Stop apologizing to the loons

It started with an apology on Twitter. And not just an apology....

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If you want to save the elephants, privatize them

PETA, needless to say, does not look at lions in the way that local villagers do. ...

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Dan Hannan: The Republicans’ astonishing, Orwellian change of heart on Putin

Until recently, suspicion of Russia’s strongman was common to almost every Republican...

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From Martin Luther to the American Revolution

The religious conflicts that followed Martin Luther’s break with Rome seem to belong to a different universe....

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Where is the Zola of the Zulu?

Where is the Zola of the Zulu?...

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The real point of ‘fake news’

Who is falling for the laughable disinformation beamed out every hour by RT, Vladimir Putin's TV station?...

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How to anger a feminist: Criticize Harvey Weinstein the wrong way

It's not enough, apparently, to condemn Harvey Weinstein as a priapic creep. ...

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Why the EU can never accept an independent Catalonia

Such is the terrifying gravitational power of the European Union that it has pulled even Nigel Farage into its orbit....

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The latest US move on planes is a train-wreck

The decision to slap 220 percent tariffs on imported aircraft is so wrongheaded, so unjust......

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Let’s hear it for nationalism

It is hard to convey quite how badly Donald Trump's speech to the United Nations was received in Brussels....

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Trump’s anti-Amazon Luddism

Amazon is doing great damage to tax paying retailers. Towns, cities and states throughout the U.S. are being hurt ...

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Can anything now stop North Korea?

We have tried carrots and sticks, aid and sanctions, engagement and isolation. Nothing seems to work....

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Moral equivalence between fascists and antifa? Absolutely

Footage emerged last week of masked ruffians beating a man as he writhed on the ground at Berkeley's campus...

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Brits need to get over their beef with US meat

I eat steak whenever I'm in the United States. Your steaks are bigger, juicier, and more tender than those I can buy in Europe....

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Obamacare is here to stay

If the Republicans can't scrap Obamacare, what is the point of them?...

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US should stop coddling the Saudis on Qatar

When Qatar was accused of sponsoring jihadi violence, people around the world drew back instinctively....

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Punch a Nazi, shoot a Republican — how far you want to take it is a matter of taste

There's a bellicose undertone in a lot of Leftist rhetoric these days. ...

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The death of a matador will, paradoxically, make bullfighting more popular

Iván Fandiño preferred to let his cape do the talking....

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Pro-life, pro-Brexit, pro-UK: How Northern Ireland’s DUP became the enemy of the Left

The permanently affronted Left has a new target. Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party (DUP)...

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Young Brits vote for free stuff

How the blithering flip did it happen?...

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Good globalization and bad globalization

If I say the word "globalization," what images come to your mind?...

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There’s no such thing as total security from terrorism

There's no such thing as total security from terrorism...

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Eurocrats resent the spread of the English language​

Never before has the world had a common language. ...

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How Trump may come to Europe’s rescue

How Trump may come to Europe's rescue...

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Repeal Obamacare now, or not at all

Human beings are change averse....

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Conservatives International launches next month in Miami. Join us!

When I was growing up in Lima in the 1970s, Western visitors were astonished by the shantytowns, the barriadas......

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Theresa May is about to become the most powerful leader in Europe

I suppose the Margaret Thatcher comparisons are inevitable. Britain has had only one other female prime minister...

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Trump backs NATO. Your play, Europe

Between the election and the inauguration, when Donald Trump was still praising Vladimir Putin as "very smart,"...

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Spain’s colonialism in Gibraltar

Why would you want to annex a territory whose population rejects you? It's a question that should be asked more often....

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Cheer up! Brexit is an incredible opportunity!

"We are leaving the European Union," said Theresa May in her letter to Donald Tusk, formally activating the withdrawal process. ...

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The real danger to democracy

I'm ashamed to say that I can't remember whether or not I met PC Keith Palmer, the policeman murdered by Khalid Masood......

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Partisanship isn’t a crime; it’s a blunder

Try one of the following sentences. "President Trump has made some excellent appointments, but ......

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Why Scotland won’t secede

Nicola Sturgeon, described the referendum as a "once in a generation" event....

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Famines are caused by awful governments — so stop giving those awful governments money

"Famine in South Sudan." When I was growing up in the 1970s, it would have been an unremarkable headline....

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Eight reasons for optimism in the Trump era

I said some hard things about President Trump during the primaries, and I'm sure I will again....

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Israel needs a two-state solution

One of the odder features of human nature, behavioral psychologists observe, is that we judge an idea as much by its proponents ...

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The Left is collapsing everywhere

Here's a startling fact: There have been eight leaders of the British Labour Party in the past 40 years. Seven of them failed to...

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America really is a threat to the EU — but not in the way Eurocrats think

"Shame! Shame! Shame on you!" yelled the crowd, waving their placards and shaking their dreadlocks as we walked past....

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The Left loves fake news

"Post-truth politics," "alternative facts," "fake news": how disdainfully the phrases drop from leftist lips. As the liberal wri...

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The Swiss have found the secret of democratic happiness

Delegates to the World Economic Forum felt under siege this year. Elections keep going against their vision of a borderless worl...

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Trump’s protectionism will hurt working people

Of all the ideas associated with the incoming president's economic policy, the oddest is that his hostility to free trade is som...

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Why you can’t reason with Putin

You'd think no one had tried to work with Russian President Vladimir Putin before. Every time President-elect Trump sides with ...

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The Bond villain libertarians of Guatemala

It's like some fevered left-wing conspiracy theory come to life. Hidden away in Guatemala, surrounded by tall jungle trees, is a...

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The writing is on the wall

The EU is breaking records for unpopularity. Its leaders have been rebuffed in referendums in the U.K. and Italy...

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Why Brexit should work out for everyone

Let's suppose that the European Union always acted in its rational self-interest. (I know, I know, but humor me.) How would it r...

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The case for a US-UK trade deal​

Here's why I'll always have a soft spot for Hoosiers in general, and Mike Pence in particular. ...

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The virtue signaling of the anti-Trump rioters

Bewildered onlookers keep asking what the anti-Trump rioters and flag-burners hope to achieve. ...

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Warming to Trump

An odd thing has happened since last week. I've started warming to Donald Trump. Maybe it was his gracious acceptance speech or ...

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The case against international human rights law

Anti-Americans love to focus on the refusal, by successive U.S. administrations, to sign up to the International Criminal Court....

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Yes, politicians are lying more—voters demand it

Here's a counter-cyclical observation. Politicians very rarely tell direct untruths. At the very least, they do so less often...

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The Constitution is bigger than any politician

Sure enough, Democrats have switched in the final weeks from attacking Donald Trump to trying to tie the Republican Party to...

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How should a conservative vote?

I can't think of a U.S. election since the Civil War where neither of the main candidates has been either conservative or...

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Will no American politician speak for free trade?

We're approaching an important but unremarked bicentenary. It was in 1817 that David Ricardo, a British economist...

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Britain’s ‘Trot tots’

"Baa-Baa Black Sheep, have you any wool? No! My fleece was seized by landowners, priests and fascists. They victimize me because...

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The racism of the anti-racists

Here's a shocking story. A student, active in white racial politics, gets cross because he sees a black student filming him. He...

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When a gaffe isn’t a gaffe

Honestly, how many voters care what a leppo is? Republicans and Democrats can promise as many leppos as they like, but ...

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All this money printing may finally be vindicating Marx

Karl Marx was wrong about pretty much everything. I don't just mean wrong in the broad moral sense — although, with a hundred...

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Virtue signaling and the bathroom wars

Federal judges are now telling universities what restrooms their students must use. This in a country which deposed its anointed...

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The naked truth about the burkini ban

Some ladies in hijabs live near me, and we often stop for a chat when we pass in the street. There was a time when their choice ...

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Trump will explode — Republicans take cover now

"They will soon be calling me MR BREXIT!" Donald Trump tweeted on Thursday. I worked for 26 years to make Brexit happen. ...

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Is democracy going out of fashion?

For the first time since at least the 1930s, serious commentators in Western countries are arguing against democracy. "Popular ...

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The danger of American protectionism

On every measure, mankind is enjoying a golden age. We are living longer, happier, healthier lives than our grandparents could ...

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A solution to the Russian doping scandal

We had a pretty good idea of how the Kremlin would react to the doping scandal: by blaming everyone else and claiming victimhood...

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France: The civil war has begun

In one of those eerie coincidences, the day of the Charlie Hebdo atrocity saw the publication of a novel by the grumpy French...

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Liberals can’t have it both ways

It was exactly a year ago that a 22-year-old white man went into the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston...

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The working classes vs. the smirking classes

You want a pithy, one-sentence summary of what happened in Britain's recent referendum on leaving the EU? Try this, from a woman...

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We won our independence back!

I'm still reeling from the magnitude of it. When Britain voted to leave the European Union, it was defying the entire...

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A vote 26 years in the making

My whole adult life has been a preparation for next week's vote on leaving the European Union. It's not just the biggest event...

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The case for Gary Johnson

"Spain," wrote the Basque philosopher Miguel de Unamuno in 1934, "is divided between the Anti-Zs, who support X, and the Anti-Xs...

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Brexit vote: It’s more American than you think

If the European Union were simply a club of nations, a forum through which neighboring states could arbitrate their disputes...

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The Battle of the Somme 100 years on

There should be a special name for books about World War One in which World War One doesn't feature. I mean novels such as...

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What’s the matter with Austria?

Never mind Kansas. What is the matter with Austria? Last week's presidential election saw the wealthy Alpine republic evenly...

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American campus craziness comes to Oxford

Would you hire a lawyer who couldn't handle references to violence? If not, then be wary of anyone who graduated from Oxford...

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The real reason Donald Trump is unfit to be president

Donald Trump is not fit to lead the free world. He is a narcissistic, thin-skinned bully, a serial liar, a man who shows not the...

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Labour’s Jewish problem

We politicians can be too quick to reach for superlatives. We sometimes proclaim ourselves "shocked" and "outraged" over tiny...

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Barack bombs in Britain

Well, the polls are in and — not to put too fine a point on it — President Obama has bombed. Last week, disregarding the...

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The European Union picks a fight with Google

What the blithering flip are Eurocrats thinking? "Hmm: the EU is falling further and further behind. The Eurozone's economy is...

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What Great Britain can learn from Texas

Britain has imported yet another American cultural norm. As of last week, our leading politicians are expected to publish their...

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The terrorist threat is getting serious, but we mustn’t panic

Do you remember the footage of last month's subway bomb in Brussels? You know, with the frightened passengers choking their way...

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Justice and jurisdiction

Only once, in a lifetime of making speeches, have I become so overcome with emotion that I choked up. It happened at a ceremony...

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Obama should exit the ‘Brexit’ debate

Let's imagine it the other way around. Suppose I were to tell you that you must accept the decisions of the Organization of...

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Misdiagnosing the refugee crisis

I spent part of last summer volunteering in a hostel for underage migrants in the south of Italy. The teenagers there were...

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A Trump-Clinton race means the end of free-trading America

It may seem eccentric to go after Donald Trump on trade policy. When a candidate quotes Mussolini, hesitates about disavowing...

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Taking offense is a kind of conspicuous consumption

Peter Tatchell is not everyone's cup of tea. Actually, let's drop this whole understated, litotical British thing: Peter...

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President Trump would make liberals regret Obama’s executive overreach

The most depressing phenomenon in modern politics, as this column keeps glumly pointing out, is people's indifference to process...

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What Rubio and Cruz offer that Trump doesn’t

Sheesh, cousins, you had me worried there. The prospect of Donald Trump leading Ronald Reagan's party was almost too dreadful...

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Don’t blame Google for exploiting tax loopholes you created

How much extra tax did you volunteer to pay last year? Not much, I'm guessing. That doesn't make you a mean person; it more...

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Why there’s no original thinking in Davos

Here's my fact of the week: Companies whose CEOs attend the World Economic Forum in Davos — in full swing as I write...

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Multicultural appeasement in Cologne

What was your reaction when you heard that there had been a series of organized mass sexual assaults across German cities?...

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Monarchical Obama? Real monarchs are humbler and a whole lot cheaper

I admit it: By American standards, I'm a bit of a pantywaist when it comes to gun control. By British standards, for what it's...

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What’s causing all this bizarre weather?

What's causing all this bizarre weather? The answer, at least on my side of the Atlantic, seems to be: "Someone or something I...

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