The next Tory leader will be sound

Tory leaders always are - in Opposition...

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The Tories are now blamed for Labour’s policies

Labour's determined resistance to the Rwanda scheme comes across to most voters as Tory dithering...

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Forever frenemies

Despite everything, Britain and France have been on the same side for the better part of two centuries...

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Why is Britain holding out against Europe’s populist tide?

Portugal has joined the swing from old Left to insurgent Right. What makes Britain different?...

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Islam is not Islamism

One is a religion founded by Mohammed in 610, the other a political movement founded by Hassan al-Banna in 1928...

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Everyone hates the Conservatives

The country is in a Left-wing mood, and nothing short of a full economic crisis will shift it...

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OK, but what’s your alternative?

It is easy to list the defects of the Rwanda scheme, but critics never say what they would do instead...

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Biffing pirates and slavers is what Brits do

Not for the first time, the Royal Navy is acting on behalf of humanity - and getting little thanks for it...

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Mark Littlewood belongs in the House of Lords

We can't have committees of grandees blocking people of whom they happen to disapprove on ideological grounds...

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Remember why we are backing Ukraine

If Putin wins, liberal democracy will suffer a massive global setback...

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The West faces a collective Suez moment

Once again, a dictator has found that attacking the old colonial powers guarantees global popularity...

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The Peronist deep state is mobilising against Javier Milei

Too many interests are at stake to let his free-market reforms succeed...

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Israel must be careful not to play the part of Vladimir Putin

Population transfers, energy boycotts, talk of nuclear strikes - these things are never acceptable...

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Yes, but then what?

There are no good options for Israel...

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There will never be a peaceful, prosperous Palestine

Hamas has, as it intended, killed any prospect of a two-state solution...

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Why Leave is behind in the polls

The EU has dropped out of the news, and we no longer hear about its problems...

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We need SOME non-local candidates

A House of Commons composed almost wholly of local councillors will refuse to build anything...

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The Letby horrors must not produce more bad laws

Our response should be proportionate to the likelihood of a repetition, not to the sense of public outrage...

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Are spending cuts possible in a democracy?

Generally only after an economic calamity, like Britain's 1976 IMF bailout...

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Let Russia fragment

Russia in its present form - an imperial Eurasian state - cannot but be a menace to the free world...

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Who’d want to be an MP?

One way to make our parliamentarians behave better is to expect it of them...

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Why France? Why now?

The riots reflect the global BLM-inspired grievance culture, and things will only get worse ...

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The Windrush migrants came to work, not “to help”

Why turn the honest story of ambitious people coming for higher pay into a Leftist morality tale?...

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The Jacobean Kane and Abel

Jesse Norman's first novel treats Francis Bacon and Edward Coke, quite properly, as ambitious rival MPs...

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The Blob Won’t Stop

First it was Priti Patel, then Boris Johnson, then Dominic Raab, now Suella Braverman - civil servants don't like Leavers...

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Won’t somebody please think of the deficit?

This Coronation, like the last, was a distraction from the immensity of our debt crisis...

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Yes, we should forgive Diane Abbott

Either you're against cancel culture or you're not - and, if you are, you have to be consistent...

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Am I the last critic of the Belfast Agreement?

That deal is treated almost literally as Holy Writ - except among ordinary Unionist voters...

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Free countries don’t go in for political arrests

Lawfare, malicious investigations, trumped up charges - these things are our future if we keep elevating outcome over process...

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Why the quangocracy grows

A return to the Oxford Union showed me why governments keep setting up executive agencies...

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Why did Brussels fold so suddenly?

The EU's movement on the Northern Ireland Protocol suggests that it is finally getting over its pique...

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The silliest smear in politics

With vast amounts being firehose away by the state, it is bizarre to focus on ministers' declared and legitimate hotel bills...

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Britain is CANZUK’s Leftist outlier

Why are Labour Australia and New Zealand and Liberal Canada more free-market than Tory Britain?...

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Can Rishi win?

Not simply by not being Keir Starmer, that's for sure...

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Why do Argentines celebrate a war where they were clearly the baddies?

And why do Russians associate themselves with an unprovoked attack by a fascist dictatorship on a neighbouring democracy?...

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One rule for MPs, one for everyone else

But in precisely the opposite way to what most people mean...

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The Tories are out of options

Voters don't believe the money has run out and, without an early election, nothing will convince them...

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No more Tory democracy

The Conservative Party's leadership election rules make the system used to select the Dalai Lama look rational...

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We know what is needed - but do we have the courage to do it?

There is no way that the spending increases brought in after Covid can become permanent...

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You really think this is about a tiny tax cut?

There was always going to be a reckoning after all the money-printing; cutting taxes will at least help...

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And when Putin loses?

Thoughts from Odessa about an unexpected turn of events...

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Spending cuts can’t be put off until the election

A Centre-Right party can win during a downturn - but only if it has visibly started to fix the problem...

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Identity politics leads to unspeakable horrors

Indian and Pakistani immigrants to Britain were able to put the communal violence behind them by choosing individualism...

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Food nationalism - always popular, never right

A prolonged leadership race is terrible for rational policy making...

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Never use these rules again

They encourage dirty tricks and gamesmanship, set MPs against activists and ensure that the winner makes enemies along the way...

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We didn’t leave the EU to embrace even more protectionism

There is no case whatever for steel tariffs in the UK, and ministers know it...

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What if Boris had become PM in 2016?

Consider the counterfactual - a swifter but softer Brexit, public sector reform, Michael Gove as the CEO...

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Can Boris pull it back?

Maybe - but he needs to understand the anger about our spending levels...

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The Northern Ireland Protocol is SUPPOSED to hurt

It wasn't designed to keep British sausages out of Co Cavan, it was designed to punish us for Brexit...

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Sinn Féin’s victory makes a united Ireland less likely

Plenty of Irish Catholics dislike the idea of being governed by a party connected to organised crime...

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Britain is defined by the rule of law

To claim otherwise on the basis of disagreements over asylum or parties is trivial and insulting...

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Why Poles have risen to the Ukrainian challenge

Few countries have suffered more at the hands of occupiers, and few better understand the value of sovereignty...

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War is inherently collectivist

Our individual vices and virtues are dissolved into national blocs - more's the pity...

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Is it racist to feel close to Ukraine?

We are bound to be more attached to familiar cultures - something that only the West is meant to feel guilty about...

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We overestimated Putin

His unforced errors have undermined him, and a Kremlin coup is no longer unthinkable...

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What does Russia want?

His chief aim is to keep his people in a state of scared, wounded patriotism. It's not victory he wants. It's permanent conflict...

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Brexit has been squandered

Far from liberalising, the UK is adopting more regulations than it had to as an EU member...

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Meritocracy raised the West, identity politics will sink it

China is much more ruthless about appointing the best talent, which is why it is overtaking us...

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There is no point in taking back powers if we don’t use them

Brexit allows us to make different choices, but we seem determined to copy the EU from outside...

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Who would have done a better job than Boris?

Obviously, Leftists and lockdowners loathe him. But why do libertarians?...

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Everything white is racist

That, pretty much, is the view taken by Tate Britain - and the rest of us keep putting up with it...

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In Peppa Pig World, no one would need to vote Conservative

Boris Johnson's critics are, as so often, wide of the mark...

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We should want MPs to have second jobs

Ideally, being an MP would BE someone's second job...

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There is no money left

The Conservatives are spending as if the past 18 months hadn't happened...

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The Northern Ireland Protocol has revealed the utter smallness of our Europhiles

"Yeah, well you signed it!" Seriously, guys, is that all you've got? ...

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Why Labour can’t win

Even its supposedly moderate and centrist figures can't help lapsing into self-righteous wokery...

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Sir Lindsay Hoyle is right to insist on formal dress - more’s the pity

I hate wearing ties but, as a conservative, I see why they should be required...

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David Gauke should be a Conservative

His return would indicate that the party has moved on definitively from the fevered rows of 2019...

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Party donors should be thanked, not demonised

It is better for rich people to support causes bigger than themselves than to live lives of sybaritic indulgence...

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Is there any point in unilateral decarbonisation?

Britain is well placed to develop clean energy technology, but there is no purpose in acting alone...

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The EU’s assault on the City has failed

Now we need to deregulate in order to compete with the rest of the world...

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Oriel should market itself as a “safe space” for conservatives

Is one non-Leftist Oxford college out of 39 really too much to ask?...

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How to level up? Localism

We can't decree regional prosperity from the centre. We need to devolve power...

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Don’t respond in kind to the authoritarian Left

We need to preserve basic liberal principles - free speech, free association, free contract...

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Wallpaper for Boris, curtains for Keir

Labour is on its way out. So, sadly, is fiscal conservatism...

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The epidemic is over in Britain, so why are we not reopening?

On every measure things have gone better than expected, but public opinion remains hostile to any easing...

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The Eurosceptic whom even Eurocrats liked

Jens-Peter Bonde, who has just died, established a truly pan-European anti-federalist movement...

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Lockdowns have brought out the very worst in us

We are turning into a nation of mean-minded, intolerant, authoritarian, servile snitches...

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Laws must be general, equal and certain

There is a terrifying readiness to argue that sanctions shouldn't apply to people we happen to like...

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Higher spending and regulation are here to stay

The epidemic has made big spenders of us all...

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Trade sanctions don’t work

They hurt ordinary people and prop up autocrats...

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Britain’s Pacific Pivot

Joining the CPTPP will strengthen the Anglosphere and boost jobs and growth...

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Free association is an absolute right, not conditional on identity politics

A club can insist you wear a tie, a gym can refuse to admit men, a platform can refuse to host people whose opinions it dislikes...

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We need to grow our way out of this mess - here’s a list of EU laws to scrap

Britain has been uniquely badly hit by the lockdowns, and economic recovery must now be the sole aim of public policy...

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The EU’s attitude to Britain is that of an empire toward a renegade province

The EU is offering deliberately hostile terms in order to make a point - even at cost to itself...

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Vaccinate staff, keep kids in class, hold exams on time

It is almost literally unbelievable that we might repeat this year's exams fiasco in 2021...

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Republican candidates outpolled Trump - yet they are too scared to act against him

The idea that Trump has a unique appeal to blue-collar voters is hard to reconcile with the results...

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How much is all this costing?

It won't do any more to promise to defeat Covid "at any cost" - we need figures...

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The police have taken it upon themselves to snuff out free speech

Investigating Darren Grimes isn't just a waste of money, it's an assault on liberty...

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Charles Moore would make the perfect BBC Chairman

Clever, witty, independent, broad-minded, humane, well-read, courteous - he is the best ally the Corporation could have...

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Boris is right to act to secure the Union - and voters know it

The Internal Market Bill is moderate, proportionate and necessary...

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Are tanks now redundant?

What about aircraft carriers? The deployment of hypersonic missiles turns a lot of our assumptions on their head...

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We demand that politicians “let the professionals get on” - then blame them when quangos screw up

Ofqual, PHE, the NHS - all are free from political control. But they are never blamed for their own failings...

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Sweden is in the happy position of not needing to worry about a second wave

Even now, few commentators seem to grasp that flattening the curve doesn't affect the size of the area under the curve...

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Why are we so reluctant to come out of lockdown?

The lifting of restrictions has had a surprisingly slight impact - for reasons that owe more to psychology than epidemiology...

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We can’t spend our way out of this mess

Any jobs "created" by government spending must always, by definition, come at the expense of jobs elsewhere...

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The police now elevate anti-racism over private property, public order and impartial justice

Politicians, broadcasters, conservationists and epidemiologists excuse BLM lawbreaking, but the police are the most flagrant...

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This is no longer anti-racism, it is a form of collective psychosis

Violating the lockdown, smashing up someone else's stuff, attacking the police - all are excused by supposed anti-racism...

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Coronavirus and the crisis of conservatism

We are going through an authoritarian spasm that leaves little space for thoughtful Burkeianism...

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The only thing that matters coming out of the crisis is getting back to growth

We need to pull every available lever - starting with trade deals....

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