Britain is an island of contentment in an EU driven by Brussels to populist revolt

It’s happening during an upswing – that’s what’s so startling. ...

The Telegraph


It should be obvious, not controversial, to seek a deep friendship with our EU neighbours

It’s the tetchiness that’s so odd: the frenzied language, the talk of “catastrophe” and “betrayal”......

Conservative Home


The republic will survive Trump, but will the Republicans?

I gave Recep Tayyip Erdogan the benefit of the doubt for too long. ...

The Washington Examiner


Lab-produced meat will transform the world for the better. What are we waiting for?

Here’s a challenge. The next time you eat meat, try to think about what happens in an abattoir....

The Telegraph


Identity politics. It becomes impossible to avoid giving offence, because…

To illustrate the pathology of our age, consider the following stories, all from the past fortnight....

Conservative Home


Boris Johnson and the burqa

“ Boris Johnson and the Burqa” has turned into Britain’s surprise summer blockbuster...

The Washington Examiner


Trump and Corbyn have both turned political tribes into fanatical cults

Both hanker after the protectionism that kept much of the world poor until the mid-twentieth century...

The Telegraph


Russian aggression keeps happening because it keeps working

Exactly ten years ago, Russian forces crossed the Georgian border in anger. ...

The Washington Examiner


Protect our green spaces, not our green belt

Driving from Hampshire to Edinburgh this week I was struck, yet again, by how exquisite our island is....

The Telegraph


Political clickbait is Fleet Street’s addiction, and the nation’s problem

Imagine the sense of disappointment at The Guardian...

Conservative Home


The soft bigotry of the New York Times

Sarah Jeong is a journalist who was hired by the New York Times last week as an editorial writer. ...

The Washington Examiner


Britain would be foolish to ignore China’s overtures

The first is uncontroversial: America is our strongest ally and chief trading partner...

The Telegraph


So now we know: the Left’s ‘anti-Racism’ does not extend to solidarity with Jews

Just imagine what would happen if Labour members said these things about any other group...

The Telegraph


There’s a reason politics isn’t for optimists

Given the circumstances of its founding, you’d think America would be an optimistic, forward-looking place. ...

The Washington Examiner


Let’s call the EU’s bluff and prepare for a no-deal

Another day, another “non”....

The Telegraph


Capitalist Britain ‘literally’ overthrew slavery

Which country is the capital of modern slavery?...

The Telegraph


Even the blockade of Qatar hasn’t produced the calamity that Remainers now predict from Brexit

As the journal Foreign Policy put it last month, “Qatar won the Saudi blockade”...

Conservative Home


If the EU turn hostile on Brexit and see us leaving as an act of aggression

The EU think UK will just swallow what's offered...

The Sun


The Russians probably don’t have anything on Trump, and that’s the worst part

Shall I tell you the worst part of the Trump-Putin fiasco?...

The Washington Examiner


Should NATO even exist anymore?

What is the point of NATO these days?...

The Washington Examiner


On bended knee, Britons praise their underperforming healthcare system

Thirty years on, Lawson’s bon mot is starting to look a lot less metaphorical. ...

The Washington Examiner


From Adam Smith onwards, classical liberals have known that capitalism makes people less selfish

When he was three years old, the story goes, Adam Smith was kidnapped by a band of gypsies near Strathendry....

The Telegraph


The world’s eyes are still on Washington

Critics of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan are despondent....

The Washington Examiner


Forget the EU single market – it’s time for an Anglosphere free trade zone

The two greatest living conservative statesmen were coincidentally in Britain this week....

The Telegraph


Sad to say, Britain’s national anthem is a miserable dirge. Let’s replace it

Some years ago, I was invited to address the conference of a Eurosceptic French political party....

The Telegraph


Twitter is making cowards of us all

The worst thing is not the mob; it’s the cowardice that we display before the mob....

The Washington Examiner


A manifesto to bring the nation back together after Brexit

I still remember the sunrise: jagged, yellow and cheerful after long days of rain. ...

The Telegraph


Italy rebels against Europe’s dysfunctional immigration policy

The most immediate need of the disembarking boat people is for flip-flops, so that the ground doesn’t singe their feet....

The Washington Examiner


It would be stupid to ignore sliding IQs

Your grandmother may have had a point. People these days really are stupider....

The Telegraph


In the Trump era, Americans are warming to free trade

The United States must, at long last, be treated fairly on Trade....

The Washington Examiner


On the Elgin Marbles, as on everything else, Corbyn’s assumption is that Britain Is Always In The Wr

Few voters will be swayed one way or the other by the location of the Elgin Marbles....

Conservative Home


Project Fear’s post-Brexit scaremongering is silly

In the event of a no-deal Brexit, supermarket shelves in remote parts of Britain will empty within days...

The Sun


The real story, and why Tommy Robinson belongs in prison

The UK is in the grip of politically correct appeasers, if not outright Islamists. ...

The Washington Examiner


When it’s okay for leftists to mock your skin color

Gammon has made a come-back in Britain. ...

The Washington Examiner


Corbyn lacks moral maturity over Ireland

Many Leftists are conflicted when it comes to nationalism....

The Telegraph


Why Israel is the second-most successful former British colony

Israel isn’t just a better place to live than most neighboring states....

The Washington Examiner


Tribal MPs are doing the EU’s dirty work

The officials in Brussels are incredulous. Literally incredulous. ...

The Telegraph


Don’t look to Britain for arguments about gun control

London is suddenly beset with a knife crime problem. ...

The Washington Examiner


Flat taxes get more money from the rich

Coyly, fitfully, Australia is inching towards a flat tax. ...

The Telegraph


For partisan advantage, Labour demands a worst-of-all-worlds Brexit

“Not working out the way you thought, Hannan, is it?”...

Conservative Home


Scottish Nationalists are making their countrymen less independent by the day

American friends are often surprised by how hectoring and statist the Scottish government is. ...

The Washington Examiner


Why would anyone be a Marxist now?

Two hundred years have passed since Karl Marx was born among the sloping vineyards of the Moselle Valley...

The Telegraph


The problem with Apu

Our determination to take umbrage at innocuous things keeps finding new targets. ...

The Washington Examiner


Brexit Britain is far ahead in the race for AI

How parochial our present anxieties will soon seem, how paltry....

The Telegraph


Like the Windrush children, EU nationals raised here have a moral right to UK citizenship

Although the Windrush scandal has sparked a debate about immigration, the people involved are not, in the main, immigrants. ...

Conservative Home


Swiss border shows free movement works perfectly well without customs union

It is true there are booths in places, but these are mainly concerned with ensuring foreign vehicles have purchased Swiss road d...

The Sun


Putin’s ‘useless idiots’

As far as we know, Vladimir Lenin never used the phrase “useful idiots."...

The Washington Examiner


The EU believes it can push Britain around over Northern Ireland. They don’t know Britain

This week, the European Union made clear that it was not interested in a mutually beneficial relationship with Britain. ...

The Telegraph


Spasms of rage over an imaginary gender pay gap

If American women earn 18.1 percent less than American men, as the OECD has just revealed, why does anyone employ men?...

The Washington Examiner


Andrew Neil is one of the BBC’s few Right-wingers. And now the Left has had enough of him

It may strike you as unhinged to accuse the BBC of Eurosceptic or Right-wing partiality. ...

The Telegraph


Corbyn’s first instinct in a national crisis is to treat it as a way to attack the Tories.

There were plenty of patriotic Leftists in 1939, even among the intelligentsia. ...

Conservative Home


Remainers don’t really care about Ireland…they just want to stop Brexit

This week, as we marked the 20th anniversary of the Belfast Agreement, the critics turned nasty....

The Sun


Trump’s tariffs are just tax hikes on American consumers

Why did congressional Republicans vote for a federal tax cut?...

The Washington Examiner


Anti-Semitism on the Left is nothing new. It has a long and cruel history

For two years, Labour batted away charges of anti-Semitism in its ranks with a kind of injured incredulity....

The Telegraph


It’s unsettling, but algorithms could soon cure us of our unconscious political biases

If you’re reading this article online, take a look at the advertisements....

The Telegraph


Putin will keep up his aggression until he encounters resistance

Russia has technically committed an act of war against the United Kingdom, and thus against NATO...

The Washington Examiner


Openness to overseas talent has helped us beat larger foes

For eighteen months, hardline Europhiles have applied a simple algorithm to every economic development. ...

The Telegraph


Trump’s tariffs are America’s self-blockade

Could tariffs be the issue that finally separates Republicans from President Trump?...

The Washington Examiner


We must stand up to Russia, even over the fate of just one man. That shows we´re better than Putin

The last thing we needed, quite frankly, was a new row with Russia....

The Telegraph


A doomed production at the National Theatre? What do you expect of The Scottish Play

There has never been a better place to watch Shakespeare than contemporary London...

The Telegraph


Why have Republicans stopped worrying about spending?

Explain something to me, cousins. This federal deficit of yours — why have you all suddenly gone so quiet about it?...

The Washington Examiner


The EU is treating Britain like North Korea. It’s time we prepared to walk away

Eurocrats behave like pre-programmed Twitterbots when it comes to Brexit. ...

The Telegraph


Being good at governing is no guarantee of re-election – just ask Harper and Key

Spare a thought for Stephen Harper, arguably Canada’s most successful prime minister....

Conservative Home


Jeremy Corbyn and Labour are playing Brexit games with their magical thinking on the EU

Remainers are right about one thing. No one voted for any particular model of Brexit....



CPAC’s disastrous, misguided embrace of Marion Le Pen

Here’s a list of political stances that cluster together in several populist European parties....

The Washington Examiner


Corbyn’s war on the free press is proof he’s unfit to be PM

Jeremy Corbyn, like many people, reveals himself in moments of stress....

The Telegraph


The left is in denial about Jeremy Corbyn’s Communist sympathies​

Will the Labour Party pay the price at the polls for Corbyn's Czech connections?...



If you take offense at ‘Anglo-American,’ you probably aren’t very smart

One moment, a word is wholly unobjectionable, the next it makes the speaker a Nazi....

The Washington Examiner


If Jeremy Corbyn dislikes his country so much, he isn’t fit to lead it

This ought to be the end for Jeremy Corbyn....

The Telegraph


Johnson – a Tigger among Eeyores – is right to restate the positive, uplifting vision of Brexit

Shakespeare knew a thing or two about words. Words can inspire or quell. ...

Conservative Home


There’s nothing progressive about giving agencies like Oxfam the benefit of the doubt

Wealthy businessmen do not engage our sympathies as easily as aid workers. We are less willing to give them a pass....



In defense of George Soros

George Soros should spend his money however he likes. There, I’ve said it....

The Washington Examiner


No Left-winger should want to stay in the customs union

Spot on, Jezza! Euro-protectionism was, in large measure, why Labour opposed joining the Common Market in the first place. ...

The Telegraph


The anti-Brexit cult’s end-of-the-world refuses to happen

The world will end this year, according to some Biblical extrapolations....

The Washington Examiner


The Jacob Rees-Mogg scuffle was an assault on free speech

Britain has, historically, been blessedly free from political violence....

The Telegraph


When everyone and everything is called racist and sexist, no-one and nothing is

What was the first word that came into your mind when you read about the Presidents Club dinner at the Dorchester? ...

Conservative Home


We’re seeing a co-ordinated push by the defeated Europhile elites who will not accept the referendum

The hope seems to be that, faced with unpalatable terms, we will give up on the whole idea...

The Sun


Put out more flags

Scotland’s government is hauling down the Union flag. ...

The Washington Examiner


Cloned monkeys force us to confront the hardest question of all: How can we be special if we’re just

After all, 22 years have passed since the birth of the first cloned animal, Dolly the Sheep. ...

The Telegraph


What makes for a shithole?

Here’s an awkward truth. It’s easier to attract talented people from shithole countries than from Norway....

The Washington Examiner


Coalition politics has turned European democracy into a beige dictatorship

We’ll find out soon whether Germany’s Social Democrats will join their Christian Democrat rivals in yet another Grand Coalition....

The Telegraph


Daniel Hannan: Put out more flags

Brussels has started infringement proceedings against Poland, accusing it of packing its courts....

The Telegraph


Nigel Farage is collaborating with Remain fantasists - the second referendum is a lost cause

The biggest boost to the Remain cause in 2018 has come from Nigel Farage. ...



Racism in the realm beyond reason

It’s not just that Markle shares the broadly liberal outlook of Hollywood, being keen on feminism and Noam Chomsky...

The Washington Examiner


Toby Young was a tribal offering on the altar of sacred values

Toby's self-denial led BBC bulletins, and was the favourite subject on every radio phone-in. ...



Strange and counter-intuitive as it may seem, Britain’s trading future lies across the Pacific

There is nothing desperate or deluded about Britain joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership...

The Telegraph


Trump is lucky in his enemies

You don’t convince people by insulting, bullying or threatening them. ...

The Washington Examiner


Was the British Empire ‘morally mixed’?

The British Empire was the most extensive dominion in history. ...

The Sun


Stop crying, remoaners! There’s never been a better time to be British

2017 has been mankind's best year yet and 2018 will be even better....

The Sun


The Brexit transition proposal would turn Britain into a vassal of the EU

Brussels has started infringement proceedings against Poland, accusing it of packing its courts. ...

The Telegraph


Capitalism is a win, even for the losers

Artificial intelligence is transforming the workplace more profoundly than the industrial revolution did...

The Washington Examiner


Advocates of Britain staying in the EU’s customs union have a hidden agenda

The customs union is a way of transitioning back into full membership of the European Union....