Boris defied the lockdowners - no wonder they’re out to get him

Reopening the economy matters much more than wandering into a garden party...

The Telegraph


A tale of two statues

Western countries are becoming more like Kazakhstan...

The Washington Examiner


What the hell happened to the Republican Party?

We used to elevate process over outcome, the rules over the rulers. Not any more...

The Telegraph


There is no point in taking back powers if we don’t use them

Brexit allows us to make different choices, but we seem determined to copy the EU from outside...

Conservative Home


Covid is now endemic, making almost all our restrictions pointless

Why test travellers when the disease is everywhere? Why require masks when we'll all get it?...

The Washington Examiner


Lockdowners have cried wolf once too often

Finally, after nearly two years, public opinion is swinging back toward freedom...

The Telegraph


Who would have done a better job than Boris?

Obviously, Leftists and lockdowners loathe him. But why do libertarians?...

Conservative Home


Appeal to Unionists or be as distant as possible from Britain? Ireland has made its choice

And a perfectly legitimate choice it is - but it should come as no surprise that Northern iIreland is unimpressed...

The Washington Examiner


Boris! Say no to the lockdown nostalgics!

Six reasons why the PM should ignore the clamour for more restrictions...

The Telegraph


No, these people were not like us

The British Museum's exhibition on pre-Columbian Peru is eerie and unsettling...

The Spectator


One word has been completely excised from the lockdown debate

Not "freedom" or "proportionality" or "vaccines" but "Sweden"...

The Washington Examiner


How servile we are - moaning about the flouting of rules rather than about their imposition

We used to pride ourselves on being a free country, but it seems we no longer care...

The Telegraph


Everything white is racist

That, pretty much, is the view taken by Tate Britain - and the rest of us keep putting up with it...

Conservative Home


What if Ukraine and Taiwan were invaded on the same day?

The alternative to the Anglosphere hegemony is not some world in which other countries are left alone...

The Washington Examiner


The monomania of the woke should disqualify them from the conversation - but it does the opposite

Once the USA had abandoned Jefferson's rationalism, his statue was bound to follow...

The Washington Examiner


In Peppa Pig World, no one would need to vote Conservative

Boris Johnson's critics are, as so often, wide of the mark...

Conservative Home


Brussels wants to teach Britain a lesson - even if it destabilises Northern Ireland

With a tiny modicum of goodwill, a solution could be found - but the EU has no interest in a win-win outcome...

The Washington Examiner


It’s not sleaze that is sinking the Tories - it’s profligacy

Sleaze is always a symptom of a government's unpopularity, never a cause...

The Telegraph


Protectionism is really destructionism

Politicians on all sides know it, but they play to the imagined stupidity of the electorate...

The Washington Examiner


We have become a cowed, irrational, authoritarian people

Never mind treating Covid like flu - we are going to start treating flu like Covid...

The Telegraph


We should want MPs to have second jobs

Ideally, being an MP would BE someone's second job...

Conservative Home


The lockdowns made no difference to global temperatures

Eco-extremists want to make us poorer and fewer - but the environmental impact would be negligible...

The Washington Examiner


Let’s have a really powerful external regulator for MPs - we can call it “the electorate”

Formal monitoring has replaced a culture of conscience with a culture of compliance...

The Telegraph


Poland fights for her independence

The question of whether EU law overrides the Polish constitution goes to the heart of the European project...

The Washington Examiner


Britain cannot give into French blackmail

Will the EU uphold its own rules, or will it, like an unreformed trade union, take a "my member right or wrong" approach?...

The Telegraph


There is no money left

The Conservatives are spending as if the past 18 months hadn't happened...

Conservative Home


Politics is becoming more violent

Political assassinations are becoming more frequent, though the overall homicide rate is declining ...

The Washington Examiner


Eurocrats scorn all forms of sovereignty - except their own

The primacy of European law is what turns the EU from an international association into a superstate...

The Telegraph


Screening Othello can get you cancelled

With unconscious imperialism, American Leftists insist that others see race relations through their eyes...

The Washington Examiner


The UK is where Ireland was in 1921 - though saying so drives a certain kind of republican bonkers

Ireland had signed a treaty under duress, and set about dismantling it...

The Telegraph


The Northern Ireland Protocol has revealed the utter smallness of our Europhiles

"Yeah, well you signed it!" Seriously, guys, is that all you've got? ...

Conservative Home


Identity politics has been slow to reach Spain, where Columbus remains a hero

Indigenous groups may revile his memory, but Spain celebrates the man who made theirs the world's second language...

The Washington Examiner


Should classical liberals abandon the Conservative Party?

Margaret Thatcher was a liberal mahout on a conservative elephant. Libertarians are always the minority...

The Telegraph


Conservatives, look upon Canada, and tremble

Canada, the first nation to embrace multiculturalism, now has a solidly woke electorate...

The Washington Examiner


Price fixing has never worked

Excessive regulations drive up prices; the solution is not to regulate even more...

The Telegraph


Why Labour can’t win

Even its supposedly moderate and centrist figures can't help lapsing into self-righteous wokery...

Conservative Home


Aukus will protect the French, though they won’t appreciate it

When defending the peace of the world, you need reliable allies...

The Washington Examiner


The case for an Anglosphere free trade area

The world depends, more than we like to admit, on the readiness of the English-speaking peoples to deploy proportionate force...

The Telegraph


End the travel restrictions

Measures brought in in the early days of the pandemic make no sense when dealing with an endemic virus...

The Washington Examiner


France has long since stopped behaving like an ally

Emmanuel Macron's reaction to the Aukus deal has vindicated the decision of the Anglosphere leaders...

The Telegraph


Will the world’s wokest leader be re-elected?

Canadians are choosing between the politically correct nation created by Trudeau père and the older Canada of Juno Beach...

The Washington Examiner


The ethical case for tax cuts

Conservatives have abandoned the moral high ground in pursuit of popularity - and then lost popularity, too...

The Telegraph


Sir Lindsay Hoyle is right to insist on formal dress - more’s the pity

I hate wearing ties but, as a conservative, I see why they should be required...

Conservative Home


Hannan’s First Law: No party is Eurosceptic in office

Michel Barnier is the latest politician to sing a very different tune on the campaign trail...

The Telegraph


Why do some parties oppose basic anti-fraud measures at elections?

Labour supports vaccine passports but opposes voter ID...

The Washington Examiner


Shakespeare wasn’t blind to age, race or gender

Bizarre casting interposes the producer's ego between us and the action, ensuring we all get an obstructed view...

The Telegraph


Biden listened to the Taliban before he listened to Britain

With the United States withdrawing into her hemisphere, Britain must redefine her role...

The Washington Examiner


We’re all going to get Covid. The remaining restrictions are obsolete

The vaccines prevent serious illness, not transmission. There is no longer an externality ...

The Telegraph


Higher taxes AND higher prices will put the Tories out of office

If the government needs more revenue, it should try boosting competitiveness...

The Telegraph


A Britain obsessed with the evils of colonialism finds it harder to do the right thing

Prestige is as hard a commodity in Afghanistan as cobalt or cardamom - and Britain's has just vanished...

The Telegraph


Why do ministers pretend not to understand the Laffer Curve?

Cutting tax rates raises revenues - as Conservatives well understand...

The Telegraph


No Pax Americana, no pax

Americans understandably want to be left alone but, as in 1941, that is not an option...

The Washington Examiner


This is starting to look like a pushover government

Grade inflation, monetary inflation, spending rises - all driven by the demand for short-term popularity...

The Telegraph


David Gauke should be a Conservative

His return would indicate that the party has moved on definitively from the fevered rows of 2019...

Conservative Home


Welcome to the age of the autocrat

The long Anglosphere hegemony is over - and by Heaven we'll miss it...

The Washington Examiner


The USSR fell apart 30 years ago - the happiest geopolitical event of my lifetime

The odd thing is that the chief agent in the dissolution of the Soviet Union was the Russian state...

The Telegraph


On every continent, democracy is in retreat

Covid has accelerated the trend to despotism that began in the middle of the last decade...

The Telegraph


Ancestral guilt is back

The tribal morality of bloodguilt and vendetta has been revived in the form of woke...

The Washington Examiner


I won’t judge you if you wear a mask - please do me the same courtesy

The last thing we needed was another sodding culture war...

The Telegraph


Party donors should be thanked, not demonised

It is better for rich people to support causes bigger than themselves than to live lives of sybaritic indulgence...

Conservative Home


If the Conservatives become a high tax party, they are finished

When did the Tories forget that higher rates can lead to lower revenues?...

The Telegraph


The epidemic revealed the flaws in the NHS, but we are determined not to look at them

The severity of our lockdown was determined by the unusual fragility of our healthcare system...

The Telegraph


With or without the EU’s consent, the Northern Ireland Protocol is finished

It can go through agreement, through Article 16 or through unilateral denunciation - but it's going...

The Telegraph


British Servicemen must be subject to the rule of law

An amnesty for soldiers in Northern Ireland would put them on the same moral plane as the terrorist bombers...

The Washington Examiner


The case for vaccine passports has crumbled

If vaccines work, passports are no longer needed, and if they don't then passports were pointless all along...

The Telegraph


Is there any point in unilateral decarbonisation?

Britain is well placed to develop clean energy technology, but there is no purpose in acting alone...

Conservative Home


We are heading for massive inflation

I lived through it in Peru, and I have a horrible sense that the same thing could happen here...

The Telegraph


Admit it: Britain is one of the least racist countries in the world

We exaggerated a handful of racist Tweets because they confirmed the false idea that Britain was unusually bigoted...

The Washington Examiner


We get the politicians we deserve

We don't want Sir Toby as PM, we want Malvolio - and we'll get him...

The Telegraph


The Animal Sentience Bill is a textbook example of bad law

Disproportionate, unneeded and open to misinterpretation, it is certain to have unintended consequences...

The Telegraph


Why are we stirring up old quarrels among migrant communities?

We have been extraordinarily good at burying old antagonisms - until now...

The Washington Examiner


We don’t just accept authoritarianism - we demand it

Twenty-six per cent want nightclubs permanently closed - virus or no virus - and 19 per cent want a curfew...

The Telegraph


The EU’s assault on the City has failed

Now we need to deregulate in order to compete with the rest of the world...

Conservative Home


Decarbonisation is going to be bloody expensive

It may be necessary, but let's not insult people's intelligence by pretending it will drive growth...

The Telegraph


The world over, we are giving up on liberal democracy

Process is subordinated to a preferred outcome, and no one cares about the rules any more...

The Washington Examiner


China’s return to totalitarianism caught the world off guard

Forget the talk of a peaceful rise - China is run by old men in a hurry...

The Telegraph


Europhiles have become a doomsday cult

All their forecasts were wrong, but they just keep pushing back the date of the supposed apocalypse...

The Sun


Reopen now - in one big bang

The sole justification for the closures - pressure on the NHS - no longer applies...

The Telegraph


Britain is the Anglosphere outlier in its attachment to lockdown

Ever since 1940, we have been more authoritarian than our daughter nations...

The Washington Examiner


It falls to Britain to guard the world’s sea-lanes

Though much is taken, much abides. We are still the world's second naval power...

The Telegraph


The green jobs fallacy

Governments can't "create" jobs - at least, not without destroying other jobs...

The Washington Examiner


Oriel should market itself as a “safe space” for conservatives

Is one non-Leftist Oxford college out of 39 really too much to ask?...

Conservative Home


The Anglo-American alliance: still making the world safe 80 years on

Renewing the Atlantic Charter was a reminder that freedom is guaranteed by the Anglosphere in arms...

The Washington Examiner


Scrap the Northern Ireland Protocol

EU intransigence means that reform is not an option - only full abrogation will work...

The Telegraph


How to level up? Localism

We can't decree regional prosperity from the centre. We need to devolve power...

Conservative Home


Marxism never went away - it just went woke

The new variant is every bit as intolerant and vicious as the old...

The Telegraph


When did we decide to make big businesses our moral arbiters?

An entrepreneur is already behaving morally by running a profitable company...

The Washington Examiner


We MUST reopen on schedule

Until we do, large parts of the public sector will continue to work to rule...

The Telegraph


Covid is the political equivalent of a brutal war

It changes our psychology and makes us more receptive to authoritarianism...

The Telegraph


Trade sanctions won’t work against Belarus - or anyone else

Either topple the regime or learn to live with it, but don't imagine that an economic embargo will make the slightest difference...

The Washington Examiner


Switzerland has chosen democracy over Europe

The EU is incompatible with the unique system of dispersed power and referendums, and th Swiss know it...

The Telegraph


Don’t respond in kind to the authoritarian Left

We need to preserve basic liberal principles - free speech, free association, free contract...

Conservative Home


The NFU is failing British farmers

Wanting tariff-free imports from every EU state but not from anyone else is absurd, and farmers know it...

The Telegraph


Now the woke come after imperial units

If any system was imposed by force, it was metrication - but we are way past logic here...

The Washington Examiner


The way to withstand cancel culture is to show a little patience

How very British that the imported American row over the Rhodes statue should have been ended by planning regulations...

The Telegraph


The writing is on the wall for Labour

Thou art weighed in the balances and art found wanting...

The Telegraph


What’s wrong with Anglo-Saxon values?

Thomas Jefferson was right: the roots of modern liberty stretch back to pre-Norman England...

The Washington Examiner


Brexit risks being derailed by agricultural protectionism

If the DEFRA Blob scuppers a trade deal even with a country as friendly as Australia, we might as well give up on Global Britain...

The Telegraph


Wallpaper for Boris, curtains for Keir

Labour is on its way out. So, sadly, is fiscal conservatism...

Conservative Home


Never mind Bitcoin - it’s time for Britcoin

The launch of an e-pound will eliminate transaction costs, boost the economy and provide a rival model to China's...

The Telegraph