Lockdown omertà

Half the world is voting right now, but no country is talking about the single biggest issue...

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Trump will end up joining Pacific trade pact

CPTPP is the most effective way to contain China's ambitions...

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The cynicism of D-Day

We moved in one generation from "The Longest Day" to "Saving Private Ryan"...

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When did the world start going backwards?

Was it the financial crisis, mass immigration, screen addiction or something else?...

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When the fall is all there is, it matters

If Rishi Sunak must go down, it will be on his own terms, as a patriot who did his best...

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After this, the UN has no place in Gaza

Whoever takes over the territory, there needs to be a policy of re-education, and that cannot happen through UNRWA...

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The revolution will be catered

Campus radicalism is nothing new, but this self-absorbed whining can only have come from the smartphone generation...

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Rwanda is an ideal destination

30 years after the worst genocide of the late 20th century, the country is booming...

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Revenge is by definition pointless

It cannot right whatever wrong you have suffered, though it seems to be hardwired into our genome...

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Don’t ban TikTok

It's a dreadful app, and the Chinese government is even more dreadful, but bans are never the answer...

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Don’t change your rules at the demand of people who hate you

Free association is the basis of a free society - and that includes the Garrick Club...

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The Republicans’ bad conscience

Mike Pence stands for the principles and ethics that all Republicans used to extol. No wonder they hate him...

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The single biggest shift in US politics

Non-white voters are deserting the Dems in droves...

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Run, Nikki, run!

Never has the US been readier for a third-party candidate...

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The ugly tradition of Leftist anti-Semitism

What we are seeing now is not new, but part of a tradition stretching back to Karl Marx...

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Multiculturalism or democracy - pick one

For Parliament to alter its procedures under threat of violence was a new low...

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More elderly leaders, please!

Spare us from young thrusters with high testosterone and things to prove...

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And after Trump?

Despite everything, there are encouraging signs that the Republicans still believe in free enterprise...

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Is “settler colonialism” really a white thing?

West Papua, Iraqi Kurdistan, Western Sahara, Matabeleland, Chittagong Hills, Xinjiang - no whites involved...

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Diversity training does more harm than good

When using an inappropriate word is treated as blasphemy rather than discourtesy, something has gone badly wrong...

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Americans are letting us down

What would Trump have to do to put off his supporters? Run for a third term? Dissolve Congress? Expel a state from the Union?...

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The more we vote, the less we change

More people will cast ballots in 2024 than in any previous year, yet democracy is in retreat worldwide...

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Is the woke madness finally lifting?

Claudine Gay is right that she is a pawn in a bigger culture war - though perhaps not in the way she thinks...

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Is the Atlantic alliance on its last legs?

Donald Trump may be an Anglophile, but he has never cared for the values that Nato exists to defend...

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With friends like these who needs Yemenis?

The Houthis are a nasty bunch but, like the Taliban, will not be easily eradicated...

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Where’s the Tea Party when you need it?

Just as after the American Revolution itself, tea partiers have melted away even as government has grown...

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Yes we should trade with China

Tariffs have hurt America more than China, and strengthened the grip of the CPC...

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In New Zealand, the system works

Why can't other countries learn from the sensible, measured Kiwis when it comes to politics?...

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Gaza is jammed into our culture war

Tell me where you stand on trans and BLM and I'll tell you, with 80 per cent accuracy, whether you favour Israel or Palestine...

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When goods don’t cross borders, soldiers do

The sudden spate of wars around the world is connected to the decline of international trade...

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What if no one wants peace?

If one side will settle for nothing less than the annihilation of the other, a settlement becomes impossible...

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The Republican Party I loved is dead

If a decent patriot like Mike Pence is rejected solely for having defended the Constitution, the old GOP is irrecoverable...

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Israel’s empathy problems

After 9/11, we were all Americans; after the Paris attacks, JeSuisCharlie; but Israel is somehow different...

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What has Ireland got against Israel?

You can tell whether you are in a unionist or republican part of Belfast by whether you see Stars of David or PLO banners...

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Why no JLM movement?

The answer, however we look at it, is an ugly one...

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Putinite Republicans disgrace America

The febrile state of US politics is partly the product of sustained Russian dezinformatsiya...

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There’s a reason people stopped believing their governments

When governments engage in well-intentioned disinformation, they push people into conspiracy theories...

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My favourite Tory

Pierre Poilievre is proof that, even in a populist age, classical liberals can still win...

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Woke is just fashion - which is why it’s so tenacious

Even the Antiques Road Show has to go along with the nonsense of cultural restitution...

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To the Left of Genghis Khan

The idea that genocide makes you Right-wing is an extraordinarily revealing one...

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The lockdowns killed more than they saved

You can't interpret the data in any other way. It was the greatest policy failure of the century...

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What does it take for a libertarian to be electable?

Beware! Beware! His flashing eyes! His floating hair!...

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The voters, not the courts, should stop Trump

Their failure to do so is unbearably depressing for friends of America...

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What’s special about being aboriginal?

Try substituting "indigenous British" for "indigenous Australian" and see how the argument for extra rights sounds...

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How America was lost

Toute ma vie, je me suis fait une certaine idée des États-Unis...

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What Putin has done is unforgivable

Targeting Ukraine's cultural heritage serves no military purpose whatever...

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Protectionism - the destructive delusion that won’t go away

Bob Lighthizer is the latest author to recycle the terrible argument, all the while imagining it is fresh and new...

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Our syncretic religion

The cult of the NHS depends on a series of dogmas that must be believed against all evidence...

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Adam Smith at 300 - as misunderstood as ever

The Sage of Kirkcaldy was pretty much the opposite of the desiccated economist he is imagined to be...

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Anti-colonialism isn’t about the past, it’s about trashing the modern West

What began as Soviet propaganda is now taught as mainstream history...

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It’s all about the vibes

DeSantis is clearly to the Right of Trump, Sunak to the right of Johnson - but vibes matter more than policy...

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Pakistan’s slide into authoritarianism is a problem for the West

Supporters of Imran Khan are being rounded up as the army tightens its grip...

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Civilisation - I’m looking at it now

Instead of using "Western civilisation" as a political bludgeon, put your screen aside and look at it...

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Am I the last fusionist?

Bill Buckley saw the creation of the anti-socialist coalition, and I have a horrible feeling that I am seeing its end...

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The return of the strongman

Authoritarian rulers are in the ascendant all over the world, and the liberal interlude is coming to an end...

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Why are there so few Muslim democracies?

Not because ordinary Muslims don't want it, but because local elites won't allow it...

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The primitive essence of monarchy

Charles III's coronation preserves a rite that stretches back 3,000 years...

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Republicans seem set to pick the only candidate Biden beats

The burnt fool's bandaged finger goes wobbling back to the fire...

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You know who Cleopatra really did look like?

Is it OK to impose our values on Egyptians when we do so in the name of empowering kick-ass black girlbosses?...

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Biden’s facile version of Irishness

History is rarely a goodies and baddies morality tale - and certainly not in Northern Ireland...

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Americans! Join the CPTPP!

If Britain sees benefits from the Pacific trade nexus, the US - which largely designed the deal - is crazy to stand aside...

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Welcome to the illiberal epoch

Autocracy is in the ascendant everywhere...

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Why I left Twitter

You simply cannot remain on the platform and retain your dignity...

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What the hell were they thinking when they invaded Iraq?

Twenty years ago, good men, advised by knowledgeable foreign policy experts, launched the West's worst foreign policy blunder...

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Our new blasphemy laws

Every society seems to need taboos, no-go areas; woke has taken the place of religion...

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Russia needs to lose

There is no other path to peace...

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The terrible price of identity politics

Thousands of girls were abused because of our religious elevation of anti-racism...

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Nepo babies are a reminder of how everything used to work

We notice them only because Western societies have, exceptionally, moved from status to contract...

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America’s trigger-happy cops

If we had faced up to the culture of impunity rather than focusing just on the racism, we might not be in this mess...

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America slides back into protectionism

The Inflation Reduction Act is sparking a series of 1930s-style beggar-my-neighbour responses...

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Everything considered, Britain is doing pretty well

What with Covid, the Ukraine war and a global slowdown, the UK is performing well relative to the EU...

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Harry unwittingly reminds us of how dangerous the hereditary principle can be

What if the spoiled, petulant nitwit had somehow been next in line?...

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Is it racist to ask where someone is really from?

Yes - but for reasons that invalidate pretty much the entire BLM movement...

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The US is far from being “an extraordinarily racist country”

Racism exists in most societies, but the US is unusual in promoting the individualism that is its antidote...

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The mullahs must fall

The international community should back Iran's protesters...

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When did everyone become anti-lockdown?

The response to the China protests demonstrates what, deep down, we don't want to admit - it was all for nothing...

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What will a defeated Russia have to give up?

Talk will eventually move on from reparations and war crimes trials to Karelia, Köningsberg and the Kuril Islands...

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The lunacy of climate reparations

Far from asking for compensation, poorer countries should be thanking richer ones for industrialisation...

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Return to normalcy

in a democracy, attacking democracy comes at a cost - thank God...

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There is no such thing as positive discrimination

Those US colleges that admit on the basis of race are doing exactly what 1930s fascist regimes did...

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The Right’s indifference to the first non-white PM has sent Leftists into meltdown

British "anti-racists" keep trying to import the story of the American civil rights struggle ...

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Liz Truss was a victim of the lockdowns

After Covid, everyone wants subsidies and no one cares about how to pay for them...

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Civil wars begin more easily than you think

The exhumation of José Antonio Primo de Rivera reminds Spain of some unpleasant truths...

The Washington Examiner


This was never really about trans people

What we're seeing is an attempt to deny biological gender completely - Blank Slatery as a religion ...

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Trickle-down - the parody that people came to believe

No one has ever argued that you enrich the poor by enriching the rich - it's a Leftist invention...

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Might Putin nuke London?

No - he is a frightened man playing for time...

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Maybe the US could use a monarchy after all

A constitutional monarchy is designed to stop the personality cults that Putin enjoys and Trump longs for...

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We vote for instant gratification, then complain about the result

Technological change means that we all now fail the marshmallow test...

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Putin’s plan to seize Moldova

Using gas to topple the little republic's pro-Western government would leave Odessa squeezed between two Russian armies...

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Yes, Dugina deserves justice

And so do all the other thousands of civilian victims of Putin's unprovoked war...

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Seven things you should know about Britain’s next PM

The parallels with Margaret Thatcher may not be the joke that commentators think...

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Trumpism is rotting the Republican Party

Calling for the FBI to be defunded or disbanded is a new low from the supposed law and order party...

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David Timble’s death marked the end of an era

He oversaw the end of Unionist dominance - but don't make the mistake of thinking that Irish annexation will follow...

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The wrong kind of minorities

The Conservative leadership election has sent some woke Leftists round the twist...

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America is turning to tribalism

The republic is defaulting to the older ethics of kin, vendetta and bloodguilt...

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The Tragedie of Borisse Johnson

What material for his own overdue book on Shakespeare...

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Britain imports yet another American culture war

Roe vs Wade has precisely zero relevance for the UK, though you'd never imagine it from the headlines...

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How does an incumbent government get re-elected in this climate?

Colombia was the regional success story, but has just voted for the policies that are wrecking its neighbours...

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Will genetics now be deplatformed?

Because racists like the idea of inherited group differences, some want to deplatform ANY studies of heritable traits...

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Britain sees race relations through the distorting glass of American segregation

White conservatives are dismissed as Klansmen, black conservatives as Uncle Toms - but what have these terms got to do with us?...

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