And when Putin loses?

Thoughts from Odessa about an unexpected turn of events...

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We vote for instant gratification, then complain about the result

Technological change means that we all now fail the marshmallow test...

The Washington Examiner


Exalting and ennobling our democracy

Charless III's address to peers and MPs wasn't just pomp; it was a reminder of how our constitution works...

The Sun


The case for constitutional monarchy

An umpire whose legitimacy is beyond question is the surest defence against civil war...

The Telegraph


Putin’s plan to seize Moldova

Using gas to topple the little republic's pro-Western government would leave Odessa squeezed between two Russian armies...

The Washington Examiner


Spending cuts can’t be put off until the election

A Centre-Right party can win during a downturn - but only if it has visibly started to fix the problem...

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Yes, Dugina deserves justice

And so do all the other thousands of civilian victims of Putin's unprovoked war...

The Washington Examiner


We really are back to the 1970s - even the Tories are promoting big government

But might they be about to pick a market-oriented woman to lead them in a different direction?...

The Telegraph


Seven things you should know about Britain’s next PM

The parallels with Margaret Thatcher may not be the joke that commentators think...

The Washington Examiner


The GOP is becoming un-American

I get (though I dislike) the cult of the successful leader, but they are now embracing the cult of the unsuccessful leader...

The Telegraph


Identity politics leads to unspeakable horrors

Indian and Pakistani immigrants to Britain were able to put the communal violence behind them by choosing individualism...

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Trumpism is rotting the Republican Party

Calling for the FBI to be defunded or disbanded is a new low from the supposed law and order party...

The Washington Examiner


These are the consequences of the lockdown that you all backed

The people who demanded the longest and harshest restrictions now have the nerve to complain about inflation...

The Telegraph


Sanctions don’t work

Let's not kid ourselves - the only thing that will stop Putin is defeat on the battlefield...



We took a decision to abandon cheap energy - and now we’re mad as hell

The falling cost of energy is what made modern civilisation; but our leaders are in hoc to Green ideologues...

The Telegraph


Food nationalism - always popular, never right

A prolonged leadership race is terrible for rational policy making...

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David Timble’s death marked the end of an era

He oversaw the end of Unionist dominance - but don't make the mistake of thinking that Irish annexation will follow...

The Washington Examiner


More of the same is not enough

The cheap-money, high-spending consensus has brought us to the brink. We need radical reform...

The Telegraph


The wrong kind of minorities

The Conservative leadership election has sent some woke Leftists round the twist...

The Washington Examiner


You can’t handle the truth

Voters rate honesty as their top virtue in leaders, but it is far from clear that they truly want to hear how bad things are...

The Telegraph


Never use these rules again

They encourage dirty tricks and gamesmanship, set MPs against activists and ensure that the winner makes enemies along the way...

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America is turning to tribalism

The republic is defaulting to the older ethics of kin, vendetta and bloodguilt...

The Washington Examiner


My pick for Tory leader

OK, different Tory party, different leadership race - but why can't we have a candidate like Pierre Poilievre?...

The Telegraph


The Tragedie of Borisse Johnson

What material for his own overdue book on Shakespeare...

The Washington Examiner


Eleven things the next Conservative leader must do

Europhiles who have convinced themselves that ousting Boris means a swing to the Centre are in for a shock...

The Telegraph


We didn’t leave the EU to embrace even more protectionism

There is no case whatever for steel tariffs in the UK, and ministers know it...

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Britain imports yet another American culture war

Roe vs Wade has precisely zero relevance for the UK, though you'd never imagine it from the headlines...

The Washington Examiner


The bizarre attempt to rebrand Scotland and Ireland as colonies

In an age that elevates victimhood above all else, the old appeal of the UK - that it was strong - has vanished...

The Telegraph


How does an incumbent government get re-elected in this climate?

Colombia was the regional success story, but has just voted for the policies that are wrecking its neighbours...

The Washington Examiner


The Tories are spending their way to defeat

A Centre-Right party that measures itself by how much it is spending loses its appeal...

The Telegraph


What if Boris had become PM in 2016?

Consider the counterfactual - a swifter but softer Brexit, public sector reform, Michael Gove as the CEO...

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Will genetics now be deplatformed?

Because racists like the idea of inherited group differences, some want to deplatform ANY studies of heritable traits...

The Washington Examiner


The ECHR has served its purpose

Britain does not have a human rights deficit; but it does have a democratic deficit...

The Telegraph


Why are Eurocrats complaining about proposals that offer them no threat?

Because they are not really worried about the single market - what they want is to punish Britain for Brexit...

Daily Mail


Britain sees race relations through the distorting glass of American segregation

White conservatives are dismissed as Klansmen, black conservatives as Uncle Toms - but what have these terms got to do with us?...

The Washington Examiner


Can Boris pull it back?

Maybe - but he needs to understand the anger about our spending levels...

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What if America had kept the monarchy?

The Queen's Jubilee reminded us of the value of having a neutral but unquestioned referee...

The Washington Examiner


We missed our chance to stay in the single market

Joining EFTA would have eased the transition and soothed our culture war, but the moment has now passed...

The Telegraph


The aftermath of an atrocity is the worst time to decide policy

Lots of factors contribute to the grisly uniqueness of the US on school shootings, of which gun laws are only one...

The Washington Examiner


The Conservatives have given up on conservatism

Tory ministers now positively boast about spending more than Labour...

The Telegraph


The Northern Ireland Protocol is SUPPOSED to hurt

It wasn't designed to keep British sausages out of Co Cavan, it was designed to punish us for Brexit...

Conservative Home


How I invented Brexit at Oxford

Simon Kuper's new book claims that Brexit was cooked up in late 1980s Oxford, and he's got half a point....

The Washington Examiner


Katharine Birbalsingh has taught the country the secret of good education

It is poor teaching, rather than poverty, that holds students back...

The Telegraph


So what if male and female brains are different?

Certain truths are considered uncontroversial by neuroscientists but unspeakable by politicians...

The Washington Examiner


Are Britain and the EU allies?

It is striking to hear Eurocrats urge compromise with Russia while insisting that there must be no compromise with the UK...

The Telegraph


Sinn Féin’s victory makes a united Ireland less likely

Plenty of Irish Catholics dislike the idea of being governed by a party connected to organised crime...

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No conscientious government could keep the Northern Ireland Protocol

The EU is interpreting the rules in a deliberately vindictive way, undermining peace in the Province...

The Washington Examiner


Time to govern as a Conservative, Boris

Our economy is about to take a hammering, and spending money is no way to soften the blow...

The Telegraph


Who will get the blame for our immiseration?

Some will blame the war or the pandemic for the cost of living crisis, others their governments...

The Washington Examiner


The recovery won’t begin until civil servants start working

The private sector has largely returned to the office, but the public sector has no intention of following...

The Telegraph


Britain is defined by the rule of law

To claim otherwise on the basis of disagreements over asylum or parties is trivial and insulting...

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The West is friendless

Anglosphere states and their allies can win wars, but few share their values...

The Washington Examiner


No, the PM did not deliberately mislead MPs

It never occurred to Boris - or anyone else at the time - that being presented with a cake between meetings was a party...

The Telegraph


It’s one rule for Boris and one for everyone else - but not the way people mean

Overseas observers are incredulous that there are moves to bring down the PM over cake...

The Washington Examiner


The nuclear taboo is holding

First use of nuclear weapons is seen, not just as immoral, but as unthinkable...

The Telegraph


Why Poles have risen to the Ukrainian challenge

Few countries have suffered more at the hands of occupiers, and few better understand the value of sovereignty...

Conservative Home


The real reason Russia is losing

The behaviour of the FSB in the run-up to the invasion explains why autocracies are bad at warfare...

The Washington Examiner


One month to scrap the Northern Ireland Protocol

It was always intended to be transitional, and the consequences of leaving it in place are dire...

The Telegraph


War is inherently collectivist

Our individual vices and virtues are dissolved into national blocs - more's the pity...

Conservative Home


Is nuclear escalation inevitable?

A gun that appears on stage in Act One, wrote Chekhov, will be fired by the end of Act Three...

The Washington Examiner


The Tories’ double whammy: more taxes, higher prices

Will voters blame the Conservatives or the international situation for the coming recession?...

The Telegraph


Why do self-proclaimed American nationalists back Putin?

The far Left will back any anti-American dictator; but the sympathy among Trumpists is far more unsettling...

The Washington Examiner


Is it racist to feel close to Ukraine?

We are bound to be more attached to familiar cultures - something that only the West is meant to feel guilty about...

Conservative Home


We’re all going to be a lot poorer

Its not just the inflation - it's the cretinous retreat into "self-sufficiency"...

The Washington Examiner


Poles, of all people, know the value of national independence

Their quarrel with Brussels is a bonsai version of Ukraine's struggle for sovereignty...

The Telegraph


Ukraine has made nationalism acceptable

Many Western observers understand, for the first time, why being independent matters...

The Washington Examiner


Europhiles hate that Britain is doing the right thing

Blinded by their loathing of Brexit, many commentators are pushing the line that Britain has been softer than the EU on Russia...

The Telegraph


We overestimated Putin

His unforced errors have undermined him, and a Kremlin coup is no longer unthinkable...

Conservative Home


Travel restrictions are starting to look permanent

They serve no purpose but, like the bans on shoes and liquids, they will prove impossible to scrap...

The Washington Examiner


Civilisation is in retreat

The international order that rested on democracy is giving way to a world of armed camps...

The Telegraph


What does Russia want?

His chief aim is to keep his people in a state of scared, wounded patriotism. It's not victory he wants. It's permanent conflict...

Conservative Home


Dictatorship is terrifyingly easy

What do the post-Soviet tyrants have in common? Courage? Ruthlessness? Charisma? No. They just happened to be in the right place...

The Washington Examiner


If the PM won’t seize the opportunities of Brexit, what is the point of him?

We want the old Boris back - the rumbustious, Hogarthian, liberty-loving Boris...

The Telegraph


Ukraine explains why wars still happen

Logically, the weaker party should concede at the outset, but Ukraine has good reasons to fight and lose...

The Washington Examiner


The day will come when no one remembers having backed the lockdown

Just as every Frenchman over a certain age supported the Resistance, so every Briton will recall being a lockdown sceptic...

The Telegraph


Brexit has been squandered

Far from liberalising, the UK is adopting more regulations than it had to as an EU member...

Conservative Home


The PM remains Sir Toby in a world suddenly full of Malvolios

Boris Johnson was elected as a Cavalier, but the lockdown turned the rest of us into Roundheads...

The Washington Examiner


Most of our problems these days involve civil servants

But we seem unable to get our heads around that fact, and so carry on blaming ministers...

The Telegraph


Britain is first out of the pandemic

Which, paradoxically, helps explain why the PM is in so much trouble...

The Washington Examiner


Boris did not lie to Parliament

Dominic Cummings' accusation in fact exonerates him, if only we'd bother to read it...

The Telegraph


Meritocracy raised the West, identity politics will sink it

China is much more ruthless about appointing the best talent, which is why it is overtaking us...

Conservative Home


What we think of as reasoned opinions are usually rationalisations of our gut feelings

We have an aesthetic objection to trophy hunting, but tell ourselves that it's about conservation...

The Washington Examiner


Boris defied the lockdowners - no wonder they’re out to get him

Reopening the economy matters much more than wandering into a garden party...

The Telegraph


A tale of two statues

Western countries are becoming more like Kazakhstan...

The Washington Examiner


What the hell happened to the Republican Party?

We used to elevate process over outcome, the rules over the rulers. Not any more...

The Telegraph


There is no point in taking back powers if we don’t use them

Brexit allows us to make different choices, but we seem determined to copy the EU from outside...

Conservative Home


Covid is now endemic, making almost all our restrictions pointless

Why test travellers when the disease is everywhere? Why require masks when we'll all get it?...

The Washington Examiner


Lockdowners have cried wolf once too often

Finally, after nearly two years, public opinion is swinging back toward freedom...

The Telegraph


Who would have done a better job than Boris?

Obviously, Leftists and lockdowners loathe him. But why do libertarians?...

Conservative Home


Appeal to Unionists or be as distant as possible from Britain? Ireland has made its choice

And a perfectly legitimate choice it is - but it should come as no surprise that Northern iIreland is unimpressed...

The Washington Examiner


Boris! Say no to the lockdown nostalgics!

Six reasons why the PM should ignore the clamour for more restrictions...

The Telegraph


No, these people were not like us

The British Museum's exhibition on pre-Columbian Peru is eerie and unsettling...

The Spectator


One word has been completely excised from the lockdown debate

Not "freedom" or "proportionality" or "vaccines" but "Sweden"...

The Washington Examiner


How servile we are - moaning about the flouting of rules rather than about their imposition

We used to pride ourselves on being a free country, but it seems we no longer care...

The Telegraph


Everything white is racist

That, pretty much, is the view taken by Tate Britain - and the rest of us keep putting up with it...

Conservative Home


What if Ukraine and Taiwan were invaded on the same day?

The alternative to the Anglosphere hegemony is not some world in which other countries are left alone...

The Washington Examiner


The monomania of the woke should disqualify them from the conversation - but it does the opposite

Once the USA had abandoned Jefferson's rationalism, his statue was bound to follow...

The Washington Examiner


In Peppa Pig World, no one would need to vote Conservative

Boris Johnson's critics are, as so often, wide of the mark...

Conservative Home


Brussels wants to teach Britain a lesson - even if it destabilises Northern Ireland

With a tiny modicum of goodwill, a solution could be found - but the EU has no interest in a win-win outcome...

The Washington Examiner


It’s not sleaze that is sinking the Tories - it’s profligacy

Sleaze is always a symptom of a government's unpopularity, never a cause...

The Telegraph