Hume, Voltaire, Kant, Darwin - identity politics is turning on the men who made the Enlightenment

An irrationalist creed is now openly attacking logic and science as white male baggage...

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Joe Biden’s ignorance about Northern Ireland jeopardises the Atlantic Alliance

The Democrat, who has long flirted with extreme republicanism, is threatening the UK over a complete non-issue...

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Sweden’s strategy is working - which suggests that the rest of us ruined ourselves needlessly

The Swedish counter-example means lockdown enthusiasts can't claim that things would otherwise have been worse...

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If the presidential election is close, the losers won’t accept the result

Civil wars happen, not when people disagree about what should be done, but when they disagree about who has the right to do it...

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Canada’s new Conservative leader speaks to and for the common sense majority

Erin O'Toole wants to lead Canada back to the heart of the Western alliance...

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Americans no longer care about the rule of law

What is howled down as an abuse from the other side is cheered from your own - an attitude incompatible with liberal democracy...

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Victimhood does not confer virtue

John Hume was no better, morally, than his Unionist opponents; but he happened to represent the side seen as the underdog...

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No country is perfect, but the notion that slavery was a peculiarly American vice is ridiculous

When people say they want to study American history "warts and all", they often want to look only at the warts...

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Twitter has infected older media with its angry, aggressive, infuriating tone

Social media give us what we secretly want: opinion presented as news, moralising assertions, confirmation bias...

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We have inverted the old liberal ideal - skin colour should matter no more than hair colour

The NYT's logic is that two American babies born on the same day arrive with pre-existing grievances against each other...

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The silent majority is always bigger than you think

Voters hate disorder more than anything else. The BLM unrest might just have put Trump back in the game...

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After years of building its strength, China has chosen this moment to strike

Snuffing out Hong Kong's freedoms is a clear breach of China's international commitments and a challenge to the world ...

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Why do the few conservatives who criticise Donald Trump attract such vitriol?

Could it be that they are the GOP's bad conscience, a reminder of what used to be mainstream conservative values?...

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Big Tech plus Big Government equals an unholy corporatist racket

Have you ever wondered why tech companies spend a fortune on hiring ex-pols like Nick Clegg?...

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What have London statues to do with Minneapolis police?

The assumption that people in different countries are defined primarily by skin colour is a curious one...

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It was bound to end in violence

No one disputes that George Floyd's death was atrocious, so the only way to stand out is to be angrier than anyone else...

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The irrational lockdown contagion

Why did so many countries impose mass quarantines? For the same reason that people in Columbus Ohio started running in 1913....

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Trump’s supporters expected something a little more authoritarian

The President's uncharacteristically laissez-faire approach may end up being right, but it is costing him support....

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What if it has all been for nothing?

The idea that we may have needlessly destroyed lives and livelihoods is almost too awful to contemplate....

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Time for a British-American Free Trade Agreement

At a time like this, we need to pull every lever we can....

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Seven trends the virus will accelerate and three it will halt

Bigger government, stronger China, harder borders, more debt, less freedom....

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There is so far little correlation between the strictness of a lockdown and the infection rate

Human psychology rather than epidemiology is behind the crackdowns ...

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The virus has made us more authoritarian - and there is no reason to think we’ll change back

Our politics will change malignly and permanently. Big Government is back....

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A lot of non-religious people are suddenly praying

You'd think a virus would undermine belief in a benign Maker, but the effect seems to be the opposite....

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We will look back with false nostalgia on these wretched times

We'll remember the quiet skies and the family meals, not the poverty and the privation....

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Might the isolation measures eventually cause as many fatalities as the virus?

It's the grim calculation that no one likes to talk about....

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We are all socialists now

The real test is how quickly we can lift these unprecedented restrictions on our freedom...

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There is no case for restricting international travel

Our hunter-gatherer genomes make us fear strangers, but the virus is already global...

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British and American politics often move in lockstep - and that should alarm us

Don't assume that Bernie would be Corbyn 2019 rather than Corbyn 2017...

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Is India in the Anglosphere?

India could be the West's most powerful ally, but only if it continues to liberalise....

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There’s a reason that the movement of population in the Americas is almost all one way

It's the United States, not Latin America, that is the outlier: it has, unusually, elevated production over predation....

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Getting the votes doesn’t make you a democrat

Imagine a Sinn Féin politician muttering to a parliamentary opponent "We know where your daughter goes to school"....

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75 years ago, we lost the war - or, at least, we let Stalin win it

We inflicted two generations of misery on hundreds of millions of Europeans ...

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Never mind 1619: the real American story was 1620, and the ornery individualism of the Pilgrims

That an anti-Catholic sect ended up creating the first truly pluralist nation is little short of miraculous...

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Sir Roger Scruton, 1944-2020

Professor Sir Roger Scruton, who died Jan. 11, was the greatest conservative of our era....

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Soleimani’s death fits Trump’s desire for orderly withdrawal from the Middle East

There are withdrawals, and then, there are withdrawals....

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Academia spearheads the return of race-sorting

Is it acceptable to restrict academic scholarship to members of particular racial groups? ...

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Why Putin will never be a friend

What does Vladimir Putin want? It is hard to read much into his flat, high-cheekboned face. ...

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Will the Brexit Party prevent Brexit?

Here is a paradox. The Brexit Party, despite its name, cannot deliver Brexit, but might yet prevent it....

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Jeremy Corbyn is campaigning like Trump did, and he’s hoping for a similar surprise win

Next week’s general election in the United Kingdom ought to have been a slam dunk. ...

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Why the Holocaust is more than just another genocide

The easy reaction is outrage. How dare Roger Hallam, the founder of Extinction Rebellion, seek to downplay the Holocaust?...

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Milton Friedman’s arguments will never age

Fairlee, Vermont — At the top of a steep hill here stands a green hexagonal cottage....

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Boris will win, and Britain will at last move on

For the fourth time in as many years, the United Kingdom is going to the polls....

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Why is ‘Mr. Brexit’ concentrating his tariffs on the UK?

Tariffs always cause the most damage to the country that imposes them....

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Voter fraud is a real thing, even in Britain

In 2005, a British high court judge stunned the nation by pointing to “electoral fraud that would disgrace a banana republic” ...

The Washington Examiner


Voter fraud is a real thing, even in Britain

In 2005, a British high court judge stunned the nation by pointing to “electoral fraud that would disgrace a banana republic” ...

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Kindness, the last defense against totalitarianism

When I saw in the news that the University of California...

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As Iran-Saudi tensions rise, the US should stay out of it

We all know what is wrong with Iran. It is a repressive theocracy and a rogue state....

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Boris, Brexit, and the politicization of Britain’s judiciary

A politicized court rules against an elected government. ...

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A dim-witted war on vaping

My teenage daughter vapes. She half-heartedly tries to hide it from me, but parents are rarely as slow-witted ...

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The clearest sign John Bolton was doing his job

The London studio used by Fox News just happens to be in the same building, and I had asked John in after bumping into him on th...

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Blame Bolsonaro — why not?

When bad things happen, we want to blame someone....

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Americans already think plenty about slavery

Americans don’t think enough about slavery? Seriously? ...

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The EU’s last ultimatum on Brexit is intended to fail

Imagine that Donald Trump wanted to reopen trade talks with the European Union....

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Boris Johnson is no Donald Trump

Now really, chaps, that’s quite enough....

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It’s not about the man

America’s culture wars are crossing the Atlantic....

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Democratic presidential candidates are turning into gloom merchants

The United States is the wealthiest and most powerful country in the world. ...

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Bring on Brexit, because we’re losing our minds waiting

Any lingering reputation the British had in Europe for being understated ...

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Something is amiss in the tribalist GOP

What would you say is the primary task of a U.S. congressman?...

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Why South America’s prospects are looking up

My career as a financial tipster lasted only a few seconds...

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How small we can be

America’s culture wars came to London last week....

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D-Day, 75 years on

Seventy-five years ago, my local pub was the scene of a lethal gunfight. ...

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Prosperity is killing our politics

The political system we have known since 1945 is coming to an end. ...

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How capitalism will save endangered species

Not long ago, a new variety of orchid was discovered at the Newmarket racecourse in Suffolk, England....

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The anti-Semitic roots of Jeremy Corbyn’s rage

Here’s a snippet of U.K. news you might have missed. ...

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Why protectionism fails

Last year, a Michigan-based washing machine maker called Whirlpool complained that it was being undercut by Chinese imports....

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The UK’s ‘Remainers’ will tear down democracy and all its rules to get their way

“The United Kingdom,” the New York Times proclaims with its customary tone of Olympian certainty, “has gone mad.”...

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The West is betraying Nigeria

In 2015, for the first time in 55 years, Nigerians changed their rulers through a democratic election....

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How do terrorists want us to react?

A terrorist is like a mouse confronting an elephant....

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Parliament goes chicken on Brexit

Every time I think Britain’s MPs have touched bottom, they sink lower....

The Washington Examiner


Who needs universal basic income?

Supporters of universal basic income (UBI) share with Marxists an almost heroic indifference to evidence....

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Socialism, the default ideology of teen Manichaeans

All over Europe, children are walking out of class to protest climate change....

The Washington Examiner


The roots of Tucker Carlson’s rage

Leftists are celebrating what they regard as a vintage, chateau-bottled “gotcha”...

The Washington Examiner


Britain dodged angry nativism; France and Italy did not

The last time France recalled its ambassador to Rome was in June 1940...

The Washington Examiner


The continuing creep of social injustice

Let’s start with the basics: What was so appalling about Liam Neeson’s behavior?...

The Washington Examiner


An unlearned and arrogant ‘woke’ Left goes after Winston Churchill

Is there a more closed-minded creature in discovered space than a young left-winger in command of a Twitter account?...

The Washington Examiner


High CEO pay is perfectly justifiable — here’s why

Living standards are higher than they have ever been...

The Washington Examiner


Britain’s elite are no longer hiding their effort to overturn Brexit

I owe my voters an apology. During the 2016 Brexit referendum...

The Washington Examiner


Donald Trump downgrades EU diplomats — good!

The EU’s diplomats in Washington are fuming. It turns out that they have been quietly downgraded by the State Department....

The Washington Examiner


How immigration makes us all irrational

Why would you risk your life to get out of France? I can think a few reasons not to want to live there...

The Washington Examiner


Why the whale has such emotional sway over us all

We look at whales with a degree of awe, almost veneration....

The Washington Examiner


How the Europhiles are blowing up Britain

You want to know what’s going on in British politics at the moment? ...

The Washington Examiner


The totalitarian university

Totalitarianism doesn’t always come wearing jackboots....

The Washington Examiner


How Macron became the populist without popularity

Emmanuel Macron’s global (and globalist) admirers have suddenly gone very quiet....

The Washington Examiner


The US is making a huge error in backing this spoiled Saudi princeling

When Mohammed bin Salman came to power in 2017, there was disquiet in Riyadh....

The Washington Examiner


Trump and nation-state versus Macron and supranationalism

No French politician ever lost votes by bashing the Americans....

The Washington Examiner


Racial categorization is making an unfortunate comeback

Remember Rachel Dolezal, who had to resign as president of her local chapter of the NAACP when it turned out that she was white?...

The Washington Examiner


Don’t abandon lawful immigration

Here are three different ways to run an immigration regime. ...

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Falling IQ scores may explain why politics has turned so nasty

I’ve worked out why we loathe each other so much ...

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US, Britain must arm for virtual wars if they want to preserve the world for freedom

Prominent Chinese citizens are disappearing at an alarming rate, sometimes in what look like clear cases of overseas rendition. ...

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‘The Satanic Verses,’ 30 years later

Exactly 30 years ago, India became the first country to ban The Satanic Verses, a novel by the British-Indian author Salman Rush...

The Washington Examiner


If even Putin can’t fix pensions, who can?

Russian President Vladimir Putin is losing elections....

The Washington Examiner


A US-UK deal will revolutionize world trade

Let’s take Donald Trump both seriously and literally. ...

The Washington Examiner


The West is losing liberalism

We’re slipping backwards...

The Washington Examiner


The republic will survive Trump, but will the Republicans?

I gave Recep Tayyip Erdogan the benefit of the doubt for too long. ...

The Washington Examiner


Boris Johnson and the burqa

“ Boris Johnson and the Burqa” has turned into Britain’s surprise summer blockbuster...

The Washington Examiner


Russian aggression keeps happening because it keeps working

Exactly ten years ago, Russian forces crossed the Georgian border in anger. ...

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