The WHO takeover

If the global health technocrats get their way, no future Sweden will challenge the authoritarian consensus...

Daily Mail


Rwanda is an ideal destination

30 years after the worst genocide of the late 20th century, the country is booming...

The Washington Examiner


The SNP is in freefall

But Scottish separatism is not dependent on the fortunes of the separatist party...

The Telegraph


The Tories are now blamed for Labour’s policies

Labour's determined resistance to the Rwanda scheme comes across to most voters as Tory dithering...

Conservative Home


Revenge is by definition pointless

It cannot right whatever wrong you have suffered, though it seems to be hardwired into our genome...

The Washington Examiner


Who could object to Reform?

When it comes to their aspirations, no one. When it comes to implementing them, on the other hand...

The Telegraph


Don’t ban TikTok

It's a dreadful app, and the Chinese government is even more dreadful, but bans are never the answer...

The Washington Examiner


Time to quit the ECHR

In imposing climate change policy on Switzerland, the Strasbourg Court has taken judicial activism to a new level...

The Telegraph


Forever frenemies

Despite everything, Britain and France have been on the same side for the better part of two centuries...

Conservative Home


If any country is owed compensation, it is Britain

The industrial revolution, the extirpation of slavery, the defeat of Nazism. Do these things count for nothing?...

Daily Mail


Don’t change your rules at the demand of people who hate you

Free association is the basis of a free society - and that includes the Garrick Club...

The Washington Examiner


No, the parties are not all as bad as each other

For 14 years, we have examined the Conservatives' every flaw and blemish, but barely looked at Labour...

The Telegraph


Everything has gone wrong for the Tories since they toppled Boris

Every time MPs switch leaders without an election, voters feel taken for granted...

The Telegraph


The Republicans’ bad conscience

Mike Pence stands for the principles and ethics that all Republicans used to extol. No wonder they hate him...

The Washington Examiner


Sorry, WASPI ladies, we’re out of cash

There are also moral arguments against the WASPI campaign, but they are beside the point when there is no money left...

The Telegraph


If the Rwanda scheme is blocked, we surrender to woke lawyers

Parliament could not have made its will clearer and, in our constitutional system, that is enough...

Daily Mail


The single biggest shift in US politics

Non-white voters are deserting the Dems in droves...

The Washington Examiner


Since lockdown, 500,000 people have been declared mentally unfit to work

What lies behind the numbers? Long Lockdown, benefit fraud, or something else?...

The Telegraph


Why is Britain holding out against Europe’s populist tide?

Portugal has joined the swing from old Left to insurgent Right. What makes Britain different?...

Conservative Home


Run, Nikki, run!

Never has the US been readier for a third-party candidate...

The Washington Examiner


The Church of England adopts a new Trinity - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Its anti-historical posturing over slavery marks the birth of a new syncretic religion, intolerant and proselytising ...

The Telegraph


The ugly tradition of Leftist anti-Semitism

What we are seeing now is not new, but part of a tradition stretching back to Karl Marx...

The Washington Examiner


Islam is not Islamism

One is a religion founded by Mohammed in 610, the other a political movement founded by Hassan al-Banna in 1928...

Conservative Home


A bolder budget than you might think

At a time when more than five million working-age adults are on benefits, cutting National Insurance makes work pay...

Daily Mail


We need a British Milei

Sadly, things will have to get worse before we realise it...

The Telegraph


Multiculturalism or democracy - pick one

For Parliament to alter its procedures under threat of violence was a new low...

The Washington Examiner


Jobs are a cost, not a benefit

It is bizarre to romanticise the miners strike, as though keeping men in that brutalising work were an end in itself...

The Telegraph


More elderly leaders, please!

Spare us from young thrusters with high testosterone and things to prove...

The Washington Examiner


Russia is an organised crime gang with a state attached

Putin will carry on dealing death at home and abroad until he is stopped...

The Telegraph


Everyone hates the Conservatives

The country is in a Left-wing mood, and nothing short of a full economic crisis will shift it...

Conservative Home


The Kremlin is right to sanction me

As long as Russia remains an imperial, Eurasian state, it will be a threat to liberty...

Daily Mail


And after Trump?

Despite everything, there are encouraging signs that the Republicans still believe in free enterprise...

The Washington Examiner


How Labour will bankrupt Britain

You think Starmer is dull, sensible and moderately Blairite? Think again...

The Telegraph


Much ado about rutting

Judi Dench's libidinous take on Shakespeare, reviewed for the Oldie magazine...



Is “settler colonialism” really a white thing?

West Papua, Iraqi Kurdistan, Western Sahara, Matabeleland, Chittagong Hills, Xinjiang - no whites involved...

The Washington Examiner


Get ready for World War Three

Si vis pacem, para bellum...

The Telegraph


OK, but what’s your alternative?

It is easy to list the defects of the Rwanda scheme, but critics never say what they would do instead...

Conservative Home


Diversity training does more harm than good

When using an inappropriate word is treated as blasphemy rather than discourtesy, something has gone badly wrong...

The Washington Examiner


We’re turning down trade deals for fear of upsetting the EU

There is no other explanation for our failure to agree an FTA with Morocco...

The Telegraph


Labour edges back to Brussels

It is now very clear that Keir Starmer wants to join the customs union, giving the EU 90 per cent of what it wants...

Daily Mail


Americans are letting us down

What would Trump have to do to put off his supporters? Run for a third term? Dissolve Congress? Expel a state from the Union?...

The Washington Examiner


Davos defeated

Javier Milei told our lizardman overlords a few home truths...

The Telegraph


Biffing pirates and slavers is what Brits do

Not for the first time, the Royal Navy is acting on behalf of humanity - and getting little thanks for it...

Conservative Home


Every Conservative should back the Rwanda plan

No PM has been tougher on immigration, so why won't Right-wingers trust Rishi Sunak?...

Daily Mail


The more we vote, the less we change

More people will cast ballots in 2024 than in any previous year, yet democracy is in retreat worldwide...

The Washington Examiner


Time to legalise cocaine

Ecuador is the latest country driven to the point of collapse by our war on drugs...

The Telegraph


Is the woke madness finally lifting?

Claudine Gay is right that she is a pawn in a bigger culture war - though perhaps not in the way she thinks...

The Washington Examiner


The NHS is a global laughing stock

Doctors threaten to emigrate, but never mention what makes other countries' healthcare systems more attractive...

The Telegraph


Mark Littlewood belongs in the House of Lords

We can't have committees of grandees blocking people of whom they happen to disapprove on ideological grounds...

Conservative Home


The euro has been underperforming for 25 years

Back then, British politicians kept telling us that keeping the pound would be ruinous...

Daily Mail


Is the Atlantic alliance on its last legs?

Donald Trump may be an Anglophile, but he has never cared for the values that Nato exists to defend...

The Washington Examiner


The man who pushed me into politics

British Euroscepticism had been moribund since 1975 - until Jacques Delors...

The Telegraph


With friends like these who needs Yemenis?

The Houthis are a nasty bunch but, like the Taliban, will not be easily eradicated...

The Washington Examiner


We are heading for another Labour budget crisis

The money always runs out under Labour governments ...

The Telegraph


Remember why we are backing Ukraine

If Putin wins, liberal democracy will suffer a massive global setback...

Conservative Home


Where’s the Tea Party when you need it?

Just as after the American Revolution itself, tea partiers have melted away even as government has grown...

The Washington Examiner


Wind up this ignorant, smug Covid Inquiry

If the Lead Counsel doesn't know what QALY means, he has no business asking questions...

The Telegraph


Illegal immigration will soar under Starmer

Almost alone in Europe, the Labour leader continues to back Leftie judges on the issue...

Daily Mail


Yes we should trade with China

Tariffs have hurt America more than China, and strengthened the grip of the CPC...

The Washington Examiner


What if Russia wins?

If Ukraine loses territory, the entire Western order will suffer an unprecedented loss...

The Telegraph


The West faces a collective Suez moment

Once again, a dictator has found that attacking the old colonial powers guarantees global popularity...

Conservative Home


In New Zealand, the system works

Why can't other countries learn from the sensible, measured Kiwis when it comes to politics?...

The Washington Examiner


Gaza is jammed into our culture war

Tell me where you stand on trans and BLM and I'll tell you, with 80 per cent accuracy, whether you favour Israel or Palestine...

The Washington Examiner


The Peronist deep state is mobilising against Javier Milei

Too many interests are at stake to let his free-market reforms succeed...

Conservative Home


When goods don’t cross borders, soldiers do

The sudden spate of wars around the world is connected to the decline of international trade...

The Washington Examiner


Brexit is working

Country by country, state by state, Britain is again becoming a leading commercial power...

Daily Mail


The Pax Americana is breaking apart

Authoritarianism, protectionism and conflict are all on the rise in consequence...

The Telegraph


What if no one wants peace?

If one side will settle for nothing less than the annihilation of the other, a settlement becomes impossible...

The Washington Examiner


Does the UN seriously think that Britain is the worst human rights violator?

You'd think it had bigger concerns than the level of universal credit in the UK...

Daily Mail


How like a god

It is exactly 400 years since the greatest act of literary salvage in history...

The Telegraph


Israel must be careful not to play the part of Vladimir Putin

Population transfers, energy boycotts, talk of nuclear strikes - these things are never acceptable...

Conservative Home


The Republican Party I loved is dead

If a decent patriot like Mike Pence is rejected solely for having defended the Constitution, the old GOP is irrecoverable...

The Washington Examiner


The cretinous Covid inquiry

Biased, trivial and dim, the inquiry is demonstrating the state failings it is meant to be investigating...

The Telegraph


Israel’s empathy problems

After 9/11, we were all Americans; after the Paris attacks, JeSuisCharlie; but Israel is somehow different...

The Washington Examiner


The biggest threat to our security? Debt

Around the world, governments have been unable to turn off the supposedly emergency spending that accompanied the lockdowns...

The Telegraph


Yes, but then what?

There are no good options for Israel...

Conservative Home


What has Ireland got against Israel?

You can tell whether you are in a unionist or republican part of Belfast by whether you see Stars of David or PLO banners...

The Washington Examiner


An age of conflicts looms

Illiberal regimes of every kind, from Islamist to Marxist, are uniting against the West. Pick a side...

The Telegraph


Why no JLM movement?

The answer, however we look at it, is an ugly one...

The Washington Examiner


Hamas means what it says

Westerners need to stop projecting their own moderate goals on to the terrorist group...

The Telegraph


There will never be a peaceful, prosperous Palestine

Hamas has, as it intended, killed any prospect of a two-state solution...

Conservative Home


Putinite Republicans disgrace America

The febrile state of US politics is partly the product of sustained Russian dezinformatsiya...

The Washington Examiner


Sir Keir, you are no Sir Tony

Starmer is obviously taking lessons from Blair on how to campaign, but he is likelier to end as another Callaghan...

The Telegraph


There’s a reason people stopped believing their governments

When governments engage in well-intentioned disinformation, they push people into conspiracy theories...

The Washington Examiner


Rishi Sunak is a proper conservative

It may be too late to win the election, but how refreshing to see the PM halt the expansion of the state...

The Telegraph


Why Leave is behind in the polls

The EU has dropped out of the news, and we no longer hear about its problems...

Conservative Home


My favourite Tory

Pierre Poilievre is proof that, even in a populist age, classical liberals can still win...

The Washington Examiner


The EU’s “associate membership” scheme is seven years too late

Brussels missed its moment in 2016, and both sides in Britain are now too polarised...

The Telegraph


Labour longs for Europe

Keir Starmer will do everything short of formally rejoining...

Daily Mail


Woke is just fashion - which is why it’s so tenacious

Even the Antiques Road Show has to go along with the nonsense of cultural restitution...

The Washington Examiner


The real axis of evil

Russia and North Korea represent the past from which humanity has, thank God, escaped...

The Telegraph


The reasonable remainers

Not every Tory moderate became a Euro-nostalgic loon; some of them stayed sensible...

The Telegraph


We need SOME non-local candidates

A House of Commons composed almost wholly of local councillors will refuse to build anything...

Conservative Home


To the Left of Genghis Khan

The idea that genocide makes you Right-wing is an extraordinarily revealing one...

The Washington Examiner


The lockdowns killed more than they saved

You can't interpret the data in any other way. It was the greatest policy failure of the century...

The Washington Examiner


Why is a Tory government funding anti-Tory activists?

When taxes are at record levels, why are we borrowing even more money to give to Leftist pressure groups?...

The Telegraph


The Letby horrors must not produce more bad laws

Our response should be proportionate to the likelihood of a repetition, not to the sense of public outrage...

Conservative Home


International support for Putin is a product of twisted anti-colonialism

Today's woke activists are, without realising it, parroting Cold War era Soviet propaganda...

The Telegraph


What does it take for a libertarian to be electable?

Beware! Beware! His flashing eyes! His floating hair!...

The Washington Examiner