The US is far from being “an extraordinarily racist country”

Racism exists in most societies, but the US is unusual in promoting the individualism that is its antidote...

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The mullahs must fall

The international community should back Iran's protesters...

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When did everyone become anti-lockdown?

The response to the China protests demonstrates what, deep down, we don't want to admit - it was all for nothing...

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What will a defeated Russia have to give up?

Talk will eventually move on from reparations and war crimes trials to Karelia, Köningsberg and the Kuril Islands...

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The lunacy of climate reparations

Far from asking for compensation, poorer countries should be thanking richer ones for industrialisation...

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Return to normalcy

in a democracy, attacking democracy comes at a cost - thank God...

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There is no such thing as positive discrimination

Those US colleges that admit on the basis of race are doing exactly what 1930s fascist regimes did...

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The Right’s indifference to the first non-white PM has sent Leftists into meltdown

British "anti-racists" keep trying to import the story of the American civil rights struggle ...

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Liz Truss was a victim of the lockdowns

After Covid, everyone wants subsidies and no one cares about how to pay for them...

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Civil wars begin more easily than you think

The exhumation of José Antonio Primo de Rivera reminds Spain of some unpleasant truths...

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This was never really about trans people

What we're seeing is an attempt to deny biological gender completely - Blank Slatery as a religion ...

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Trickle-down - the parody that people came to believe

No one has ever argued that you enrich the poor by enriching the rich - it's a Leftist invention...

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Might Putin nuke London?

No - he is a frightened man playing for time...

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Maybe the US could use a monarchy after all

A constitutional monarchy is designed to stop the personality cults that Putin enjoys and Trump longs for...

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We vote for instant gratification, then complain about the result

Technological change means that we all now fail the marshmallow test...

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Putin’s plan to seize Moldova

Using gas to topple the little republic's pro-Western government would leave Odessa squeezed between two Russian armies...

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Yes, Dugina deserves justice

And so do all the other thousands of civilian victims of Putin's unprovoked war...

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Seven things you should know about Britain’s next PM

The parallels with Margaret Thatcher may not be the joke that commentators think...

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Trumpism is rotting the Republican Party

Calling for the FBI to be defunded or disbanded is a new low from the supposed law and order party...

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David Timble’s death marked the end of an era

He oversaw the end of Unionist dominance - but don't make the mistake of thinking that Irish annexation will follow...

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The wrong kind of minorities

The Conservative leadership election has sent some woke Leftists round the twist...

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America is turning to tribalism

The republic is defaulting to the older ethics of kin, vendetta and bloodguilt...

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The Tragedie of Borisse Johnson

What material for his own overdue book on Shakespeare...

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Britain imports yet another American culture war

Roe vs Wade has precisely zero relevance for the UK, though you'd never imagine it from the headlines...

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How does an incumbent government get re-elected in this climate?

Colombia was the regional success story, but has just voted for the policies that are wrecking its neighbours...

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Will genetics now be deplatformed?

Because racists like the idea of inherited group differences, some want to deplatform ANY studies of heritable traits...

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Britain sees race relations through the distorting glass of American segregation

White conservatives are dismissed as Klansmen, black conservatives as Uncle Toms - but what have these terms got to do with us?...

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What if America had kept the monarchy?

The Queen's Jubilee reminded us of the value of having a neutral but unquestioned referee...

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The aftermath of an atrocity is the worst time to decide policy

Lots of factors contribute to the grisly uniqueness of the US on school shootings, of which gun laws are only one...

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How I invented Brexit at Oxford

Simon Kuper's new book claims that Brexit was cooked up in late 1980s Oxford, and he's got half a point....

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So what if male and female brains are different?

Certain truths are considered uncontroversial by neuroscientists but unspeakable by politicians...

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No conscientious government could keep the Northern Ireland Protocol

The EU is interpreting the rules in a deliberately vindictive way, undermining peace in the Province...

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Who will get the blame for our immiseration?

Some will blame the war or the pandemic for the cost of living crisis, others their governments...

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The West is friendless

Anglosphere states and their allies can win wars, but few share their values...

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It’s one rule for Boris and one for everyone else - but not the way people mean

Overseas observers are incredulous that there are moves to bring down the PM over cake...

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The real reason Russia is losing

The behaviour of the FSB in the run-up to the invasion explains why autocracies are bad at warfare...

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Is nuclear escalation inevitable?

A gun that appears on stage in Act One, wrote Chekhov, will be fired by the end of Act Three...

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Why do self-proclaimed American nationalists back Putin?

The far Left will back any anti-American dictator; but the sympathy among Trumpists is far more unsettling...

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We’re all going to be a lot poorer

Its not just the inflation - it's the cretinous retreat into "self-sufficiency"...

The Washington Examiner


Ukraine has made nationalism acceptable

Many Western observers understand, for the first time, why being independent matters...

The Washington Examiner


Travel restrictions are starting to look permanent

They serve no purpose but, like the bans on shoes and liquids, they will prove impossible to scrap...

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Dictatorship is terrifyingly easy

What do the post-Soviet tyrants have in common? Courage? Ruthlessness? Charisma? No. They just happened to be in the right place...

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Ukraine explains why wars still happen

Logically, the weaker party should concede at the outset, but Ukraine has good reasons to fight and lose...

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The PM remains Sir Toby in a world suddenly full of Malvolios

Boris Johnson was elected as a Cavalier, but the lockdown turned the rest of us into Roundheads...

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Britain is first out of the pandemic

Which, paradoxically, helps explain why the PM is in so much trouble...

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What we think of as reasoned opinions are usually rationalisations of our gut feelings

We have an aesthetic objection to trophy hunting, but tell ourselves that it's about conservation...

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A tale of two statues

Western countries are becoming more like Kazakhstan...

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Covid is now endemic, making almost all our restrictions pointless

Why test travellers when the disease is everywhere? Why require masks when we'll all get it?...

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Appeal to Unionists or be as distant as possible from Britain? Ireland has made its choice

And a perfectly legitimate choice it is - but it should come as no surprise that Northern iIreland is unimpressed...

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One word has been completely excised from the lockdown debate

Not "freedom" or "proportionality" or "vaccines" but "Sweden"...

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What if Ukraine and Taiwan were invaded on the same day?

The alternative to the Anglosphere hegemony is not some world in which other countries are left alone...

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The monomania of the woke should disqualify them from the conversation - but it does the opposite

Once the USA had abandoned Jefferson's rationalism, his statue was bound to follow...

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Brussels wants to teach Britain a lesson - even if it destabilises Northern Ireland

With a tiny modicum of goodwill, a solution could be found - but the EU has no interest in a win-win outcome...

The Washington Examiner


Protectionism is really destructionism

Politicians on all sides know it, but they play to the imagined stupidity of the electorate...

The Washington Examiner


The lockdowns made no difference to global temperatures

Eco-extremists want to make us poorer and fewer - but the environmental impact would be negligible...

The Washington Examiner


Poland fights for her independence

The question of whether EU law overrides the Polish constitution goes to the heart of the European project...

The Washington Examiner


Politics is becoming more violent

Political assassinations are becoming more frequent, though the overall homicide rate is declining ...

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Screening Othello can get you cancelled

With unconscious imperialism, American Leftists insist that others see race relations through their eyes...

The Washington Examiner


Identity politics has been slow to reach Spain, where Columbus remains a hero

Indigenous groups may revile his memory, but Spain celebrates the man who made theirs the world's second language...

The Washington Examiner


Conservatives, look upon Canada, and tremble

Canada, the first nation to embrace multiculturalism, now has a solidly woke electorate...

The Washington Examiner


Aukus will protect the French, though they won’t appreciate it

When defending the peace of the world, you need reliable allies...

The Washington Examiner


End the travel restrictions

Measures brought in in the early days of the pandemic make no sense when dealing with an endemic virus...

The Washington Examiner


Will the world’s wokest leader be re-elected?

Canadians are choosing between the politically correct nation created by Trudeau père and the older Canada of Juno Beach...

The Washington Examiner


Why do some parties oppose basic anti-fraud measures at elections?

Labour supports vaccine passports but opposes voter ID...

The Washington Examiner


Biden listened to the Taliban before he listened to Britain

With the United States withdrawing into her hemisphere, Britain must redefine her role...

The Washington Examiner


No Pax Americana, no pax

Americans understandably want to be left alone but, as in 1941, that is not an option...

The Washington Examiner


Welcome to the age of the autocrat

The long Anglosphere hegemony is over - and by Heaven we'll miss it...

The Washington Examiner


Ancestral guilt is back

The tribal morality of bloodguilt and vendetta has been revived in the form of woke...

The Washington Examiner


British Servicemen must be subject to the rule of law

An amnesty for soldiers in Northern Ireland would put them on the same moral plane as the terrorist bombers...

The Washington Examiner


Admit it: Britain is one of the least racist countries in the world

We exaggerated a handful of racist Tweets because they confirmed the false idea that Britain was unusually bigoted...

The Washington Examiner


Why are we stirring up old quarrels among migrant communities?

We have been extraordinarily good at burying old antagonisms - until now...

The Washington Examiner


The world over, we are giving up on liberal democracy

Process is subordinated to a preferred outcome, and no one cares about the rules any more...

The Washington Examiner


Britain is the Anglosphere outlier in its attachment to lockdown

Ever since 1940, we have been more authoritarian than our daughter nations...

The Washington Examiner


The green jobs fallacy

Governments can't "create" jobs - at least, not without destroying other jobs...

The Washington Examiner


The Anglo-American alliance: still making the world safe 80 years on

Renewing the Atlantic Charter was a reminder that freedom is guaranteed by the Anglosphere in arms...

The Washington Examiner


When did we decide to make big businesses our moral arbiters?

An entrepreneur is already behaving morally by running a profitable company...

The Washington Examiner


Trade sanctions won’t work against Belarus - or anyone else

Either topple the regime or learn to live with it, but don't imagine that an economic embargo will make the slightest difference...

The Washington Examiner


Now the woke come after imperial units

If any system was imposed by force, it was metrication - but we are way past logic here...

The Washington Examiner


What’s wrong with Anglo-Saxon values?

Thomas Jefferson was right: the roots of modern liberty stretch back to pre-Norman England...

The Washington Examiner


Why Northern Ireland will endure

Irish republicans chose maximum distance from Britain over accommodating Ulster's identity...

The Washington Examiner


Ghislaine Maxwell is as entitled as anyone else to the presumption of innocence

Bad people - perhaps bad people especially - deserve justice...

The Washington Examiner


Communism is back - thanks to Covid

Peru is set to become the first country to elect a Marxist with a majority in peacetime. But it won't be the last...

The Washington Examiner


Diversity training makes things worse

It isn't just useless - it actually implants new biases and grievances...

The Washington Examiner


It’s official - ethnic minorities flourish in Britain

Race professionals are struggling to keep up their claim that things are getting worse...

The Washington Examiner


Cancel culture only ever applies in one direction

Michel Foucault will remain a woke icon, despite revelations that he abused young Arab boys...

The Washington Examiner


Why do some deaths matter more than others? Because of the lockdowns

Cooped up off school and off work, we seize on tragic events and try to build them into something bigger...

The Washington Examiner


Brussels goes full Chávez

Expropriating stock, seizing factories, breaking laws - and all to cover its own mistakes...

The Washington Examiner


Victimhood trumps everything - decency, consistency, honesty, the lot

Claim to belong to an oppressed group and no one will want to challenge your version of events...

The Washington Examiner


And then they came for Dr Seuss

He might have had impeccable liberal credentials, but our woke inquisitors don't care about things like that...

The Washington Examiner


The woke have met their match in Shakespeare

Attempts to find racism in the corpus diminishes those seeking it, not the corpus...

The Washington Examiner


Minimum wages hurt the poor

A better way to raise living standards for the least well off is to cut taxes on employment and investment, and so create jobs...

The Washington Examiner


Nationalists without being patriots

Western democracies are losing ground to authoritarianism - globally and domestically...

The Washington Examiner


The more time we spend online, the angrier and more extreme we become

On Brexit, Trump and the lockdowns, I have gone from being extreme to being wet without altering my views...

The Washington Examiner


Maybe Americans will finally understand what Brexit was really about

It is the EU, not Britain, that is the populist, protectionist rogue state...

The Washington Examiner


Does the label “genocide” make anything better?

We should be wary of collectivising people in death, as in life...

The Washington Examiner


The solution to America’s culture war is radical decentralisation

The two tribes are now so far apart, and so geographically clustered, that there is no way of bridging the gap...

The Washington Examiner


The republic will survive Trump - but will the Republicans?

The GOP must break cleanly with the man who came late and malevolently to the party...

The Washington Examiner


The woke will stop at nothing in pursuit of their demented cultural revolution

Julie Burchill, a provocatrice hired to write a provocative book, has it cancelled - fore being too provocative ...

The Washington Examiner


If there were a way to make wealth taxes work, some country would have found it by now

You can only confiscate present wealth, not future wealth - and future wealth won't be created if it's subject to confiscation...

The Washington Examiner


The day is coming when we will wonder how anyone could eat an animal

Clean meat will free up vast tracts of land and reduce carbon emissions...

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