We are heading for massive inflation

I lived through it in Peru, and I have a horrible sense that the same thing could happen here...

The Telegraph


Admit it: Britain is one of the least racist countries in the world

We exaggerated a handful of racist Tweets because they confirmed the false idea that Britain was unusually bigoted...

The Washington Examiner


We get the politicians we deserve

We don't want Sir Toby as PM, we want Malvolio - and we'll get him...

The Telegraph


The Animal Sentience Bill is a textbook example of bad law

Disproportionate, unneeded and open to misinterpretation, it is certain to have unintended consequences...

The Telegraph


Why are we stirring up old quarrels among migrant communities?

We have been extraordinarily good at burying old antagonisms - until now...

The Washington Examiner


We don’t just accept authoritarianism - we demand it

Twenty-six per cent want nightclubs permanently closed - virus or no virus - and 19 per cent want a curfew...

The Telegraph


The EU’s assault on the City has failed

Now we need to deregulate in order to compete with the rest of the world...

Conservative Home


Decarbonisation is going to be bloody expensive

It may be necessary, but let's not insult people's intelligence by pretending it will drive growth...

The Telegraph


The world over, we are giving up on liberal democracy

Process is subordinated to a preferred outcome, and no one cares about the rules any more...

The Washington Examiner


China’s return to totalitarianism caught the world off guard

Forget the talk of a peaceful rise - China is run by old men in a hurry...

The Telegraph


Europhiles have become a doomsday cult

All their forecasts were wrong, but they just keep pushing back the date of the supposed apocalypse...

The Sun


Reopen now - in one big bang

The sole justification for the closures - pressure on the NHS - no longer applies...

The Telegraph


Britain is the Anglosphere outlier in its attachment to lockdown

Ever since 1940, we have been more authoritarian than our daughter nations...

The Washington Examiner


It falls to Britain to guard the world’s sea-lanes

Though much is taken, much abides. We are still the world's second naval power...

The Telegraph


The green jobs fallacy

Governments can't "create" jobs - at least, not without destroying other jobs...

The Washington Examiner


Oriel should market itself as a “safe space” for conservatives

Is one non-Leftist Oxford college out of 39 really too much to ask?...

Conservative Home


The Anglo-American alliance: still making the world safe 80 years on

Renewing the Atlantic Charter was a reminder that freedom is guaranteed by the Anglosphere in arms...

The Washington Examiner


Scrap the Northern Ireland Protocol

EU intransigence means that reform is not an option - only full abrogation will work...

The Telegraph


How to level up? Localism

We can't decree regional prosperity from the centre. We need to devolve power...

Conservative Home


Marxism never went away - it just went woke

The new variant is every bit as intolerant and vicious as the old...

The Telegraph


When did we decide to make big businesses our moral arbiters?

An entrepreneur is already behaving morally by running a profitable company...

The Washington Examiner


We MUST reopen on schedule

Until we do, large parts of the public sector will continue to work to rule...

The Telegraph


Covid is the political equivalent of a brutal war

It changes our psychology and makes us more receptive to authoritarianism...

The Telegraph


Trade sanctions won’t work against Belarus - or anyone else

Either topple the regime or learn to live with it, but don't imagine that an economic embargo will make the slightest difference...

The Washington Examiner


Switzerland has chosen democracy over Europe

The EU is incompatible with the unique system of dispersed power and referendums, and th Swiss know it...

The Telegraph


Don’t respond in kind to the authoritarian Left

We need to preserve basic liberal principles - free speech, free association, free contract...

Conservative Home


The NFU is failing British farmers

Wanting tariff-free imports from every EU state but not from anyone else is absurd, and farmers know it...

The Telegraph


Now the woke come after imperial units

If any system was imposed by force, it was metrication - but we are way past logic here...

The Washington Examiner


The way to withstand cancel culture is to show a little patience

How very British that the imported American row over the Rhodes statue should have been ended by planning regulations...

The Telegraph


The writing is on the wall for Labour

Thou art weighed in the balances and art found wanting...

The Telegraph


What’s wrong with Anglo-Saxon values?

Thomas Jefferson was right: the roots of modern liberty stretch back to pre-Norman England...

The Washington Examiner


Brexit risks being derailed by agricultural protectionism

If the DEFRA Blob scuppers a trade deal even with a country as friendly as Australia, we might as well give up on Global Britain...

The Telegraph


Wallpaper for Boris, curtains for Keir

Labour is on its way out. So, sadly, is fiscal conservatism...

Conservative Home


Never mind Bitcoin - it’s time for Britcoin

The launch of an e-pound will eliminate transaction costs, boost the economy and provide a rival model to China's...

The Telegraph


Why Northern Ireland will endure

Irish republicans chose maximum distance from Britain over accommodating Ulster's identity...

The Washington Examiner


We can’t keep pretending that Europe is our ally

We protect Estonia's land border and Romania's airspace, but the EU treats us as a renegade province...

The Telegraph


Macron, once the centrist pin-up, is descending into Bonapartism

Threatening to cut off a neighbour's energy supply stops just short of being an act of war...

Daily Mail


So far ahead with vaccination, so far behind with unlocking

The freedom to congregate is our birthright, not a privilege to be earned through good behaviour...

The Telegraph


Ghislaine Maxwell is as entitled as anyone else to the presumption of innocence

Bad people - perhaps bad people especially - deserve justice...

The Washington Examiner


Unionism needs to move with the times

Arlene Foster's toppling by her party's fundamentalist wing is bad news for the UK...

The Telegraph


The epidemic is over in Britain, so why are we not reopening?

On every measure things have gone better than expected, but public opinion remains hostile to any easing...

Conservative Home


International tax harmonisation is coming

The US, the EU and the OECD all want to harmonise corporation tax, creating a cartel...

The Telegraph


Communism is back - thanks to Covid

Peru is set to become the first country to elect a Marxist with a majority in peacetime. But it won't be the last...

The Washington Examiner


The civil service will emerge more powerful from all this - despite its failings

Officials, not ministers, are mainly at fault, but voters never like to hear that...

The Telegraph


Diversity training makes things worse

It isn't just useless - it actually implants new biases and grievances...

The Washington Examiner


Why Scottish nationalism, unlike other nationalisms, gets a pass on the Left

Victimhood is seen as the supreme virtue - but, if anything, it was Scotland that made the Union...

The Telegraph


The Eurosceptic whom even Eurocrats liked

Jens-Peter Bonde, who has just died, established a truly pan-European anti-federalist movement...

Conservative Home


It’s official - ethnic minorities flourish in Britain

Race professionals are struggling to keep up their claim that things are getting worse...

The Washington Examiner


The EU has become a kind of Gormenghast - protocol-obsessed, archaic, feeble

The opéra bouffe row about who sat in which chair illuminates the prickliness of a declining institution...



We should be generous to the petulant and ungrateful EU

There are both selfish and altruistic reasons to share our vaccine surpluses - though we'll get no thanks...

The Telegraph


Cancel culture only ever applies in one direction

Michel Foucault will remain a woke icon, despite revelations that he abused young Arab boys...

The Washington Examiner


The epidemic has made Labour irrelevant

How could Keir Starmer argue for even higher spending and borrowing?...

The Telegraph


Lockdowns have brought out the very worst in us

We are turning into a nation of mean-minded, intolerant, authoritarian, servile snitches...

Conservative Home


Keep the hereditary peers!

At least until you keep the original bargain and move to an elected upper house ...

The Telegraph


Why do some deaths matter more than others? Because of the lockdowns

Cooped up off school and off work, we seize on tragic events and try to build them into something bigger...

The Washington Examiner


The Union flag stands for liberty under the law

If you don't like it, the problem is yours, not the flag's...

The Telegraph


Brussels goes full Chávez

Expropriating stock, seizing factories, breaking laws - and all to cover its own mistakes...

The Washington Examiner


It is hard to treat the EU as an ally when it so obviously resents our success

The EU regards the fact of our vaccine performance as a provocation...

The Telegraph


Laws must be general, equal and certain

There is a terrifying readiness to argue that sanctions shouldn't apply to people we happen to like...

Conservative Home


The EU descends to playground politics

"Give me your vaccine! Gimme gimme gimme! Yeah, well I didn't want your stupid vaccine anyway!"...

Daily Mail


Woke only works with an audience

Labour peers are refreshingly uninterested in identity politics - because no one is watching...

The Telegraph


Victimhood trumps everything - decency, consistency, honesty, the lot

Claim to belong to an oppressed group and no one will want to challenge your version of events...

The Washington Examiner


The smell of decay is on the SNP

Unionists should leave that party to decompose and concentrate on promoting the British brand...

The Telegraph


We can’t tax, spend or print our way out of this mess

The only route back to prosperity is growth - and that means tax cuts and deregulation...

The Telegraph


And then they came for Dr Seuss

He might have had impeccable liberal credentials, but our woke inquisitors don't care about things like that...

The Washington Examiner


Seventy-five years on, we need the Anglosphere more than anyone likes to admit

Winston Churchill's Fulton speech was truer than contemporaries knew...

The Telegraph


Higher spending and regulation are here to stay

The epidemic has made big spenders of us all...

Conservative Home


Let’s drop the pretence - Facebook is a publisher, not a platform

The tech giants have an agenda, just as much as RT, the Morning Star or the BBC...

The Telegraph


The woke have met their match in Shakespeare

Attempts to find racism in the corpus diminishes those seeking it, not the corpus...

The Washington Examiner


We are far ahead of Europe on vaccines, so why are we so far behind on reopening?

Once we have vaccinated the vulnerable, we should end the restrictions...

The Telegraph


A UK-India free trade agreement will make the world richer, safer and freer

India's self-definition as an Anglophone parliamentary democracy is the central geopolitical fact of our era ...

The Telegraph


Minimum wages hurt the poor

A better way to raise living standards for the least well off is to cut taxes on employment and investment, and so create jobs...

The Washington Examiner


The City could enjoy a golden age - but only if it cuts loose from EU regulation

By denying Britain the equivalence rights it gives to Mexico and China, Brussels forces the City to diverge...

The Telegraph


Trade sanctions don’t work

They hurt ordinary people and prop up autocrats...

Conservative Home


Brexit has weakened the Western alliance

The UK is looking increasingly to the Anglosphere, the EU to Eurasia...

The Telegraph


Nationalists without being patriots

Western democracies are losing ground to authoritarianism - globally and domestically...

The Washington Examiner


If we want to return to growth, we need to reverse the Covid spending increases and controls

Restrictions brought in on a supposedly contingent basis are proving hard to lift...

The Telegraph


We need lockdown dissenters more than ever

The Twittering of debate makes even scientists reluctant to challenge the consensus...

The Telegraph


The more time we spend online, the angrier and more extreme we become

On Brexit, Trump and the lockdowns, I have gone from being extreme to being wet without altering my views...

The Washington Examiner


The Northern Ireland Protocol has had it

It should never have been agreed, and now the EU itself has backhandedly killed it...

The Telegraph


Britain’s Pacific Pivot

Joining the CPTPP will strengthen the Anglosphere and boost jobs and growth...

Conservative Home


Open. The. Schools.

Closing primary schools, in particular, inflicts vast educational cost for minimal epidemiological gain...

The Telegraph


Maybe Americans will finally understand what Brexit was really about

It is the EU, not Britain, that is the populist, protectionist rogue state...

The Washington Examiner


Europhiles are finally seeing the EU for the inept, protectionist, self-serving racket it is

Like Western Communists after the 1968 Prague Spring, many Remainers have had their eyes opened...

The Telegraph


Britain is already trading more freely than it was in the EU

Everyone said it was impossible, but the UK has signed 63 FTAs, with more on the way...



Overseas travel may never return

Roger Scruton would have welcomed a world in which we spend more time at home...

The Telegraph


Does the label “genocide” make anything better?

We should be wary of collectivising people in death, as in life...

The Washington Examiner


The EU is a sovereign state in every meaningful sense, and we should treat it as such

The EU has hit the roof at suggestions that its ambassador might be traced as the representative of an international association...

The Telegraph


Free association is an absolute right, not conditional on identity politics

A club can insist you wear a tie, a gym can refuse to admit men, a platform can refuse to host people whose opinions it dislikes...

Conservative Home


Will every dangerous virus now trigger demands for a lockdown?

The early signs are not encouraging...

The Telegraph


The solution to America’s culture war is radical decentralisation

The two tribes are now so far apart, and so geographically clustered, that there is no way of bridging the gap...

The Washington Examiner


The trashing of the British brand puts the Union in jeopardy

Unionists can't just keep saying no. It is time for a new constitutional settlement...

The Telegraph


Why are the teaching unions so determined to stop teaching?

First they insisted that all teaching be moved online, now they are campaigning against that, too...

The Telegraph


The republic will survive Trump - but will the Republicans?

The GOP must break cleanly with the man who came late and malevolently to the party...

The Washington Examiner


Don’t excuse insurrection

For four years, Trump's supporters have given him a pass - something the Chief Executive should never get...

The Telegraph


We need to grow our way out of this mess - here’s a list of EU laws to scrap

Britain has been uniquely badly hit by the lockdowns, and economic recovery must now be the sole aim of public policy...

Conservative Home


The coronavirus may be what finally kills capitalism

It has been endlessly predicted since Karl Marx's time, but the end is truly now on the cards...

The New Criterion


We can now expect good relations with the EU - maybe, at last, the culture war can end

Given the hand he was dealt, Boris played a blinder ...

The Telegraph


Both sides are sounding off furiously about a deal that neither has seen

As usual, people are starting with their preferred conclusions and then casting around for rationalisations...

Daily Mail


The woke will stop at nothing in pursuit of their demented cultural revolution

Julie Burchill, a provocatrice hired to write a provocative book, has it cancelled - fore being too provocative ...

The Washington Examiner