I’m beginning to think Brexit won’t happen. This will destroy democracy as we know it

It’s over. If Brexit happens at all – and for the first time I’m beginning to think it won’t ...

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A good play doesn’t just reconstruct history - it tells us something about ourselves

When Shakespeare wrote Julius Caesar, he was not primarily interested in recording the story of the late Roman Republic...

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If Tory MPs keep Theresa May after this, they will damn themselves

Every possible scenario that might follow the PM's defeat requires a new leader...

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This is a calamitous, cowardly Brexit deal - and we’re now being shafted for it by the EU

Sunday, according to gleeful Remainers, is the day that Brexit fantasies collide with cold reality. ...

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For an example of the power of open markets, look no further than Hong Kong

I wrote in these pages last week about the idea of an Anglosphere free trade nexus ...

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The Commonwealth is booming – it’s time to embrace free trade with the Anglosphere

Flights to Australia have been around for almost as long as commercial air travel itself. ...

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Putting business leaders in Britain’s embassies will give us dynamism and much-needed perspective

George Shultz, Ronald Reagan’s secretary of state, had a little ritual when he appointed new American ambassadors...

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In an ideal world, all MPs would have second jobs

We’re going through one of our chronic spasms of outrage about MPs working in the private sector....

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Saudi Arabia’s ‘liberal’ shift was always PR spin

The Saudis have our measure, I’m afraid. ...

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Brexit on Theresa May’s terms would be the worst of all worlds

I was one of the few Leavers to back Chequers, but the latest plan is a step too far​...

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Socialism is in our genes, but reason trumps it

Free markets work. That’s not a slogan, it’s an observation. A country with an enterprise-based economy will always...

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The Eurocrats are expecting us to drop Brexit. How little they understand the British

The EU apparat isn’t interested in a mutually beneficial deal with Britain....

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Corbyn could be PM. And that is terrifying

Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn. Say the words aloud. Seriously, say them. Prime. Minister. Jeremy. Corbyn. ...

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Britain is an island of contentment in an EU driven by Brussels to populist revolt

It’s happening during an upswing – that’s what’s so startling. ...

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Lab-produced meat will transform the world for the better. What are we waiting for?

Here’s a challenge. The next time you eat meat, try to think about what happens in an abattoir....

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Trump and Corbyn have both turned political tribes into fanatical cults

Both hanker after the protectionism that kept much of the world poor until the mid-twentieth century...

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Protect our green spaces, not our green belt

Driving from Hampshire to Edinburgh this week I was struck, yet again, by how exquisite our island is....

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Britain would be foolish to ignore China’s overtures

The first is uncontroversial: America is our strongest ally and chief trading partner...

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So now we know: the Left’s ‘anti-Racism’ does not extend to solidarity with Jews

Just imagine what would happen if Labour members said these things about any other group...

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Let’s call the EU’s bluff and prepare for a no-deal

Another day, another “non”....

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Capitalist Britain ‘literally’ overthrew slavery

Which country is the capital of modern slavery?...

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From Adam Smith onwards, classical liberals have known that capitalism makes people less selfish

When he was three years old, the story goes, Adam Smith was kidnapped by a band of gypsies near Strathendry....

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Forget the EU single market – it’s time for an Anglosphere free trade zone

The two greatest living conservative statesmen were coincidentally in Britain this week....

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Sad to say, Britain’s national anthem is a miserable dirge. Let’s replace it

Some years ago, I was invited to address the conference of a Eurosceptic French political party....

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A manifesto to bring the nation back together after Brexit

I still remember the sunrise: jagged, yellow and cheerful after long days of rain. ...

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It would be stupid to ignore sliding IQs

Your grandmother may have had a point. People these days really are stupider....

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Corbyn lacks moral maturity over Ireland

Many Leftists are conflicted when it comes to nationalism....

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Tribal MPs are doing the EU’s dirty work

The officials in Brussels are incredulous. Literally incredulous. ...

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Flat taxes get more money from the rich

Coyly, fitfully, Australia is inching towards a flat tax. ...

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Why would anyone be a Marxist now?

Two hundred years have passed since Karl Marx was born among the sloping vineyards of the Moselle Valley...

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Brexit Britain is far ahead in the race for AI

How parochial our present anxieties will soon seem, how paltry....

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The EU believes it can push Britain around over Northern Ireland. They don’t know Britain

This week, the European Union made clear that it was not interested in a mutually beneficial relationship with Britain. ...

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Andrew Neil is one of the BBC’s few Right-wingers. And now the Left has had enough of him

It may strike you as unhinged to accuse the BBC of Eurosceptic or Right-wing partiality. ...

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Anti-Semitism on the Left is nothing new. It has a long and cruel history

For two years, Labour batted away charges of anti-Semitism in its ranks with a kind of injured incredulity....

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It’s unsettling, but algorithms could soon cure us of our unconscious political biases

If you’re reading this article online, take a look at the advertisements....

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Openness to overseas talent has helped us beat larger foes

For eighteen months, hardline Europhiles have applied a simple algorithm to every economic development. ...

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We must stand up to Russia, even over the fate of just one man. That shows we´re better than Putin

The last thing we needed, quite frankly, was a new row with Russia....

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A doomed production at the National Theatre? What do you expect of The Scottish Play

There has never been a better place to watch Shakespeare than contemporary London...

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The EU is treating Britain like North Korea. It’s time we prepared to walk away

Eurocrats behave like pre-programmed Twitterbots when it comes to Brexit. ...

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Corbyn’s war on the free press is proof he’s unfit to be PM

Jeremy Corbyn, like many people, reveals himself in moments of stress....

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If Jeremy Corbyn dislikes his country so much, he isn’t fit to lead it

This ought to be the end for Jeremy Corbyn....

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No Left-winger should want to stay in the customs union

Spot on, Jezza! Euro-protectionism was, in large measure, why Labour opposed joining the Common Market in the first place. ...

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The Jacob Rees-Mogg scuffle was an assault on free speech

Britain has, historically, been blessedly free from political violence....

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Cloned monkeys force us to confront the hardest question of all: How can we be special if we’re just

After all, 22 years have passed since the birth of the first cloned animal, Dolly the Sheep. ...

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Coalition politics has turned European democracy into a beige dictatorship

We’ll find out soon whether Germany’s Social Democrats will join their Christian Democrat rivals in yet another Grand Coalition....

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Daniel Hannan: Put out more flags

Brussels has started infringement proceedings against Poland, accusing it of packing its courts....

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Strange and counter-intuitive as it may seem, Britain’s trading future lies across the Pacific

There is nothing desperate or deluded about Britain joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership...

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The Brexit transition proposal would turn Britain into a vassal of the EU

Brussels has started infringement proceedings against Poland, accusing it of packing its courts. ...

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Is the Irish border row a ploy to pry Northern Ireland from the UK?

There is something surreal about the Irish border row....

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Jeremy Corbyn would squander the potential of Brexit with even more regulation than Brussels

Never mind the chilling effect of Brexit on the economy, which we kept hearing about last year....

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The lynch-mob Left are fake news experts

The term “fake news” has, with striking swiftness, become part of the Leftist lexicon....

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Can animals think? And if they can, is it right to treat them as we do?

Do they remember things? Do they, in a word, think?...

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Mugabe’s crime is to have denied his people the freedom and prosperity that trade, not aid, has brou

It is hard not to cheer the end of Robert Mugabe’s autocracy...

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Stop condemning tax havens. It’s perfectly legitimate to avoid taxation

Here are some ways in which you might legally reduce your tax bill....

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Remember, remember the 5th of November is about parliamentary sovereignty – and Brexit opportunity

November was dark in 17th-century England – darker than we, in our light-polluted age, can easily understand....

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Higher interest rates are no bad thing, but the European Arrest Warrant most certainly is

The funniest response to the 0.25  percentage point rise in interest rates came from James McGrory...

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100 years and 100 million deaths later, Communism still has its converts. Why?

We are approaching the most monstrous of centenaries....

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Outraged about public sector pay? So am I

Do you think nurses should be paid more? Of course you do. Who wouldn’t? ...

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The tale of Europe’s 20th century is uplifting, but it is not our tale

I admit it: I entered the House of European History in a cynical mood....

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Like any parent, Britain should take pride in Israel

Asked to apologise for the 1917 Balfour Declaration, which led to the foundation of Israel, the Government was admirably robust....

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Free trade will always enrich our country. If we can’t embrace it now, Brexit was pointless

Hovering behind our Brexit anxieties is a belief that Britain isn’t up to it....

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The Norman Conquest was a disaster for England. We should celebrate Naseby, not Hastings

The Norman Conquest was a cataclysm for the English people. After 1066, the country was clenched in a mailed fist....

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The meaning of death will be very different when our society cures ageing

In the end”, wrote Goethe glumly, “we are all King Lear”....

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Britain’s future is as a nation state - not in the EU empire

The world of tomorrow is a world of empires...

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By embracing free trade, we can use Brexit to make everyone better off

Free trade between a rich and a poor country, as between any two countries, benefits both ...

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How Hurricane Irma discredits Leftist economics

Asurprising number of commentators think that Hurricane Irma will end up boosting the American economy....

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Others outside the EU access its market. So why can’t we?

We want you to hand us a wodge of money, and we insist that you calculate the appropriate sum!...

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Protesting against statues of Nelson, Churchill or Rhodes is just a way of showing off

Does Winston Churchill deserve a statue? He wrote some nasty things about Muslims....

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Continuity Remainers are so determined to hate Brexit that they’ve become detached from reality

The anguish surrounding Brexit cannot be explained in purely political terms...

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The hard truth about terrorism is that there isn’t a lot more we can do to stop it

There is a familiar pattern, almost a ritual, that follows each terrorist outrage...

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Venezuela and Vichy: why does Socialist brutality get an easier ride than Fascism?

Venezuela’s agony is provoking spectacular gymnastics from British Leftists....

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Why we should all embrace depending on the rest of the world for our food

Britain is importing 42 per cent of its food – the highest figure for half a century....

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Britain and Africa will prosper together if we ditch the EU’s economic colonialism

The further you travel from Brussels, the likelier people are to see Brexit as an opportunity...

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The childishness of Remain refuseniks can’t stop Brexit, but it might damage it

What do they hope to achieve, the Remain refuseniks currently filling our airwaves with their threats and lamentations?...

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Corbyn has taken control of the debate and is leading us into a miserable, debt-laden future

Jeremy Corbyn is winning. I don’t just mean he is ahead in the opinion polls – although, horrifyingly, he is....

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Theresa May has unveiled the internationalist Brexit of my dreams

We are leaving the European Union....

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What on Earth is Nigel Farage so cross about?

After 44 years of being subject to Brussels, we’re finally recovering our self-government. Project Fear has been exposed as a no...

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Brexit is the chance to reform the EU for the good of everyone – if only its rulers could see it

What sort of EU do we want next door? We know well enough what arrangement we’d like –a close alliance based on trade and friend...

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Donald Trump could lead a new revolution in Cuba

Sola mors tyrannicida est, wrote Thomas More: death is the only way to get rid of tyrants. And so it has proved for Fidel Castro...

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The High Court’s Article 50 ruling highlights the gulf between the country and the elite

During the referendum campaign, the Government controversially spent £9.3 million on distributing a brochure to every British...

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Brexit must open our economy to the world – not lock it away behind protectionist barriers

Leaving the EU was never an end in itself. It was only ever a means to an end – that end being a freer, wealthier and more...

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The Norman Conquest was a disaster for England. We should celebrate Naseby, not Hastings

The Norman Conquest was a cataclysm for the English people. After 1066, the country was clenched in a mailed fist. Castles,...

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Brexit has broken our political Ice Age.

There are three aspects to getting Brexit right: our relationship with the remaining 27 EU states; our relationship with the...

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Remoaners are determined to find bad news

Lloyds Bank, we were told on Thursday, was shedding thousands of jobs because Britain had voted to leave the EU. The BBC assumed...

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We Leavers are not racists, bigots, or hooligans – no matter what the bitter broadcasters say

On Saturday, as the referendum result sank in, ITV evening news ran a feature on the Pride parade in London. The presenter’s...

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Forget Project Fear. Be positive. Choose dynamism. Choose Brexit

The door is ajar. Through the crack, we can see swallows wheeling and dipping. We hear the cuckoo’s call. We smell meadows,...

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Not even David Cameron’s £9.3 million on a leaflet will sell an idea whose time has passed

Until this week, no one could accuse David Cameron of trying to rig the referendum. He accepted the Electoral Commission’s...

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