Are tanks now redundant?

What about aircraft carriers? The deployment of hypersonic missiles turns a lot of our assumptions on their head...

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We demand that politicians “let the professionals get on” - then blame them when quangos screw up

Ofqual, PHE, the NHS - all are free from political control. But they are never blamed for their own failings...

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Sweden is in the happy position of not needing to worry about a second wave

Even now, few commentators seem to grasp that flattening the curve doesn't affect the size of the area under the curve...

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Why are we so reluctant to come out of lockdown?

The lifting of restrictions has had a surprisingly slight impact - for reasons that owe more to psychology than epidemiology...

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We can’t spend our way out of this mess

Any jobs "created" by government spending must always, by definition, come at the expense of jobs elsewhere...

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The police now elevate anti-racism over private property, public order and impartial justice

Politicians, broadcasters, conservationists and epidemiologists excuse BLM lawbreaking, but the police are the most flagrant...

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This is no longer anti-racism, it is a form of collective psychosis

Violating the lockdown, smashing up someone else's stuff, attacking the police - all are excused by supposed anti-racism...

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Coronavirus and the crisis of conservatism

We are going through an authoritarian spasm that leaves little space for thoughtful Burkeianism...

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The only thing that matters coming out of the crisis is getting back to growth

We need to pull every available lever - starting with trade deals....

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The epidemic should have brought people together - so why hasn’t it?

Anger and abuse is directed at those who want to relax the shutdown, not at those who want to extend it....

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We are inflicting an epochal depression on ourselves

There comes a point when the damage caused by the shutdown is greater than that caused by the virus itself...

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We will emerge from the crisis with WW2 levels of debt - and WW2 levels of state intervention

In a crisis, we revert to type - and not always in a good way....

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Guilt by association - the first resort of the lazy commentator

The notion of moral contamination is an extension of what anthropologists call "sympathetic magic"....

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No, you’re not going to die from the coronavirus

All the political and media incentives are to exaggerate what is in fact a tiny risk...

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£1 million? £1 billion? £1 trillion? McDonnell is relying on you not knowing the difference.

Suppose I were to tell you that Labour’s promises would cost £50 billion....

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Where would we now find another Norman Stone?

One good thing – only one – came out of Oliver Letwin’s wrecking amendment earlier this month...

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Cameron maligns Brexiteers because he misunderstands them

Everyone agrees that David Cameron made a terrible blunder when he called the referendum....

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How to keep our pledges to the EU nationals who live here

Amid all the angst and acrimony, let’s cling to one area of agreement. ...

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For Brexit to work, power must be stripped from the quangocrats

When Donald Trump entered the White House, his then senior adviser, Steve Bannon, set out the administration’s three priorities....

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May must stand down as Party leader before the European elections

Brace yourselves. We are in for what the Americans call a shellacking. ...

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Brexit. Vote Conservative in the European elections to help us deliver it – and finish the job.

The latest two opinion polls show the Conservatives at 16 and 15 per cent in advance of the European elections...

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We are shuffling towards a deal that is worse either than remaining or leaving

Theresa May’s call for national unity will go unanswered. ...

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The EU’s anti-democratic culture. First it corrupted other countries. Now it is corrupting Britain.

Lewis crammed a lot of philosophy and theology into his adult stories...

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Venezuela. Be warned. This is the regime that Corbyn still sees, even now, as his model.

to grasp the full extent of Venezuela’s tragedy, consider just one statistic...

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What is driving this chaos? I’ll tell you. The EU is determined to punish us.

You want a one-sentence explanation for the chaos in our politics, the breakdown of our party system?...

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That Brexit film works as drama. But it doesn’t as history. I should know. I was there.

Pundits keep averring that “Brexit: The Uncivil War”, the Channel 4 play shown earlier this week, was just a drama. ...

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We still have time to switch course from disaster. Just. It’s up to Conservative MPs to act now.

Widen the shot to see what is going on. News developments are now battering us so fast that we can become punch-drunk....

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I want to support May’s plan. But I can’t.

I have been watching the dégringolade of Brexit with – if such a thing is possible – even more agony than the rest of you....

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May’s deal leaves us facing colonial rule from Brussels

It leaves us facing colonial rule from Brussels, of the sort imposed on Bosnia following the Yugoslav war....

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If Momentum wants more war memorials, why won’t its members crowd-fund them?

Our Armed Forces at the end of the Great War looked more like the Britain of 2018 than the Britain of 1918. ...

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The proposed Brexit terms represent a deal worse than either staying or leaving.

The problem is the backstop. Not the precise terms of the backstop, but the fact of having one at all. ...

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Kavanaugh may be guilty. But justice demands that his confirmation should take place.

They’re both telling the truth. That’s the only conclusion I draw from the whole business. ...

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We no longer need to imagine a free trade deal with the USA – we’ve written one

Global Britain took an important step forward yesterday. ...

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It should be obvious, not controversial, to seek a deep friendship with our EU neighbours

It’s the tetchiness that’s so odd: the frenzied language, the talk of “catastrophe” and “betrayal”......

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Identity politics. It becomes impossible to avoid giving offence, because…

To illustrate the pathology of our age, consider the following stories, all from the past fortnight....

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Political clickbait is Fleet Street’s addiction, and the nation’s problem

Imagine the sense of disappointment at The Guardian...

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Even the blockade of Qatar hasn’t produced the calamity that Remainers now predict from Brexit

As the journal Foreign Policy put it last month, “Qatar won the Saudi blockade”...

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On the Elgin Marbles, as on everything else, Corbyn’s assumption is that Britain Is Always In The Wr

Few voters will be swayed one way or the other by the location of the Elgin Marbles....

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For partisan advantage, Labour demands a worst-of-all-worlds Brexit

“Not working out the way you thought, Hannan, is it?”...

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Like the Windrush children, EU nationals raised here have a moral right to UK citizenship

Although the Windrush scandal has sparked a debate about immigration, the people involved are not, in the main, immigrants. ...

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Corbyn’s first instinct in a national crisis is to treat it as a way to attack the Tories.

There were plenty of patriotic Leftists in 1939, even among the intelligentsia. ...

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Being good at governing is no guarantee of re-election – just ask Harper and Key

Spare a thought for Stephen Harper, arguably Canada’s most successful prime minister....

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Johnson – a Tigger among Eeyores – is right to restate the positive, uplifting vision of Brexit

Shakespeare knew a thing or two about words. Words can inspire or quell. ...

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When everyone and everything is called racist and sexist, no-one and nothing is

What was the first word that came into your mind when you read about the Presidents Club dinner at the Dorchester? ...

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Leave.EU and Arron Banks – the Brexiteers that the Remain campaign loved

What do you suppose was the biggest problem faced by Brexit campaigners last year?...

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Coercion may be working in Catalonia, but it won’t work here

The latest polls show a decline in support for separatist parties, as well as a decline in support for secession itself....

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The tension over Catalonia is a wholly avoidable tragedy for Spain

“If you and I were to reach a deal, both of us would be betraying our ideals and our men”....

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The modern politician must learn about psychology, and how evolution moulds our minds

Because our irrational tendencies have a genetic basis, they are predictable. ...

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There’s far more agreement on the terms of Brexit than the pundits suggest

Here are some aspects of Brexit that, as far as I can tell, have the agreement of everyone in Cabinet....

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Farewell to Edward du Cann, the courtly Eurosceptic who helped propel Thatcher to power

Throughout his years as Conservative leader, Edward Heath detested two of his MPs above all others....

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Prejudice against fat people is a snobbery of the Left

Let me have men about me that are fat; sleek-headed men and such as sleep o’ nights....

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Twelve principles to unite Remainers and Leavers

t is in everyone’s interest to replace our EU membership with a strong and friendly relationship....

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Uganda shows the power of the free market in action

The best arguments for the free market are practical rather than theoretical....

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Sooner or later, you run out of spending other people’s money.And it’s young people who foot the bil

One of the worst features of minority governments is that they’re inescapably extravagant. ...

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Corbyn is the ultimate selfish gene, content to kill off Labour for his own benefit

The eclipse of the Labour Party by must now be reckoned more likely than not....

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The hip hop musical that revitalises a star of the American Revolution

I can’t get the Hamilton soundtrack out of my head. It was my 11-year-old who started it: obsessed with the hip hop musical....

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Spicer didn’t deny the Holocaust – but the Twitter mob simply doesn’t care

Does anyone actually believe that Sean Spicer, Donald Trump’s press spokesman, is a Holocaust denier? ...

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Brussels, not May, is being inflexible

I keep being told by half-clever pundits that Theresa May was never a Remainer in her heart. ...

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A Singapore-style economy isn’t a threat, it’s a growth strategy

Let’s start with some basic statistics. In 1950, the United Kingdom was roughly twice as rich as Singapore: our per capita GDP w...

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The left-wing dominance of public culture is unintentionally good for conservatives

I had one of those glorious, time-stopping experiences over the weekend, listening to Simon Russell Beale reciting Prospero’s “Y...

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May’s Brexit vision is Churchill’s vision of Britain and Europe

Regular readers will know that this is a Helvetophile column. I love pretty much everything about Switzerland: its courteous peo...

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Our electoral system is less secure than that of most banana republics

“Electoral fraud that would disgrace a banana republic,” was how the presiding judge described the postal vote abuse in Birmingh...

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We will get a good deal – because rational self-interest will overcome the Eurocrats’ fury

Is the European Union prepared to self-harm in order to make Brexit difficult? Might it truly be more interested in deterring st...

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Populists flourish after financial crises – but they get found out in the end

It started with the credit crunch. Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen, Jeremy Corbyn, Syriza, Podemos, t...

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The parallels between Brexit and Trumpery have been absurdly overdone

“I didn’t predict Trump’s victory, but now let now me explain to you exactly why it happened.” Political pundits are like mediae...

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The beautiful melancholy of an English autumn

Do you remember the end of The Last Battle, the culmination of C.S. Lewis’s Narnia series? The children enter a sort of Platonic...

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May isn’t a Christian Democrat, she’s a proper conservative

“Our economy should work for everyone,” said Theresa May in Birmingham last week. “But if your pay has stagnated for several...

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My one worry about Brexit – if we mess things up, we could harm relations with Ireland

I’m forever being asked whether I have any regrets or worries about Brexit. Regrets? None: Britain is on the way to becoming...

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Most Remainers are not Remoaners – we must work with the sensible, reasonable majority

If you’re a Conservative, speaking at an academic conference is always going to be an away match. If you’re also a Leave...

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Repeat after me. Single market membership and single market access are not the same thing

So, demand the pundits, which is it to be? Are we going to control our borders, or are we going to stay in the EU’s single...

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All the wonders of human civilisation can be found in a chicken sandwich

Last year, a chap decided to make himself a chicken sandwich. Nothing unusual there, you might think; but this chap decided to...

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As a card-carrying Conservative, I’m alarmed by Labour’s collapse

This might startle some ConservativeHome readers, but here goes. Britain has been lucky in the temper of its main left-wing...

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I’m glad the Turkish coup was defeated – but the country’s future now hangs in the balance

The Internet has revolutionised everything – including revolutions. We all know what a coup d’état is meant to look like: tanks...

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Instead of sulking, Remainers should accept the result and work for a better future

“Lies! Lies! It was all based on lies!” If you’re reading this article, you evidently have access to the Internet. So you must...

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Today’s vote​ is the culmination of my adult life; but it’s not as big a deal as you might think

When I was 19, I swore what the old storybooks call “a terrible oath” to restore Britain’s independence. It was late 1990, and...

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The status quo isn’t on offer in this referendum. The choice is more integration – or Leave

In North Antrim, voting Leave goes pretty much without saying. I spent part of the weekend campaigning in those green and...

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Cheer up, Conservatives! There is no “Tory civil war” over the EU

Journalists have a cliché for every occasion, and the referendum has summoned forth several old favourites: “blue-on-blue”,...

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Trump’s supporters suspect that snobbish elites disdain the people. And they have a point

I happened to be in the United States when Donald Trump first moved ahead in the opinion polls, lecturing at a meeting of...

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Here’s what happens when Britain votes to Leave

We are unused to referendums in this country, so we tend to think in terms of general elections. Behind much of the coverage of...

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The referendum campaign has begun – and Leave has the positive message

The EU referendum campaign begins officially today, with the Leave and Remain sides getting official designation and the...

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How Britain lost Ireland

Irish citizens tend not to commemorate the formal moment of their independence, and who can blame them? The Government of...

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Trump’s rise is harming the Republican Party, America and democracy itself

Shall I tell you the most depressing thing? It’s not that the party of Lincoln and Reagan will be fronted by a self-absorbed,...

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Why do so many on the Left have a blind spot when it comes to anti-Semitism?

People seem oddly shocked. Anti-Semitism at Oxford University’s Labour Club? The Labour Club? Aren’t Leftists meant to be...

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If the UK were not already a member of the European Union, would we vote to join it?

If the United Kingdom were not already a member of the European Union, would we vote to join it? It’s never easy to answer...

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People expected a climb-down, but the renegotiation delivered an abject surrender

No one expected it to be so negligible. Observers were ready for a climb-down, not an abject surrender. Several Conservative...

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Cameron’s strategy for winning the EU referendum – use the word ‘security’ as much as possible

Why now? What prompted David Cameron, apropos nothing in particular, to talk tough about Muslim extremism and deporting people...

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Has the rise of Trump proved me wrong on open primaries?

It must now be reckoned more likely than not that Donald Trump will win the Republican nomination, and so put Hillary Clinton...

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