Britain is run by and for its Europhile civil servants

And woe betide and Eurosceptic minister who dares to tell them what to do...

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Stop the boats

If the only way to halt the Channel crossings is to quit the ECHR, Rishi Sunak will have little choice...

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Liz Truss mustn’t back down

The budget is brave and right, however unpopular in the short term...

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Why are Eurocrats complaining about proposals that offer them no threat?

Because they are not really worried about the single market - what they want is to punish Britain for Brexit...

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Macron, once the centrist pin-up, is descending into Bonapartism

Threatening to cut off a neighbour's energy supply stops just short of being an act of war...

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The EU descends to playground politics

"Give me your vaccine! Gimme gimme gimme! Yeah, well I didn't want your stupid vaccine anyway!"...

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Both sides are sounding off furiously about a deal that neither has seen

As usual, people are starting with their preferred conclusions and then casting around for rationalisations...

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Britain won’t concede the principle that it is sovereign over its maritime resources

If the EU refuses to do a deal, it is European skippers who will suffer...

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Oriel’s governing body folded before an ignorant mob

Why should anyone give to an institution that displays such ingratitude to its donors?...

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Oh dear! Does Brussels REALLY think we’ll come crawling back?

Almost exactly a year has passed since British voters told their government to withdraw from the European Union. ...

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Don’t panic! We can still get a strong deal with the most pro-Brexit House of Commons ever

This is the most pro-Brexit House of Commons ever elected. ...

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How dare these Eurocrats call Britain racist while the Far Right’s marching in their own backyard

Across parts of Germany, running battles between immigrants and neo-Nazis are becoming so frequent that they no longer lead the...

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It’s not just the plot to let in 1.5 million Turks

Embarrassing leaks have revealed that British Government officials colluded in Brussels to keep contentious issues about plans...

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If tiny Guernsey thrives outside the EU, why can’t we - the world’s fifth largest economy?

Yesterday in his insider’s account of the EU, Euro MP Daniel Hannan exposed Britain’s impotence in trying to deal with Brussels...

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Why Britain will never get what it wants in Europe: Seventy times, we tried to block EU laws

This week in the Mail we're publishing Euro MP Daniel Hannan's devastating inside account of the EU. Yesterday, he exposed how...

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Pro-EU cheer leaders in the pay of Brussels

A recent public letter warning against Brexit argued that EU laws have ‘a hugely positive effect’ on the environment. It was...

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Please, please sack me!

Will jobs be lost if we decide as a nation to leave the European Union? Only mine. I am a British Member of the European...

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If Brussels bullies us like this now, think what they will be like if we vote to stay in

We can only wonder at their sense of timing. Just as our referendum on leaving the EU gets under way, Eurocrats have issued a...

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