From fears over recession to Scottish split and refugee camps

EU Remoaners were wrong and we’re stronger than before...

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Don’t leave Brexit talks to a divided and unprepared Labour and a leader who doesn’t know what he w

Would he welcome your positive attitude and cut his price — or would he thank his lucky stars and take you for every penny?...

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Only hated Eurocrat Jean-Claude Juncker is stopping a quick deal to leave the EU

Right from the start, the irritable Eurocrat has ensured the talks will go ahead in an atmosphere of mistrust...

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We don’t have to be in the EU to be pals with Europe as Britain’s Brexit deal CAN benefit all

Just because we'll no longer be part of the Union, it doesn't mean there'll be tariffs or trade barriers....

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Theresa May’s Brexit work permit gives us a first glimpse of how immigration will work

Theresa May’s Brexit work permit gives us a first glimpse of how immigration will work after we leave the EU...

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Despite the Supreme Court’s ruling, we are still set for a smooth ride out of Europe

With only a handful of exceptions, MPs will respect the wishes of their constituents...

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Theresa May set out an uplifting vision of a global Britain post-Brexit – you’d never have thought s

The PM got the tone right in her speech and is looking for a grown-up bilateral deal...

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We really CAN have our cake and eat it when we leave the EU… and so can they

Ignore the pessimist Remoaners desperate for Brexit to fail - having our cake and eating it is a perfectly achievable goal...

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This is how we will make Brexit work for Britain – and ‘retain strong links with our partners’

We want our European allies to succeed — wealthy neighbours make good customers...

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The EU never trades with US. We can after Brexit… and with the rest of the world

HOW heartening to see Theresa May at the G20 in China plugging our country as an international trader....

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