Creepy Keir Starmer

In saying that he would let a loved one suffer rather than use private medicine, the Labour leader has revealed how he thinks...

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We know we’ll regret it, but we’ll still put Labour in

The things that are upsetting us - high immigration, wasted taxes, unresponsive public services - will all get worse...

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If you can keep it

The American republic is collapsing before our eyes...

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Britain is a liberal outlier in fortress Europe

Neither side would have predicted it in 2016, but the UK is unique in not voting for the authoritarian Right...

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What if the students waved St George’s Crosses instead of PLO flags?

We have come, tragically, to take the uneven application of the rules for granted...

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Ireland should join the Rwanda scheme

But it won't, because its leaders will always co-operate with the EU rather than Britain, whatever the cost...

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The SNP is in freefall

But Scottish separatism is not dependent on the fortunes of the separatist party...

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Who could object to Reform?

When it comes to their aspirations, no one. When it comes to implementing them, on the other hand...

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Time to quit the ECHR

In imposing climate change policy on Switzerland, the Strasbourg Court has taken judicial activism to a new level...

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No, the parties are not all as bad as each other

For 14 years, we have examined the Conservatives' every flaw and blemish, but barely looked at Labour...

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Everything has gone wrong for the Tories since they toppled Boris

Every time MPs switch leaders without an election, voters feel taken for granted...

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Sorry, WASPI ladies, we’re out of cash

There are also moral arguments against the WASPI campaign, but they are beside the point when there is no money left...

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Since lockdown, 500,000 people have been declared mentally unfit to work

What lies behind the numbers? Long Lockdown, benefit fraud, or something else?...

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The Church of England adopts a new Trinity - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Its anti-historical posturing over slavery marks the birth of a new syncretic religion, intolerant and proselytising ...

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We need a British Milei

Sadly, things will have to get worse before we realise it...

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Jobs are a cost, not a benefit

It is bizarre to romanticise the miners strike, as though keeping men in that brutalising work were an end in itself...

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Russia is an organised crime gang with a state attached

Putin will carry on dealing death at home and abroad until he is stopped...

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How Labour will bankrupt Britain

You think Starmer is dull, sensible and moderately Blairite? Think again...

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Get ready for World War Three

Si vis pacem, para bellum...

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We’re turning down trade deals for fear of upsetting the EU

There is no other explanation for our failure to agree an FTA with Morocco...

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Davos defeated

Javier Milei told our lizardman overlords a few home truths...

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Time to legalise cocaine

Ecuador is the latest country driven to the point of collapse by our war on drugs...

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The NHS is a global laughing stock

Doctors threaten to emigrate, but never mention what makes other countries' healthcare systems more attractive...

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The man who pushed me into politics

British Euroscepticism had been moribund since 1975 - until Jacques Delors...

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We are heading for another Labour budget crisis

The money always runs out under Labour governments ...

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Wind up this ignorant, smug Covid Inquiry

If the Lead Counsel doesn't know what QALY means, he has no business asking questions...

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What if Russia wins?

If Ukraine loses territory, the entire Western order will suffer an unprecedented loss...

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The Pax Americana is breaking apart

Authoritarianism, protectionism and conflict are all on the rise in consequence...

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How like a god

It is exactly 400 years since the greatest act of literary salvage in history...

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The cretinous Covid inquiry

Biased, trivial and dim, the inquiry is demonstrating the state failings it is meant to be investigating...

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The biggest threat to our security? Debt

Around the world, governments have been unable to turn off the supposedly emergency spending that accompanied the lockdowns...

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An age of conflicts looms

Illiberal regimes of every kind, from Islamist to Marxist, are uniting against the West. Pick a side...

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Hamas means what it says

Westerners need to stop projecting their own moderate goals on to the terrorist group...

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Sir Keir, you are no Sir Tony

Starmer is obviously taking lessons from Blair on how to campaign, but he is likelier to end as another Callaghan...

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Rishi Sunak is a proper conservative

It may be too late to win the election, but how refreshing to see the PM halt the expansion of the state...

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The EU’s “associate membership” scheme is seven years too late

Brussels missed its moment in 2016, and both sides in Britain are now too polarised...

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The real axis of evil

Russia and North Korea represent the past from which humanity has, thank God, escaped...

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The reasonable remainers

Not every Tory moderate became a Euro-nostalgic loon; some of them stayed sensible...

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Why is a Tory government funding anti-Tory activists?

When taxes are at record levels, why are we borrowing even more money to give to Leftist pressure groups?...

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International support for Putin is a product of twisted anti-colonialism

Today's woke activists are, without realising it, parroting Cold War era Soviet propaganda...

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Driven mad by Brexit

Peter Foster, a perfectly sensible man in real life, has become a screeching loon when it comes to the EU...

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The Bank of England has ruined us

The splurge of money-printing since 2009 has prevented the economy from growing...

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The BMA is more interested in bashing Tories than helping doctors

A measure of private provision would benefit NHS workers more than anyone, but their unions oppose it on principle...

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Starmer won’t scrap the House of Lords

He'll focus on giving the vote to 16-year-olds and EU nationals instead...

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Never mind Americans - we are poorer than Slovenes

Britain's leaders refuse to recognise our problems - excess money-printing, the NHS, over-regulation, planning restrictions...

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The last days of Vladimir Putin

We need to prepare for the fragmentation that will follow...

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Tories refuse to accept Rishi Sunak’s Eurosceptic credentials

He may have voted Leave but, unlike Boris and Liz, he looks like the CEO of a big multinational...

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Whatever you do, don’t call it a kangaroo court

The sovereignty of Parliament should be a means to defend the sovereignty of the people, not the hurt feelings of MPs...

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The beginning of the end for Putin

Putin's analogy with 1917 was apter than he intended, for Russia is on the verge of dissolution...

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The COVID Inquiry is a joke

It is refusing to ask the only question that matters, namely did lockdowns work...

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What kind of country turfs out its leader over uneaten cake?

Europhile grandees, not least civil servants, were out to get Boris from the start...

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Socialism is losing all across Europe

Britain is exceptional in that the traditional party of the Left remains viable...

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Until we face up to the needless horror of the lockdowns, we won’t move on

Three years have passed since the end of the first lockdown, and we can't bear the thought that the sacrifices were for nothing...

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The conservative coalition is falling apart

Economic liberals and cultural conservatives, pushed together by the Cold War, are going their separate ways...

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We need more babies

Without them, the ratio of pensioners to workers will become unsustainable...

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Mill thou shouldst be living at this hour

J.S. Mill's liberalism looks more and more like an accidental interregnum between two kinds of despotism...

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We keep choosing to make ourselves poorer

No politician will risk bad headlines in pursuit of long-term growth...

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Bringing ministers down by pseudo-legal means is faintly Latin American

Dominic Raab was never going to get justice once he had been accused by politicised cyrbullies in the civil service...

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Macron fractures the free world

In pursuit of EU "strategic autonomy", Euro-integrationists are abandoning Taiwan...

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When it comes to slavery, we British were the goodies

Every civilisation traded in human beings - until the UK decided to end the foul business...

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The Boris investigation is a travesty

Politicians should not get to decide which other politicians stay in office...

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The lockdowns were deadlier than the disease

Sweden had the lowest excess mortality rate in Europe - a terrible refutation of the case for locking down...

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Cancel culture is always wrong - including for Lineker

He can be as stupid, obnoxious and juvenile as he likes, provided he keeps it separate from his work...

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Hundreds more Sue Grays are working against the Tories

The civil service is institutionally statist, Europhile and woke, and no one seems to care...

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Crunch-time for Northern Ireland

Resolve the Northern Ireland Protocol and UK-EU relations will improve across the board...

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Scottish separatism is not dead yet

Nicola Sturgeon's fall is a setback, but the trashing of the British brand continues...

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Our uncivil masters

Britain's administrative machine is woke, expensive and, worst of all, inept...

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We would rather ruin ourselves than raise the pension age

If we stuck to Lloyd George's actuarial formula, state pensions would kick in at around 100...

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How Rejoiners plan to undo Brexit

Not with an immediate referendum, but with slow reintegration until membership can be presented as the natural next step...

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Voters finally begin to understand the damage done by lockdowns

You'd never imagine it from the tributes, but Jacinda Ardern was behind in the polls and falling further...

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The Elgin Marbles belong to all humanity - which is why they should remain in London

The idea of collective ownership is illiberal, and should not trump property rights or free contract...

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Our least bad option now is to push for total Russian defeat

Anything short of a Ukrainian victory is a Russian victory - which would be disastrous for the international order...

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2022 was the year that killed my rational optimism

It wasn't so much the lockdowns as the demand for the lockdowns that convinced me that illiberalism is coming...

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Christmas thoughts on deporting illegal immigrants

It's easy to list the flaws in the Rwanda scheme; it's harder to come up with an alternative...

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Britain has lurched to the Left since the last Labour government

The banking crisis, social media, woke and the lockdowns have all moved the centre of gravity...

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Gordon Brown prescribes more of the medicine that sickened the patient

Britain does need more devolution - but the way to get there is not through more quangos and salaried politicians...

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Anti-Britishness is on the rise - especially in Britain

Climate reparations, repatriation of museum artefacts, statue-smashing, separatism - all have the same root cause...

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Brexit is slipping away

We missed our chance to join EFTA, and now we have no option but to diverge...

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The preposterous myth of libertarian Britain

Taxes and spending are higher then ever, and free-market think tanks have never been weaker...

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This can’t go on

Whoever wins, the case for an early election will become irresistible ...

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Better to go down fighting

If Conservative MPs are not prepared to cut taxes and spending, they might as well hand over to Labour...

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The cowardice of the anti-Truss rebels

It is somehow considered unacceptably Right-wing to return to Blair's tax rates...

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Why free markets are always unpopular

Our palaeolithic instincts incline us to egalitarianism, authoritarianism and envy ...

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Sunak is almost out of options

But here are five things he could realistically do before the election...

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Best. Budget. Ever.

It feels as if the Conservatives are back after 23 years in Opposition...

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Cap bankers’ bonuses or grow the economy - pick one

The cap was imposed by the EU in an openly anti-London move, yet it has taken us until now to scrap it...

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The case for constitutional monarchy

An umpire whose legitimacy is beyond question is the surest defence against civil war...

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We really are back to the 1970s - even the Tories are promoting big government

But might they be about to pick a market-oriented woman to lead them in a different direction?...

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The GOP is becoming un-American

I get (though I dislike) the cult of the successful leader, but they are now embracing the cult of the unsuccessful leader...

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These are the consequences of the lockdown that you all backed

The people who demanded the longest and harshest restrictions now have the nerve to complain about inflation...

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We took a decision to abandon cheap energy - and now we’re mad as hell

The falling cost of energy is what made modern civilisation; but our leaders are in hoc to Green ideologues...

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More of the same is not enough

The cheap-money, high-spending consensus has brought us to the brink. We need radical reform...

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You can’t handle the truth

Voters rate honesty as their top virtue in leaders, but it is far from clear that they truly want to hear how bad things are...

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My pick for Tory leader

OK, different Tory party, different leadership race - but why can't we have a candidate like Pierre Poilievre?...

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Eleven things the next Conservative leader must do

Europhiles who have convinced themselves that ousting Boris means a swing to the Centre are in for a shock...

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The bizarre attempt to rebrand Scotland and Ireland as colonies

In an age that elevates victimhood above all else, the old appeal of the UK - that it was strong - has vanished...

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The Tories are spending their way to defeat

A Centre-Right party that measures itself by how much it is spending loses its appeal...

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The ECHR has served its purpose

Britain does not have a human rights deficit; but it does have a democratic deficit...

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We missed our chance to stay in the single market

Joining EFTA would have eased the transition and soothed our culture war, but the moment has now passed...

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The Conservatives have given up on conservatism

Tory ministers now positively boast about spending more than Labour...

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