We are shuffling towards a deal that is worse either than remaining or leaving

Theresa May’s call for national unity will go unanswered. ...

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The West is betraying Nigeria

In 2015, for the first time in 55 years, Nigerians changed their rulers through a democratic election....

The Washington Examiner


How do terrorists want us to react?

A terrorist is like a mouse confronting an elephant....

The Washington Examiner


The EU’s anti-democratic culture. First it corrupted other countries. Now it is corrupting Britain.

Lewis crammed a lot of philosophy and theology into his adult stories...

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Parliament goes chicken on Brexit

Every time I think Britain’s MPs have touched bottom, they sink lower....

The Washington Examiner


The reason Brussels won’t compromise? It’s hoping Remainer MPs will keep us in

Stand back for a moment and ask why the EU won’t give Theresa May the tweak she is asking for. ...

The Telegraph


Politicians don’t lie as much as you’d think, they’re actually far more slippery than that

When I tell people that I am playing Diplomacy with a group of MPs...

The Telegraph


Who needs universal basic income?

Supporters of universal basic income (UBI) share with Marxists an almost heroic indifference to evidence....

The Washington Examiner


No self-respecting country would accept this deal. MPs must vote it down

The deal that will come before Parliament next week represents a devastating failure of British statecraft....

The Telegraph


Socialism, the default ideology of teen Manichaeans

All over Europe, children are walking out of class to protest climate change....

The Washington Examiner


I helped found the ERG – accusations of extremism are ridiculous

Those three letters have become an abbreviation, not just for “European Research Group”,...

The Telegraph


Shamima Begum is the product of a country that no longer believes in itself

To see the extent of the rift between the tweeting classes and the rest of the country...

The Telegraph


The roots of Tucker Carlson’s rage

Leftists are celebrating what they regard as a vintage, chateau-bottled “gotcha”...

The Washington Examiner


These Left-wing slurs on Churchill are part of a bigger war on British history

The campaign against Winston Churchill is becoming unhinged. ...

The Telegraph


Britain dodged angry nativism; France and Italy did not

The last time France recalled its ambassador to Rome was in June 1940...

The Washington Examiner


The continuing creep of social injustice

Let’s start with the basics: What was so appalling about Liam Neeson’s behavior?...

The Washington Examiner


Jean-Claude Juncker embodies everything Britain detests about the EU

You want to understand why Britain voted Leave?...

The Telegraph


When even a fish is self-aware, being human doesn’t seem so special

Is a fish self-aware? Is it, in other words, conscious of its existence as something separate from its environment?...

The Telegraph


Venezuela. Be warned. This is the regime that Corbyn still sees, even now, as his model.

to grasp the full extent of Venezuela’s tragedy, consider just one statistic...

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The EU is taking the hardest possible line in the hope of derailing Brexit

On Wednesday, MEPs held a Two Minutes Hate against Britain...

The Telegraph


Don’t send disgraced Labour MP Fiona Onasanya to jail

This is probably going to be the most unpopular column I write in 2019...

The Telegraph


An unlearned and arrogant ‘woke’ Left goes after Winston Churchill

Is there a more closed-minded creature in discovered space than a young left-winger in command of a Twitter account?...

The Washington Examiner


High CEO pay is perfectly justifiable — here’s why

Living standards are higher than they have ever been...

The Washington Examiner


Singapore shows us how we might make a success of Brexit – even if it’s by accident

Two hundred years ago tomorrow, a charming, mercurial and visionary colonial agent called Sir Stamford Raffles ...

The Telegraph


What is driving this chaos? I’ll tell you. The EU is determined to punish us.

You want a one-sentence explanation for the chaos in our politics, the breakdown of our party system?...

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The EU has shown that it wants Britain as a subject, not an ally

Imagine that the EU were a wholly rational actor. ...

The Telegraph


Britain’s elite are no longer hiding their effort to overturn Brexit

I owe my voters an apology. During the 2016 Brexit referendum...

The Washington Examiner


There is nothing intrinsically wrong with being ‘half-in, half-out’ of the EU - just like the Britis

Under all the usual rules of politics, it would be over for Theresa May and her European policy....

The Telegraph


Donald Trump downgrades EU diplomats — good!

The EU’s diplomats in Washington are fuming. It turns out that they have been quietly downgraded by the State Department....

The Washington Examiner


The EU offers its members a terrible choice: integration or democracy

Politicians will sacrifice anything to meet Brussels' requirements...

The Telegraph


That Brexit film works as drama. But it doesn’t as history. I should know. I was there.

Pundits keep averring that “Brexit: The Uncivil War”, the Channel 4 play shown earlier this week, was just a drama. ...

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How immigration makes us all irrational

Why would you risk your life to get out of France? I can think a few reasons not to want to live there...

The Washington Examiner


Why the whale has such emotional sway over us all

We look at whales with a degree of awe, almost veneration....

The Washington Examiner


Why are we allowing the state to put us on a diet?

We are returning to food rationing....

The Telegraph


How the Europhiles are blowing up Britain

You want to know what’s going on in British politics at the moment? ...

The Washington Examiner


Blame Remainers for opening the door to a no-deal Brexit, but it may now be the least painful option

If Britain leaves the EU with no deal, we shall have Gina Miller to thank....

The Telegraph


The totalitarian university

Totalitarianism doesn’t always come wearing jackboots....

The Washington Examiner


I’m beginning to think Brexit won’t happen. This will destroy democracy as we know it

It’s over. If Brexit happens at all – and for the first time I’m beginning to think it won’t ...

The Telegraph


Theresa May’s Brexit deal purgatory is even worse than remaining OR leaving the EU

Brussels has spelt out with brutal clarity, the only change will be that Britain loses its Commissioner...

The Sun


We still have time to switch course from disaster. Just. It’s up to Conservative MPs to act now.

Widen the shot to see what is going on. News developments are now battering us so fast that we can become punch-drunk....

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How Macron became the populist without popularity

Emmanuel Macron’s global (and globalist) admirers have suddenly gone very quiet....

The Washington Examiner


A good play doesn’t just reconstruct history - it tells us something about ourselves

When Shakespeare wrote Julius Caesar, he was not primarily interested in recording the story of the late Roman Republic...

The Telegraph


If Tory MPs keep Theresa May after this, they will damn themselves

Every possible scenario that might follow the PM's defeat requires a new leader...

The Telegraph


I want to support May’s plan. But I can’t.

I have been watching the dégringolade of Brexit with – if such a thing is possible – even more agony than the rest of you....

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The US is making a huge error in backing this spoiled Saudi princeling

When Mohammed bin Salman came to power in 2017, there was disquiet in Riyadh....

The Washington Examiner


This is a calamitous, cowardly Brexit deal - and we’re now being shafted for it by the EU

Sunday, according to gleeful Remainers, is the day that Brexit fantasies collide with cold reality. ...

The Telegraph


Trump and nation-state versus Macron and supranationalism

No French politician ever lost votes by bashing the Americans....

The Washington Examiner


May’s deal leaves us facing colonial rule from Brussels

It leaves us facing colonial rule from Brussels, of the sort imposed on Bosnia following the Yugoslav war....

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Racial categorization is making an unfortunate comeback

Remember Rachel Dolezal, who had to resign as president of her local chapter of the NAACP when it turned out that she was white?...

The Washington Examiner


For an example of the power of open markets, look no further than Hong Kong

I wrote in these pages last week about the idea of an Anglosphere free trade nexus ...

The Telegraph


The Commonwealth is booming – it’s time to embrace free trade with the Anglosphere

Flights to Australia have been around for almost as long as commercial air travel itself. ...

The Telegraph


Putting business leaders in Britain’s embassies will give us dynamism and much-needed perspective

George Shultz, Ronald Reagan’s secretary of state, had a little ritual when he appointed new American ambassadors...

The Telegraph


If Momentum wants more war memorials, why won’t its members crowd-fund them?

Our Armed Forces at the end of the Great War looked more like the Britain of 2018 than the Britain of 1918. ...

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Don’t abandon lawful immigration

Here are three different ways to run an immigration regime. ...

The Washington Examiner


In an ideal world, all MPs would have second jobs

We’re going through one of our chronic spasms of outrage about MPs working in the private sector....

The Telegraph


Falling IQ scores may explain why politics has turned so nasty

I’ve worked out why we loathe each other so much ...

The Washington Examiner


Saudi Arabia’s ‘liberal’ shift was always PR spin

The Saudis have our measure, I’m afraid. ...

The Telegraph


The proposed Brexit terms represent a deal worse than either staying or leaving.

The problem is the backstop. Not the precise terms of the backstop, but the fact of having one at all. ...

Conservative Home


US, Britain must arm for virtual wars if they want to preserve the world for freedom

Prominent Chinese citizens are disappearing at an alarming rate, sometimes in what look like clear cases of overseas rendition. ...

The Washington Examiner


Brexit on Theresa May’s terms would be the worst of all worlds

I was one of the few Leavers to back Chequers, but the latest plan is a step too far​...

The Telegraph


‘The Satanic Verses,’ 30 years later

Exactly 30 years ago, India became the first country to ban The Satanic Verses, a novel by the British-Indian author Salman Rush...

The Washington Examiner


Socialism is in our genes, but reason trumps it

Free markets work. That’s not a slogan, it’s an observation. A country with an enterprise-based economy will always...

The Telegraph


Kavanaugh may be guilty. But justice demands that his confirmation should take place.

They’re both telling the truth. That’s the only conclusion I draw from the whole business. ...

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If even Putin can’t fix pensions, who can?

Russian President Vladimir Putin is losing elections....

The Washington Examiner


The Eurocrats are expecting us to drop Brexit. How little they understand the British

The EU apparat isn’t interested in a mutually beneficial deal with Britain....

The Telegraph


Corbyn could be PM. And that is terrifying

Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn. Say the words aloud. Seriously, say them. Prime. Minister. Jeremy. Corbyn. ...

The Telegraph


We no longer need to imagine a free trade deal with the USA – we’ve written one

Global Britain took an important step forward yesterday. ...

Conservative Home


A US-UK deal will revolutionize world trade

Let’s take Donald Trump both seriously and literally. ...

The Washington Examiner


The West is losing liberalism

We’re slipping backwards...

The Washington Examiner


Britain is an island of contentment in an EU driven by Brussels to populist revolt

It’s happening during an upswing – that’s what’s so startling. ...

The Telegraph


It should be obvious, not controversial, to seek a deep friendship with our EU neighbours

It’s the tetchiness that’s so odd: the frenzied language, the talk of “catastrophe” and “betrayal”......

Conservative Home


The republic will survive Trump, but will the Republicans?

I gave Recep Tayyip Erdogan the benefit of the doubt for too long. ...

The Washington Examiner


Lab-produced meat will transform the world for the better. What are we waiting for?

Here’s a challenge. The next time you eat meat, try to think about what happens in an abattoir....

The Telegraph


Identity politics. It becomes impossible to avoid giving offence, because…

To illustrate the pathology of our age, consider the following stories, all from the past fortnight....

Conservative Home


Boris Johnson and the burqa

“ Boris Johnson and the Burqa” has turned into Britain’s surprise summer blockbuster...

The Washington Examiner


Trump and Corbyn have both turned political tribes into fanatical cults

Both hanker after the protectionism that kept much of the world poor until the mid-twentieth century...

The Telegraph


Russian aggression keeps happening because it keeps working

Exactly ten years ago, Russian forces crossed the Georgian border in anger. ...

The Washington Examiner


Protect our green spaces, not our green belt

Driving from Hampshire to Edinburgh this week I was struck, yet again, by how exquisite our island is....

The Telegraph


Political clickbait is Fleet Street’s addiction, and the nation’s problem

Imagine the sense of disappointment at The Guardian...

Conservative Home


The soft bigotry of the New York Times

Sarah Jeong is a journalist who was hired by the New York Times last week as an editorial writer. ...

The Washington Examiner


Britain would be foolish to ignore China’s overtures

The first is uncontroversial: America is our strongest ally and chief trading partner...

The Telegraph


So now we know: the Left’s ‘anti-Racism’ does not extend to solidarity with Jews

Just imagine what would happen if Labour members said these things about any other group...

The Telegraph


There’s a reason politics isn’t for optimists

Given the circumstances of its founding, you’d think America would be an optimistic, forward-looking place. ...

The Washington Examiner


Let’s call the EU’s bluff and prepare for a no-deal

Another day, another “non”....

The Telegraph


Capitalist Britain ‘literally’ overthrew slavery

Which country is the capital of modern slavery?...

The Telegraph


Even the blockade of Qatar hasn’t produced the calamity that Remainers now predict from Brexit

As the journal Foreign Policy put it last month, “Qatar won the Saudi blockade”...

Conservative Home


If the EU turn hostile on Brexit and see us leaving as an act of aggression

The EU think UK will just swallow what's offered...

The Sun


The Russians probably don’t have anything on Trump, and that’s the worst part

Shall I tell you the worst part of the Trump-Putin fiasco?...

The Washington Examiner


Should NATO even exist anymore?

What is the point of NATO these days?...

The Washington Examiner