washington Examiner


Why the Holocaust is more than just another genocide

The easy reaction is outrage. How dare Roger Hallam, the founder of Extinction Rebellion, seek to downplay the Holocaust? ...

The Telegraph


Without the unbelievable modesty of one man, Brexit would have been impossible

The ancient church was full of Conservative MPs pausing their election campaigns to attend a memorial service for Lord Spicer. ...

The Telegraph


The young embrace socialism because they are ignorant of its destructive power

You think broadband is expensive now? Just wait till it’s free....

The Telegraph


To blame is human, but the authorities can only do so much to stem the tide

The flood damage, and the agony of affected families, could easily have been far greater ...

The Telegraph