We need SOME non-local candidates

A House of Commons composed almost wholly of local councillors will refuse to build anything...

Conservative Home


To the Left of Genghis Khan

The idea that genocide makes you Right-wing is an extraordinarily revealing one...

The Washington Examiner


The lockdowns killed more than they saved

You can't interpret the data in any other way. It was the greatest policy failure of the century...

The Washington Examiner


Why is a Tory government funding anti-Tory activists?

When taxes are at record levels, why are we borrowing even more money to give to Leftist pressure groups?...

The Telegraph


The Letby horrors must not produce more bad laws

Our response should be proportionate to the likelihood of a repetition, not to the sense of public outrage...

Conservative Home


International support for Putin is a product of twisted anti-colonialism

Today's woke activists are, without realising it, parroting Cold War era Soviet propaganda...

The Telegraph


What does it take for a libertarian to be electable?

Beware! Beware! His flashing eyes! His floating hair!...

The Washington Examiner


Driven mad by Brexit

Peter Foster, a perfectly sensible man in real life, has become a screeching loon when it comes to the EU...

The Telegraph


The voters, not the courts, should stop Trump

Their failure to do so is unbearably depressing for friends of America...

The Washington Examiner


The Bank of England has ruined us

The splurge of money-printing since 2009 has prevented the economy from growing...

The Telegraph


Are spending cuts possible in a democracy?

Generally only after an economic calamity, like Britain's 1976 IMF bailout...

Conservative Home


What’s special about being aboriginal?

Try substituting "indigenous British" for "indigenous Australian" and see how the argument for extra rights sounds...

The Washington Examiner


The BMA is more interested in bashing Tories than helping doctors

A measure of private provision would benefit NHS workers more than anyone, but their unions oppose it on principle...

The Telegraph


How America was lost

Toute ma vie, je me suis fait une certaine idée des États-Unis...

The Washington Examiner


Starmer won’t scrap the House of Lords

He'll focus on giving the vote to 16-year-olds and EU nationals instead...

The Telegraph


Let Russia fragment

Russia in its present form - an imperial Eurasian state - cannot but be a menace to the free world...

Conservative Home


What Putin has done is unforgivable

Targeting Ukraine's cultural heritage serves no military purpose whatever...

The Washington Examiner


Rishi gets it right

Incredibly, the Conservatives are now the only party that wants to allow British as well as imported oil and gas...

Daily Mail


Never mind Americans - we are poorer than Slovenes

Britain's leaders refuse to recognise our problems - excess money-printing, the NHS, over-regulation, planning restrictions...

The Telegraph


Protectionism - the destructive delusion that won’t go away

Bob Lighthizer is the latest author to recycle the terrible argument, all the while imagining it is fresh and new...

The Washington Examiner


Who’d want to be an MP?

One way to make our parliamentarians behave better is to expect it of them...

Conservative Home


The last days of Vladimir Putin

We need to prepare for the fragmentation that will follow...

The Telegraph


We can’t afford public sector pay rises

Government workers should rejoice at being treated so generously...

Daily Mail


Our syncretic religion

The cult of the NHS depends on a series of dogmas that must be believed against all evidence...

The Washington Examiner


Tories refuse to accept Rishi Sunak’s Eurosceptic credentials

He may have voted Leave but, unlike Boris and Liz, he looks like the CEO of a big multinational...

The Telegraph


Why France? Why now?

The riots reflect the global BLM-inspired grievance culture, and things will only get worse ...

Conservative Home


Adam Smith at 300 - as misunderstood as ever

The Sage of Kirkcaldy was pretty much the opposite of the desiccated economist he is imagined to be...

The Washington Examiner


Whatever you do, don’t call it a kangaroo court

The sovereignty of Parliament should be a means to defend the sovereignty of the people, not the hurt feelings of MPs...

The Telegraph


Anti-colonialism isn’t about the past, it’s about trashing the modern West

What began as Soviet propaganda is now taught as mainstream history...

The Washington Examiner


We took back control from Brussels only to give it to Whitehall

It needn't have been this way, but we have replaced one lot of bureaucrats with another...



The beginning of the end for Putin

Putin's analogy with 1917 was apter than he intended, for Russia is on the verge of dissolution...

The Telegraph


The Windrush migrants came to work, not “to help”

Why turn the honest story of ambitious people coming for higher pay into a Leftist morality tale?...

Conservative Home


It’s all about the vibes

DeSantis is clearly to the Right of Trump, Sunak to the right of Johnson - but vibes matter more than policy...

The Washington Examiner


The COVID Inquiry is a joke

It is refusing to ask the only question that matters, namely did lockdowns work...

The Telegraph


Pakistan’s slide into authoritarianism is a problem for the West

Supporters of Imran Khan are being rounded up as the army tightens its grip...

The Washington Examiner


Caroline Lucas won: Britain embraced degrowth

The Green Party has only one MP, yet the larger parties have all bought into its gloomy world-view...



What kind of country turfs out its leader over uneaten cake?

Europhile grandees, not least civil servants, were out to get Boris from the start...

The Telegraph


The Jacobean Kane and Abel

Jesse Norman's first novel treats Francis Bacon and Edward Coke, quite properly, as ambitious rival MPs...

Conservative Home


Civilisation - I’m looking at it now

Instead of using "Western civilisation" as a political bludgeon, put your screen aside and look at it...

The Washington Examiner


Socialism is losing all across Europe

Britain is exceptional in that the traditional party of the Left remains viable...

The Telegraph


Am I the last fusionist?

Bill Buckley saw the creation of the anti-socialist coalition, and I have a horrible feeling that I am seeing its end...

The Washington Examiner


Until we face up to the needless horror of the lockdowns, we won’t move on

Three years have passed since the end of the first lockdown, and we can't bear the thought that the sacrifices were for nothing...

The Telegraph


The Blob Won’t Stop

First it was Priti Patel, then Boris Johnson, then Dominic Raab, now Suella Braverman - civil servants don't like Leavers...

Conservative Home


The return of the strongman

Authoritarian rulers are in the ascendant all over the world, and the liberal interlude is coming to an end...

The Washington Examiner


The conservative coalition is falling apart

Economic liberals and cultural conservatives, pushed together by the Cold War, are going their separate ways...

The Telegraph


Starmer can’t drop his Euro-obsession

Labour will do anything for the working man except ask his opinion...

Daily Mail


Why are there so few Muslim democracies?

Not because ordinary Muslims don't want it, but because local elites won't allow it...

The Washington Examiner


We need more babies

Without them, the ratio of pensioners to workers will become unsustainable...

The Telegraph


Won’t somebody please think of the deficit?

This Coronation, like the last, was a distraction from the immensity of our debt crisis...

Conservative Home


The EU is too big to succeed

Smug, bloated and remote from the voters, the EU is condemned by its design...



Mill thou shouldst be living at this hour

J.S. Mill's liberalism looks more and more like an accidental interregnum between two kinds of despotism...

The Telegraph


The primitive essence of monarchy

Charles III's coronation preserves a rite that stretches back 3,000 years...

The Washington Examiner


Republicans seem set to pick the only candidate Biden beats

The burnt fool's bandaged finger goes wobbling back to the fire...

The Washington Examiner


We keep choosing to make ourselves poorer

No politician will risk bad headlines in pursuit of long-term growth...

The Telegraph


Britain is run by and for its Europhile civil servants

And woe betide and Eurosceptic minister who dares to tell them what to do...

Daily Mail


Yes, we should forgive Diane Abbott

Either you're against cancel culture or you're not - and, if you are, you have to be consistent...

Conservative Home


You know who Cleopatra really did look like?

Is it OK to impose our values on Egyptians when we do so in the name of empowering kick-ass black girlbosses?...

The Washington Examiner


Bringing ministers down by pseudo-legal means is faintly Latin American

Dominic Raab was never going to get justice once he had been accused by politicised cyrbullies in the civil service...

The Telegraph


How like a god

Shakespeare invented our world and everyone in it - including you and me...

The New Criterion


Biden’s facile version of Irishness

History is rarely a goodies and baddies morality tale - and certainly not in Northern Ireland...

The Washington Examiner


Macron fractures the free world

In pursuit of EU "strategic autonomy", Euro-integrationists are abandoning Taiwan...

The Telegraph


Am I the last critic of the Belfast Agreement?

That deal is treated almost literally as Holy Writ - except among ordinary Unionist voters...

Conservative Home


Americans! Join the CPTPP!

If Britain sees benefits from the Pacific trade nexus, the US - which largely designed the deal - is crazy to stand aside...

The Washington Examiner


When it comes to slavery, we British were the goodies

Every civilisation traded in human beings - until the UK decided to end the foul business...

The Telegraph


Free countries don’t go in for political arrests

Lawfare, malicious investigations, trumped up charges - these things are our future if we keep elevating outcome over process...

Conservative Home


Welcome to the illiberal epoch

Autocracy is in the ascendant everywhere...

The Washington Examiner


The Boris investigation is a travesty

Politicians should not get to decide which other politicians stay in office...

The Telegraph


Why I left Twitter

You simply cannot remain on the platform and retain your dignity...

The Washington Examiner


The lockdowns were deadlier than the disease

Sweden had the lowest excess mortality rate in Europe - a terrible refutation of the case for locking down...

The Telegraph


Why the quangocracy grows

A return to the Oxford Union showed me why governments keep setting up executive agencies...

Conservative Home


What the hell were they thinking when they invaded Iraq?

Twenty years ago, good men, advised by knowledgeable foreign policy experts, launched the West's worst foreign policy blunder...

The Washington Examiner


Cancel culture is always wrong - including for Lineker

He can be as stupid, obnoxious and juvenile as he likes, provided he keeps it separate from his work...

The Telegraph


Our new blasphemy laws

Every society seems to need taboos, no-go areas; woke has taken the place of religion...

The Washington Examiner


Hundreds more Sue Grays are working against the Tories

The civil service is institutionally statist, Europhile and woke, and no one seems to care...

The Telegraph


Why did Brussels fold so suddenly?

The EU's movement on the Northern Ireland Protocol suggests that it is finally getting over its pique...

Conservative Home


Russia needs to lose

There is no other path to peace...

The Washington Examiner


Crunch-time for Northern Ireland

Resolve the Northern Ireland Protocol and UK-EU relations will improve across the board...

The Telegraph


The terrible price of identity politics

Thousands of girls were abused because of our religious elevation of anti-racism...

The Washington Examiner


Scottish separatism is not dead yet

Nicola Sturgeon's fall is a setback, but the trashing of the British brand continues...

The Telegraph


The silliest smear in politics

With vast amounts being firehose away by the state, it is bizarre to focus on ministers' declared and legitimate hotel bills...

Conservative Home


That Rejoiner plot in full

The plan is not to hold another referendum, but to edge back in with baby steps...

The Sun


Nepo babies are a reminder of how everything used to work

We notice them only because Western societies have, exceptionally, moved from status to contract...

The Washington Examiner


Our uncivil masters

Britain's administrative machine is woke, expensive and, worst of all, inept...

The Telegraph


Stop the boats

If the only way to halt the Channel crossings is to quit the ECHR, Rishi Sunak will have little choice...

Daily Mail


America’s trigger-happy cops

If we had faced up to the culture of impunity rather than focusing just on the racism, we might not be in this mess...

The Washington Examiner


We would rather ruin ourselves than raise the pension age

If we stuck to Lloyd George's actuarial formula, state pensions would kick in at around 100...

The Telegraph


Britain is CANZUK’s Leftist outlier

Why are Labour Australia and New Zealand and Liberal Canada more free-market than Tory Britain?...

Conservative Home


America slides back into protectionism

The Inflation Reduction Act is sparking a series of 1930s-style beggar-my-neighbour responses...

The Washington Examiner


How Rejoiners plan to undo Brexit

Not with an immediate referendum, but with slow reintegration until membership can be presented as the natural next step...

The Telegraph


Everything considered, Britain is doing pretty well

What with Covid, the Ukraine war and a global slowdown, the UK is performing well relative to the EU...

The Washington Examiner


Voters finally begin to understand the damage done by lockdowns

You'd never imagine it from the tributes, but Jacinda Ardern was behind in the polls and falling further...

The Telegraph


Can Rishi win?

Not simply by not being Keir Starmer, that's for sure...

Conservative Home


Harry unwittingly reminds us of how dangerous the hereditary principle can be

What if the spoiled, petulant nitwit had somehow been next in line?...

The Washington Examiner


The Elgin Marbles belong to all humanity - which is why they should remain in London

The idea of collective ownership is illiberal, and should not trump property rights or free contract...

The Telegraph


Our least bad option now is to push for total Russian defeat

Anything short of a Ukrainian victory is a Russian victory - which would be disastrous for the international order...

The Telegraph


Is it racist to ask where someone is really from?

Yes - but for reasons that invalidate pretty much the entire BLM movement...

The Washington Examiner


2022 was the year that killed my rational optimism

It wasn't so much the lockdowns as the demand for the lockdowns that convinced me that illiberalism is coming...

The Telegraph


Why do Argentines celebrate a war where they were clearly the baddies?

And why do Russians associate themselves with an unprovoked attack by a fascist dictatorship on a neighbouring democracy?...

Conservative Home


Christmas thoughts on deporting illegal immigrants

It's easy to list the flaws in the Rwanda scheme; it's harder to come up with an alternative...

The Telegraph


The US is far from being “an extraordinarily racist country”

Racism exists in most societies, but the US is unusual in promoting the individualism that is its antidote...

The Washington Examiner