As Iran-Saudi tensions rise, the US should stay out of it

We all know what is wrong with Iran. It is a repressive theocracy and a rogue state....

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Boris, Brexit, and the politicization of Britain’s judiciary

A politicized court rules against an elected government. ...

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A dim-witted war on vaping

My teenage daughter vapes. She half-heartedly tries to hide it from me, but parents are rarely as slow-witted ...

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The clearest sign John Bolton was doing his job

The London studio used by Fox News just happens to be in the same building, and I had asked John in after bumping into him on th...

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Blame Bolsonaro — why not?

When bad things happen, we want to blame someone....

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Americans already think plenty about slavery

Americans don’t think enough about slavery? Seriously? ...

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The EU’s last ultimatum on Brexit is intended to fail

Imagine that Donald Trump wanted to reopen trade talks with the European Union....

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Boris Johnson is no Donald Trump

Now really, chaps, that’s quite enough....

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It’s not about the man

America’s culture wars are crossing the Atlantic....

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Democratic presidential candidates are turning into gloom merchants

The United States is the wealthiest and most powerful country in the world. ...

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Bring on Brexit, because we’re losing our minds waiting

Any lingering reputation the British had in Europe for being understated ...

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Something is amiss in the tribalist GOP

What would you say is the primary task of a U.S. congressman?...

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Why South America’s prospects are looking up

My career as a financial tipster lasted only a few seconds...

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How small we can be

America’s culture wars came to London last week....

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D-Day, 75 years on

Seventy-five years ago, my local pub was the scene of a lethal gunfight. ...

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Prosperity is killing our politics

The political system we have known since 1945 is coming to an end. ...

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How capitalism will save endangered species

Not long ago, a new variety of orchid was discovered at the Newmarket racecourse in Suffolk, England....

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The anti-Semitic roots of Jeremy Corbyn’s rage

Here’s a snippet of U.K. news you might have missed. ...

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Why protectionism fails

Last year, a Michigan-based washing machine maker called Whirlpool complained that it was being undercut by Chinese imports....

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The UK’s ‘Remainers’ will tear down democracy and all its rules to get their way

“The United Kingdom,” the New York Times proclaims with its customary tone of Olympian certainty, “has gone mad.”...

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The West is betraying Nigeria

In 2015, for the first time in 55 years, Nigerians changed their rulers through a democratic election....

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How do terrorists want us to react?

A terrorist is like a mouse confronting an elephant....

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Parliament goes chicken on Brexit

Every time I think Britain’s MPs have touched bottom, they sink lower....

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Who needs universal basic income?

Supporters of universal basic income (UBI) share with Marxists an almost heroic indifference to evidence....

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Socialism, the default ideology of teen Manichaeans

All over Europe, children are walking out of class to protest climate change....

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The roots of Tucker Carlson’s rage

Leftists are celebrating what they regard as a vintage, chateau-bottled “gotcha”...

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Britain dodged angry nativism; France and Italy did not

The last time France recalled its ambassador to Rome was in June 1940...

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The continuing creep of social injustice

Let’s start with the basics: What was so appalling about Liam Neeson’s behavior?...

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An unlearned and arrogant ‘woke’ Left goes after Winston Churchill

Is there a more closed-minded creature in discovered space than a young left-winger in command of a Twitter account?...

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High CEO pay is perfectly justifiable — here’s why

Living standards are higher than they have ever been...

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Britain’s elite are no longer hiding their effort to overturn Brexit

I owe my voters an apology. During the 2016 Brexit referendum...

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Donald Trump downgrades EU diplomats — good!

The EU’s diplomats in Washington are fuming. It turns out that they have been quietly downgraded by the State Department....

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How immigration makes us all irrational

Why would you risk your life to get out of France? I can think a few reasons not to want to live there...

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Why the whale has such emotional sway over us all

We look at whales with a degree of awe, almost veneration....

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How the Europhiles are blowing up Britain

You want to know what’s going on in British politics at the moment? ...

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The totalitarian university

Totalitarianism doesn’t always come wearing jackboots....

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How Macron became the populist without popularity

Emmanuel Macron’s global (and globalist) admirers have suddenly gone very quiet....

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The US is making a huge error in backing this spoiled Saudi princeling

When Mohammed bin Salman came to power in 2017, there was disquiet in Riyadh....

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Trump and nation-state versus Macron and supranationalism

No French politician ever lost votes by bashing the Americans....

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Racial categorization is making an unfortunate comeback

Remember Rachel Dolezal, who had to resign as president of her local chapter of the NAACP when it turned out that she was white?...

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Don’t abandon lawful immigration

Here are three different ways to run an immigration regime. ...

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Falling IQ scores may explain why politics has turned so nasty

I’ve worked out why we loathe each other so much ...

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US, Britain must arm for virtual wars if they want to preserve the world for freedom

Prominent Chinese citizens are disappearing at an alarming rate, sometimes in what look like clear cases of overseas rendition. ...

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‘The Satanic Verses,’ 30 years later

Exactly 30 years ago, India became the first country to ban The Satanic Verses, a novel by the British-Indian author Salman Rush...

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If even Putin can’t fix pensions, who can?

Russian President Vladimir Putin is losing elections....

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A US-UK deal will revolutionize world trade

Let’s take Donald Trump both seriously and literally. ...

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The West is losing liberalism

We’re slipping backwards...

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The republic will survive Trump, but will the Republicans?

I gave Recep Tayyip Erdogan the benefit of the doubt for too long. ...

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Boris Johnson and the burqa

“ Boris Johnson and the Burqa” has turned into Britain’s surprise summer blockbuster...

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Russian aggression keeps happening because it keeps working

Exactly ten years ago, Russian forces crossed the Georgian border in anger. ...

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The soft bigotry of the New York Times

Sarah Jeong is a journalist who was hired by the New York Times last week as an editorial writer. ...

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There’s a reason politics isn’t for optimists

Given the circumstances of its founding, you’d think America would be an optimistic, forward-looking place. ...

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The Russians probably don’t have anything on Trump, and that’s the worst part

Shall I tell you the worst part of the Trump-Putin fiasco?...

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Should NATO even exist anymore?

What is the point of NATO these days?...

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On bended knee, Britons praise their underperforming healthcare system

Thirty years on, Lawson’s bon mot is starting to look a lot less metaphorical. ...

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The world’s eyes are still on Washington

Critics of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan are despondent....

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Twitter is making cowards of us all

The worst thing is not the mob; it’s the cowardice that we display before the mob....

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Italy rebels against Europe’s dysfunctional immigration policy

The most immediate need of the disembarking boat people is for flip-flops, so that the ground doesn’t singe their feet....

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In the Trump era, Americans are warming to free trade

The United States must, at long last, be treated fairly on Trade....

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The real story, and why Tommy Robinson belongs in prison

The UK is in the grip of politically correct appeasers, if not outright Islamists. ...

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When it’s okay for leftists to mock your skin color

Gammon has made a come-back in Britain. ...

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Why Israel is the second-most successful former British colony

Israel isn’t just a better place to live than most neighboring states....

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Don’t look to Britain for arguments about gun control

London is suddenly beset with a knife crime problem. ...

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Scottish Nationalists are making their countrymen less independent by the day

American friends are often surprised by how hectoring and statist the Scottish government is. ...

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The problem with Apu

Our determination to take umbrage at innocuous things keeps finding new targets. ...

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Putin’s ‘useless idiots’

As far as we know, Vladimir Lenin never used the phrase “useful idiots."...

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Spasms of rage over an imaginary gender pay gap

If American women earn 18.1 percent less than American men, as the OECD has just revealed, why does anyone employ men?...

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Trump’s tariffs are just tax hikes on American consumers

Why did congressional Republicans vote for a federal tax cut?...

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Putin will keep up his aggression until he encounters resistance

Russia has technically committed an act of war against the United Kingdom, and thus against NATO...

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Trump’s tariffs are America’s self-blockade

Could tariffs be the issue that finally separates Republicans from President Trump?...

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Why have Republicans stopped worrying about spending?

Explain something to me, cousins. This federal deficit of yours — why have you all suddenly gone so quiet about it?...

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CPAC’s disastrous, misguided embrace of Marion Le Pen

Here’s a list of political stances that cluster together in several populist European parties....

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If you take offense at ‘Anglo-American,’ you probably aren’t very smart

One moment, a word is wholly unobjectionable, the next it makes the speaker a Nazi....

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In defense of George Soros

George Soros should spend his money however he likes. There, I’ve said it....

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The anti-Brexit cult’s end-of-the-world refuses to happen

The world will end this year, according to some Biblical extrapolations....

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Put out more flags

Scotland’s government is hauling down the Union flag. ...

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What makes for a shithole?

Here’s an awkward truth. It’s easier to attract talented people from shithole countries than from Norway....

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Racism in the realm beyond reason

It’s not just that Markle shares the broadly liberal outlook of Hollywood, being keen on feminism and Noam Chomsky...

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Trump is lucky in his enemies

You don’t convince people by insulting, bullying or threatening them. ...

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Capitalism is a win, even for the losers

Artificial intelligence is transforming the workplace more profoundly than the industrial revolution did...

The Washington Examiner


Jerusalem, divided

The status of Jerusalem isn’t part of the Israel-Palestine dispute. ...

The Washington Examiner


Stop apologizing to the loons

It started with an apology on Twitter. And not just an apology....

The Washington Examiner


If you want to save the elephants, privatize them

PETA, needless to say, does not look at lions in the way that local villagers do. ...

The Washington Examiner


Dan Hannan: The Republicans’ astonishing, Orwellian change of heart on Putin

Until recently, suspicion of Russia’s strongman was common to almost every Republican...

The Washington Examiner


From Martin Luther to the American Revolution

The religious conflicts that followed Martin Luther’s break with Rome seem to belong to a different universe....

The Washington Examiner


Where is the Zola of the Zulu?

Where is the Zola of the Zulu?...

The Washington Examiner


The real point of ‘fake news’

Who is falling for the laughable disinformation beamed out every hour by RT, Vladimir Putin's TV station?...

The Washington Examiner


How to anger a feminist: Criticize Harvey Weinstein the wrong way

It's not enough, apparently, to condemn Harvey Weinstein as a priapic creep. ...

The Washington Examiner


Why the EU can never accept an independent Catalonia

Such is the terrifying gravitational power of the European Union that it has pulled even Nigel Farage into its orbit....

The Washington Examiner


The latest US move on planes is a train-wreck

The decision to slap 220 percent tariffs on imported aircraft is so wrongheaded, so unjust......

The Washington Examiner


Let’s hear it for nationalism

It is hard to convey quite how badly Donald Trump's speech to the United Nations was received in Brussels....

The Washington Examiner


Trump’s anti-Amazon Luddism

Amazon is doing great damage to tax paying retailers. Towns, cities and states throughout the U.S. are being hurt ...

The Washington Examiner


Can anything now stop North Korea?

We have tried carrots and sticks, aid and sanctions, engagement and isolation. Nothing seems to work....

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Moral equivalence between fascists and antifa? Absolutely

Footage emerged last week of masked ruffians beating a man as he writhed on the ground at Berkeley's campus...

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Brits need to get over their beef with US meat

I eat steak whenever I'm in the United States. Your steaks are bigger, juicier, and more tender than those I can buy in Europe....

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