Je me souviens des jours anciens et je pleure

How can anyone look at trees in November and not be pierced by the terrible beauty of mortality?...

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We are heading for decades of debt and Big Government

The impact of the coronavirus crisis will last a generation...

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Official Britain grovelled before agitators representing just three per cent of the public

BLM is indulged for the same reason that most food is halal: asymmetry of conviction...

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Why, given everything we now know, are we locking down again?

The only argument for a lockdown is that it buys time. But what are we buying time for?...

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Brexit is a colossal opportunity for our coastal communities

Iceland shows us how to treat fisheries as a valuable renewable resource...

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I feel it in my bones: public enthusiasm for the lockdowns is about to turn

Labour has picked the worst possible moment to jump on the lockdown bandwagon...

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My native Peru had the world’s toughest lockdown, but still ended up with the worst fatality rate

We need to accept that government intervention does not make much difference either way...

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The EU is treating Britain like a renegade province

There is no good faith from Brussels, and Britain should not accept the Withdrawal Agreement without a trade deal...

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As a lockdown sceptic, I now know how it must have felt to be a Remainer

Everyone you know agrees with you, you're convinced the facts are on your side, but the polls show you're in the minority...

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Labour would leave Britain with the most restrictive trade policy outside North Korea

Under the pretence of defending food standards, they would make any trade deals, even with the EU, impossible...

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Beardless men will soon be in the minority - again

The periods when men were clean-shaven are brief interglacials between long hirsute ice ages...

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Medical advisory committees are prone to absurd pessimism and risk-aversion

Their members' personal incentives push them towards excessive caution...

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Looking at the data from different countries, there is no evidence that lockdowns are effective

If I asked you to match the countries to the infection and fatality graphs, you wouldn't;t be able to say which had closed down...

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No trade deal, no deal

It's time to withdraw from the Withdrawal Agreement...

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The Rhodes statue will be brought down by a woke committee, in defiance of public opinion

Thus does the Left continue its long march through the institutions...

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Tax rises now would choke off any chance of a recovery

On the contrary, we need to cut taxes - especially on employment and investment...

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We are outliers in our reluctance to go back to work

British voters demanded the toughest possible lockdown, and now face the economic price...

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William Shakespeare was all things to all men - and all women

(See also the second column on the excellent news that Tony Abbott is joining Britain's Board of Trade)...

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Britain’s administrative machine has broken down irreparably

Ofqual, PHE, the immigration service, the police - the crisis has exposed the utter uselessness of our quangos...

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Precisely 100 years ago, a ragtag army of Polish volunteers saved Europe from tyranny

We in the West barely remember the Polish-Soviet war, but it was a damned near run thing...

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Failing to reopen schools is unforgivable

No one has suffered more from these closures than the young people who are least at risk from the disease...

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Republicans finally glimpse a post-Trump future

It took the crazy proposal to postpone polling day, but big-R Republicans are at last standing by small-r republican principles...

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We have lost the most influential philanthropist of them all

Stuart Wheeler was a flinty patriot, an expert gambler, a generous host and a loyal friend...

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Let British jihadis come back here - and then try them for treason

We should allow UK nationals to return, but that should be the last journey they make...

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Britain can avoid depending on China by leading the world in hydrogen technology

Hydrogen is the philosopher's stone of energy - the way to transmute water into fuel...

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Too many people are going to university

The jobs vacancies are for qualified electrical engineers, not philosophy graduates...

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Workers’ rights mean little when there are fewer and fewer workers

Governments can't create jobs. Their task is to remove obstacles so that firms can expand and hire people...

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Hong Kongers are the Huguenots of our age, and China’s loss will be Britain’s gain

Let the people of that entrepôt build a new city here, a Hong Kong 2.0 to enrich the UK...

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Our woke quangos are failing the nation

Nannying and politically correct in normal times, our administrative state us useless in a crisis...

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A nation without history is like a person without memory

Statue-smashing isn't about slavery or race. it's about who wields power today...

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Shall I tell you the worst thing? The lockdown will come to be remembered with nostalgia.

People will miss - or think they miss - the sense of community that comes from a shared misfortune...

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Global Britain needs to think like a maritime, not a continental, country

We are defined by our island statue, but in precisely the opposite way usually meant by Europhiles...

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Slavery and plunder cannot make a nation rich - only free exchange can do that

Slavery persists to today in the poorest places on Earth, and that is no coincidence....

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What a panicky people we have become

We have lost all notion of calculated risks, opportunity costs, least bad options. We absurdly demand total security....

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Taking down Cecil Rhodes’s statue would be cowardly and anti-intellectual

The diamond magnate campaigned against the disenfranchisement of Africans and specified that his scholarships be colour-blind...

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If China won’t tolerate a free Hong Kong, let’s build one in Britain

Let's create a charter city to replicate the miracle that took place at the mouth of the Pearl River...

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Eurocrats would rather hurt all sides than let Brexit succeed

Brussels is trapped in the negotiating position it evolved when it was still trying to overturn Britain's referendum...

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A plan to end the worst recession we have ever known.

Cut stamp dust, capital gains tax, employers' and employees' NI and drop our trade barriers....

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Private schools should reopen right away

Children are highly unlikely either to have or to transmit the symptoms, so there is no need to wait until June....

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The virus has put the European project into intensive care

The EU might survive, but only in the sense that the late Holy Roman Empire did - as a title, a shell, a memory....

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Irrational fears, rather than cold science, are prolonging the closures

Diseases bring out our Stone Age heuristics: avoid strangers, hoard food, keep your children close...

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Sweden’s success is starting to infuriate the lockdown enthusiasts

They won't be able to claim afterwards that things would have been even worse without their closures....

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Extending the Brexit transition would be the worst of all possible responses

Some Remainers have become like Jacobites, clinging to their cause long after it has ceased to be a practical possibility....

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We should begin a phased loosening of the lockdown - starting with shops and schools

The purpose of the closures was simply to buy time, not to stop all infections....

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The uselessness of our quangos is becoming lethal

Surely everyone can now see why we need to get on top of the administrative state....

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This isn’t about money versus lives, it’s about lives versus lives

Every day that these restrictions remain in place is lethal, and a balance needs to be found...

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Panic? Troops on standby? Empty shelves? London has never seemed so far away.

In these parts, the chief emotion is not fear of infection, but concern about the economic impact of the crackdown...

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Retreating from globalisation is the worst possible response to the coronavirus

Banning flights, closing borders, demanding self-sufficiency - all are aimed at our irrational inner caveman...

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We are wired to dislike free markets

What newspapers call "price gouging" is in fact a logical response to panic buying....

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England’s northern towns stand to gain the most from free trade - now as always

From the Anti-Corn Law League to the present, free trade was primarily about lower prices for working people...

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If these are the EU’s terms, we should save everyone time and walk away now

No self-respecting nation can accept terms offered in a calculatedly vindictive spirit...

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Where is the outrage when a party with a private army wins the Irish election?

Brussels sanctioned Austria over the Freedom Party. Washington sanctioned Palestine over Hamas. Why is Ireland different?...

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Everything has felt a bit better since 31 January

Even Remainers - at least, off Twitter - have been affected by the optimism...

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I’ve learned the hard way that bad police reform just breeds more pen pushers

OK, I admit it. Police and Crime Commissioners are, at least in part, my fault....

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Roger Scruton was the greatest conservative thinker of our age

ver the past 18 months, all the men who had the greatest influence on me at the beginning of my adulthood have died....

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The Conservatives are not losing control of public spending, they’re simply taking advantage of chea

Look, I’m going to come right out and ask the question. Have the Conservatives given up on fiscal rectitude?...

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The hardline Remainers can’t stand the idea of Brexit working

You know how all the people who wanted a “People’s Vote” turned out to be Remainers? ...

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Why does Labour have such a problem with patriotism?

Patriotism is a prerequisite for electoral success. ...

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A letter to the Eurocrats: Britain’s quarrel is with you, not with Europe

I appreciated what you called your “love letter to Britain”, published in Thursday’s Guardian....

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One Nation Toryism rests on patriotism, a concept the Left struggles to understand

Britain’s elites have not reacted well to Boris Johnson’s victory....

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Why do Tories like dogs and Labour voters like cats?

Imagine you had a fixed sum of money to spend on a new house....

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The election was a triumph for the SNP, but let’s not label it an independence upsurge yet

At any other time, it would have been the story of the election....

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Labour has built up a world of alternative facts – but we can see Britain is no Dickensian slum

Deep down, we can’t really imagine it happening in Britain....

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I simply won’t appear on Channel 4 News, because it is biased, unfair and juvenile

I remember the moment when I decided to stop appearing on Channel 4 News....

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Brexit gives us the chance to trade with new and old friends, starting with Japan

Let’s remind ourselves why we are leaving the EU. ...

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Why the Holocaust is more than just another genocide

The easy reaction is outrage. How dare Roger Hallam, the founder of Extinction Rebellion, seek to downplay the Holocaust? ...

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Without the unbelievable modesty of one man, Brexit would have been impossible

The ancient church was full of Conservative MPs pausing their election campaigns to attend a memorial service for Lord Spicer. ...

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The young embrace socialism because they are ignorant of its destructive power

You think broadband is expensive now? Just wait till it’s free....

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To blame is human, but the authorities can only do so much to stem the tide

The flood damage, and the agony of affected families, could easily have been far greater ...

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​The reason we don’t have a four-day week is that most of us don’t really want one

We could all be working a four-day week now – but we want holidays and Netflix...

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Nigel Farage would rather scupper Brexit than let somebody else deliver it

Donna Jones organised the Leave campaign in Portsmouth in 2016....

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30 years after the Berlin Wall’s fall, the dangerous ‘cuddly socialism’ myth has returned

Thirty years ago, most observers were convinced that socialism was finished. ...

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Boris Johnson has risen to his role as PM - and the Remainers don’t know how to react

When Boris Johnson published his biography of Winston Churchill five years ago, his detractors were scathing....

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I thought Britain had biased, Left-wing media – until I spent time in Canada

Justin Trudeau, a man who can’t remember how many times he darkened his skin for comic effect...

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Labour has now run out of excuses. It can’t delay a general election any longer

You can’t live a lie forever – not even if you’re a politician....

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When even Nicky Morgan thinks we should end the licence fee, its time is up

No one could call Nicky Morgan an ideologue. I have known the Culture Secretary since we were students....

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On the cusp of victory, will Nigel Farage decide to put Brexit – or party – first?

Are politicians principled or venal? The honest answer, in most cases, is “a bit of both”...

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It would be a lethal mistake if the West shuts its eyes to the Isil ‘bloodlands’

When I first visited Yad Vashem, the Holocaust memorial centre in Jerusalem...

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The Brexit row is turning us all into devils – and our MPs are mainly to blame

“Don’t you have any regrets about Brexit, Hannan?”...

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Social engineering in universities can only harm one of our great national assets

Britain’s strengths are in twenty-first century industries: international legal services, biotech, artificial intelligence......

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Leave voters can see what’s going on. They won’t blame Boris if Brexit is delayed

Here’s how it will go. The EU, after some sneering and posturing, will reject Boris Johnson’s deal....

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From paying reparations to backing our enemies, Labour’s anti-British credo is shameful

The single most shocking proposal to come out of the Labour conference was largely overlooked....

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The Germans think Shakespeare was a German – and they are right

If but as well I other accents borrow that can my speech defuse…” says Kent in King Lear. ...

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If the Establishment’s coup against Brexit succeeds, our institutions will never recover

I had my Europhile three-year-old with me in Strasbourg last week. In his mind, the European Parliament means endless goodies...

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Our democracy is being overthrown by the EU’s Hideous Strength

It’s not about Brexit any more, at least not primarily....

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Sacked for using plastic? Welcome to the latest madness from the ‘woke corporation’

Historically, the private sector has been conservative with a small “c”...

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The Left’s hatred of Singapore is based on anti-capitalist dogma, not evidence

In 1965, Singapore went through its own “no-deal Brexit”: an ill-tempered split with the Malaysian federation....

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Nigel Farage can’t deliver Brexit, but he could yet block it

Having spent two years demanding a general election on an almost daily basis, Jeremy Corbyn has voted to block one....

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How to keep our pledges to the EU nationals who live here

Amid all the angst and acrimony, let’s cling to one area of agreement. ...

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Woke professors are failing in their duty to teach students the value of open-mindedness

People keep asking me what I plan to do after Brexit....

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Hong Kong is an island of freedom. Britain cannot just ignore what is happening there

This isn’t about the extradition bill any more....

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Theresa May gave the EU all it could have hoped for – now it risks losing everything

These intransigent Eurocrats would rather a juddering rupture than see Britain succeed on its own...

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Three cheers for Theresa Villiers – th

Who do you reckon is the most Eurosceptic member of the new Cabinet?...

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Trump has turned American politics inside out – as we’ll see in the next election

At this stage in the last electoral cycle, Donald Trump was being dismissed as a joke...

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Harry and Meghan are talking nonsense: we’ll soon be fretting about the falling population

The timing was unfortunate. The day after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex let it be known that, for environmental reasons......

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Decades of being soft on Iran has only emboldened the ayatollahs

Seizing another state’s vessel on the high seas is an aggressive act – arguably an act of war....

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