A doomed production at the National Theatre? What do you expect of The Scottish Play

There has never been a better place to watch Shakespeare than contemporary London...

The Telegraph


Why have Republicans stopped worrying about spending?

Explain something to me, cousins. This federal deficit of yours — why have you all suddenly gone so quiet about it?...

The Washington Examiner


The EU is treating Britain like North Korea. It’s time we prepared to walk away

Eurocrats behave like pre-programmed Twitterbots when it comes to Brexit. ...

The Telegraph


Being good at governing is no guarantee of re-election – just ask Harper and Key

Spare a thought for Stephen Harper, arguably Canada’s most successful prime minister....

Conservative Home


Jeremy Corbyn and Labour are playing Brexit games with their magical thinking on the EU

Remainers are right about one thing. No one voted for any particular model of Brexit....



CPAC’s disastrous, misguided embrace of Marion Le Pen

Here’s a list of political stances that cluster together in several populist European parties....

The Washington Examiner


Corbyn’s war on the free press is proof he’s unfit to be PM

Jeremy Corbyn, like many people, reveals himself in moments of stress....

The Telegraph


The left is in denial about Jeremy Corbyn’s Communist sympathies​

Will the Labour Party pay the price at the polls for Corbyn's Czech connections?...



If you take offense at ‘Anglo-American,’ you probably aren’t very smart

One moment, a word is wholly unobjectionable, the next it makes the speaker a Nazi....

The Washington Examiner


If Jeremy Corbyn dislikes his country so much, he isn’t fit to lead it

This ought to be the end for Jeremy Corbyn....

The Telegraph


Johnson – a Tigger among Eeyores – is right to restate the positive, uplifting vision of Brexit

Shakespeare knew a thing or two about words. Words can inspire or quell. ...

Conservative Home


There’s nothing progressive about giving agencies like Oxfam the benefit of the doubt

Wealthy businessmen do not engage our sympathies as easily as aid workers. We are less willing to give them a pass....



In defense of George Soros

George Soros should spend his money however he likes. There, I’ve said it....

The Washington Examiner


No Left-winger should want to stay in the customs union

Spot on, Jezza! Euro-protectionism was, in large measure, why Labour opposed joining the Common Market in the first place. ...

The Telegraph


The anti-Brexit cult’s end-of-the-world refuses to happen

The world will end this year, according to some Biblical extrapolations....

The Washington Examiner


The Jacob Rees-Mogg scuffle was an assault on free speech

Britain has, historically, been blessedly free from political violence....

The Telegraph


When everyone and everything is called racist and sexist, no-one and nothing is

What was the first word that came into your mind when you read about the Presidents Club dinner at the Dorchester? ...

Conservative Home


We’re seeing a co-ordinated push by the defeated Europhile elites who will not accept the referendum

The hope seems to be that, faced with unpalatable terms, we will give up on the whole idea...

The Sun


Put out more flags

Scotland’s government is hauling down the Union flag. ...

The Washington Examiner


Cloned monkeys force us to confront the hardest question of all: How can we be special if we’re just

After all, 22 years have passed since the birth of the first cloned animal, Dolly the Sheep. ...

The Telegraph


What makes for a shithole?

Here’s an awkward truth. It’s easier to attract talented people from shithole countries than from Norway....

The Washington Examiner


Coalition politics has turned European democracy into a beige dictatorship

We’ll find out soon whether Germany’s Social Democrats will join their Christian Democrat rivals in yet another Grand Coalition....

The Telegraph


Daniel Hannan: Put out more flags

Brussels has started infringement proceedings against Poland, accusing it of packing its courts....

The Telegraph


Nigel Farage is collaborating with Remain fantasists - the second referendum is a lost cause

The biggest boost to the Remain cause in 2018 has come from Nigel Farage. ...



Racism in the realm beyond reason

It’s not just that Markle shares the broadly liberal outlook of Hollywood, being keen on feminism and Noam Chomsky...

The Washington Examiner


Toby Young was a tribal offering on the altar of sacred values

Toby's self-denial led BBC bulletins, and was the favourite subject on every radio phone-in. ...



Strange and counter-intuitive as it may seem, Britain’s trading future lies across the Pacific

There is nothing desperate or deluded about Britain joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership...

The Telegraph


Trump is lucky in his enemies

You don’t convince people by insulting, bullying or threatening them. ...

The Washington Examiner


Was the British Empire ‘morally mixed’?

The British Empire was the most extensive dominion in history. ...

The Sun


Stop crying, remoaners! There’s never been a better time to be British

2017 has been mankind's best year yet and 2018 will be even better....

The Sun


The Brexit transition proposal would turn Britain into a vassal of the EU

Brussels has started infringement proceedings against Poland, accusing it of packing its courts. ...

The Telegraph


Capitalism is a win, even for the losers

Artificial intelligence is transforming the workplace more profoundly than the industrial revolution did...

The Washington Examiner


Advocates of Britain staying in the EU’s customs union have a hidden agenda

The customs union is a way of transitioning back into full membership of the European Union....



Jerusalem, divided

The status of Jerusalem isn’t part of the Israel-Palestine dispute. ...

The Washington Examiner


10 suggestions if you want to stop Brexit

Try to understand Leavers. ...



Stop apologizing to the loons

It started with an apology on Twitter. And not just an apology....

The Washington Examiner


Is the Irish border row a ploy to pry Northern Ireland from the UK?

There is something surreal about the Irish border row....

The Telegraph


Jeremy Corbyn would squander the potential of Brexit with even more regulation than Brussels

Never mind the chilling effect of Brexit on the economy, which we kept hearing about last year....

The Telegraph


You can understand why the Irish are getting tetchy about Brexit

You can understand why the Irish are upset about Brexit....



If you want to save the elephants, privatize them

PETA, needless to say, does not look at lions in the way that local villagers do. ...

The Washington Examiner


The lynch-mob Left are fake news experts

The term “fake news” has, with striking swiftness, become part of the Leftist lexicon....

The Telegraph


Leave.EU and Arron Banks – the Brexiteers that the Remain campaign loved

What do you suppose was the biggest problem faced by Brexit campaigners last year?...

Conservative Home


Make no mistake… Britain will be stronger without the EU after Brexit

We are the sixth biggest economy in the world, for Heaven’s sake...

The Sun


Dan Hannan: The Republicans’ astonishing, Orwellian change of heart on Putin

Until recently, suspicion of Russia’s strongman was common to almost every Republican...

The Washington Examiner


Can animals think? And if they can, is it right to treat them as we do?

Do they remember things? Do they, in a word, think?...

The Telegraph


Mugabe’s crime is to have denied his people the freedom and prosperity that trade, not aid, has brou

It is hard not to cheer the end of Robert Mugabe’s autocracy...

The Telegraph


Outside the EU, Britain can copy Singapore or Switzerland – but we have to decide now

Brexit is a legal reality: we leave on 29 March 2019 with or without an agreement....



Stop condemning tax havens. It’s perfectly legitimate to avoid taxation

Here are some ways in which you might legally reduce your tax bill....

The Telegraph


Coercion may be working in Catalonia, but it won’t work here

The latest polls show a decline in support for separatist parties, as well as a decline in support for secession itself....

Conservative Home


Uzbekistan is a breeding ground for Islamist terrorism thanks to its self-fulfilling prophecy

Told it was either Islam Karimov or the fundamentalists, a number of Uzbeks concluded the fundamentalists weren't so bad....



From Martin Luther to the American Revolution

The religious conflicts that followed Martin Luther’s break with Rome seem to belong to a different universe....

The Washington Examiner


Remember, remember the 5th of November is about parliamentary sovereignty – and Brexit opportunity

November was dark in 17th-century England – darker than we, in our light-polluted age, can easily understand....

The Telegraph


Higher interest rates are no bad thing, but the European Arrest Warrant most certainly is

The funniest response to the 0.25  percentage point rise in interest rates came from James McGrory...

The Telegraph


Where is the Zola of the Zulu?

Where is the Zola of the Zulu?...

The Washington Examiner


100 years and 100 million deaths later, Communism still has its converts. Why?

We are approaching the most monstrous of centenaries....

The Telegraph


Outraged about public sector pay? So am I

Do you think nurses should be paid more? Of course you do. Who wouldn’t? ...

The Telegraph


The tension over Catalonia is a wholly avoidable tragedy for Spain

“If you and I were to reach a deal, both of us would be betraying our ideals and our men”....

Conservative Home


The real point of ‘fake news’

Who is falling for the laughable disinformation beamed out every hour by RT, Vladimir Putin's TV station?...

The Washington Examiner


The tale of Europe’s 20th century is uplifting, but it is not our tale

I admit it: I entered the House of European History in a cynical mood....

The Telegraph


Like any parent, Britain should take pride in Israel

Asked to apologise for the 1917 Balfour Declaration, which led to the foundation of Israel, the Government was admirably robust....

The Telegraph


Why has free trade stopped​ being a left-wing cause?

200 years after David Ricardo, why are people still misunderstanding free trade's virtues?...



How to anger a feminist: Criticize Harvey Weinstein the wrong way

It's not enough, apparently, to condemn Harvey Weinstein as a priapic creep. ...

The Washington Examiner


Free trade will always enrich our country. If we can’t embrace it now, Brexit was pointless

Hovering behind our Brexit anxieties is a belief that Britain isn’t up to it....

The Telegraph


The Norman Conquest was a disaster for England. We should celebrate Naseby, not Hastings

The Norman Conquest was a cataclysm for the English people. After 1066, the country was clenched in a mailed fist....

The Telegraph


The modern politician must learn about psychology, and how evolution moulds our minds

Because our irrational tendencies have a genetic basis, they are predictable. ...

Conservative Home


Why you should be optimistic about Brexit

Things almost always work out better than expected, and Brexit should be no exception....



Why the EU can never accept an independent Catalonia

Such is the terrifying gravitational power of the European Union that it has pulled even Nigel Farage into its orbit....

The Washington Examiner


The meaning of death will be very different when our society cures ageing

In the end”, wrote Goethe glumly, “we are all King Lear”....

The Telegraph


The latest US move on planes is a train-wreck

The decision to slap 220 percent tariffs on imported aircraft is so wrongheaded, so unjust......

The Washington Examiner


Britain’s future is as a nation state - not in the EU empire

The world of tomorrow is a world of empires...

The Telegraph


There’s far more agreement on the terms of Brexit than the pundits suggest

Here are some aspects of Brexit that, as far as I can tell, have the agreement of everyone in Cabinet....

Conservative Home


Using Brexit to make free trade deals will help us cut prices, boost growth and help world trade

A Steel tariff destroys more jobs in cars, aviation, construction and machine-making than it saves in steel...

The Sun


Why are Kurdish and Catalan independence OK, but not British independence?

Because of its history, Britain will never be the underdog. That doesn't mean it can't be right....



Let’s hear it for nationalism

It is hard to convey quite how badly Donald Trump's speech to the United Nations was received in Brussels....

The Washington Examiner


By embracing free trade, we can use Brexit to make everyone better off

Free trade between a rich and a poor country, as between any two countries, benefits both ...

The Telegraph


Remainers are using false quotes to smear Brexiteers

Leave campaigners must be shown to be deceitful in order to undermine the authority of the referendum....



Trump’s anti-Amazon Luddism

Amazon is doing great damage to tax paying retailers. Towns, cities and states throughout the U.S. are being hurt ...

The Washington Examiner


How Hurricane Irma discredits Leftist economics

Asurprising number of commentators think that Hurricane Irma will end up boosting the American economy....

The Telegraph


Farewell to Edward du Cann, the courtly Eurosceptic who helped propel Thatcher to power

Throughout his years as Conservative leader, Edward Heath detested two of his MPs above all others....

Conservative Home


Can anything now stop North Korea?

We have tried carrots and sticks, aid and sanctions, engagement and isolation. Nothing seems to work....

The Washington Examiner


How Winnie-the-Pooh explains British politics

When it comes to Brexit, it's easy to see who is a Tigger and who is an Eeyore....



Rohingya Muslims stood by Britain in WWII. Now they are dying, where is our loyalty?

The victims are Muslim, and the persecutors are Buddhist - which doesn't neatly fit our Western world-view....



Moral equivalence between fascists and antifa? Absolutely

Footage emerged last week of masked ruffians beating a man as he writhed on the ground at Berkeley's campus...

The Washington Examiner


Others outside the EU access its market. So why can’t we?

We want you to hand us a wodge of money, and we insist that you calculate the appropriate sum!...

The Telegraph


Prejudice against fat people is a snobbery of the Left

Let me have men about me that are fat; sleek-headed men and such as sleep o’ nights....

Conservative Home


Protesting against statues of Nelson, Churchill or Rhodes is just a way of showing off

Does Winston Churchill deserve a statue? He wrote some nasty things about Muslims....

The Telegraph


Continuity Remainers are so determined to hate Brexit that they’ve become detached from reality

The anguish surrounding Brexit cannot be explained in purely political terms...

The Telegraph


The alt-right and alt-left dunderheads are making a mockery of American democracy

Each side needs the other and builds up the opposition as larger and more menacing than it really is....



The hard truth about terrorism is that there isn’t a lot more we can do to stop it

There is a familiar pattern, almost a ritual, that follows each terrorist outrage...

The Telegraph


Venezuela and Vichy: why does Socialist brutality get an easier ride than Fascism?

Venezuela’s agony is provoking spectacular gymnastics from British Leftists....

The Telegraph


Brits need to get over their beef with US meat

I eat steak whenever I'm in the United States. Your steaks are bigger, juicier, and more tender than those I can buy in Europe....

The Washington Examiner


Why we should all embrace depending on the rest of the world for our food

Britain is importing 42 per cent of its food – the highest figure for half a century....

The Telegraph


Jeremy Corbyn’s Caracas to think a ‘socialist utopia’ helps the poor

as socialism is always the same story...

The Sun


Twelve principles to unite Remainers and Leavers

t is in everyone’s interest to replace our EU membership with a strong and friendly relationship....

Conservative Home


The Good News on Brexit They’re Not Telling You

On July 24, trade talks began between Britain and America...

The New York Times


Obamacare is here to stay

If the Republicans can't scrap Obamacare, what is the point of them?...

The Washington Examiner